Babes In Doboks

        Everyone knows Taekwondo has all the babes and they look wonderful in nice, clean, crisp, white doboks! That is one the benefits of training at your dojang. Taekwondo babes. This is a salute to all the hot modeling catalog Taekwondo girls in their cool doboks with their black belts! V-neck W.T.F. approved only of course!

Yes, I would love to practice hoshinsool with you next to that giant Korean flag. Lets work on the rear bear hug, I grab first. Seejak!

Why sure! I would love to practice kicking pad drills with you 2 ladies. Let's go!

Why sure! I would love to practice kicking pad drills with you 2 ladies. Let’s go!


Hello ladies! Is this going to be Taekwondo ground techniques class? okay you both attack me first!

Hello ladies! Is this going to be Taekwondo ground techniques class? okay you both attack me first!

Ohhh yeaahhh! Time to stretch!

Uh oh! Look who brought some sass onto the dojang floor! Not too sure if I like the female specific doboks…

You’re welcome!

  1. MesYang88 says:

    We don’t wear dobak in my style. : )

  2. MesYang88 says:

    The weight’s better, the design is better, it was used in S.K. for decades prior to the dobok’s invention, it’s traditional, and I prefer mine in black. BWAHAHAHAA!!!

    • White Dragon says:

      I dont like black, I like white. And yes sometimes I do prefer a gi and think it would be cool. but the V-necks are the WTF approved and uniquely a korean design. But if they made the black collar in a Vshape on a regular gi style that would be cool. I really hate the Y neck shaped ones they made and I want one someone can grab hard and throw with. Like the okinawan ones. but since im KKW I will wear my black V-neck Mooto WTF approved dobok with pride!

      • MesYang88 says:

        The thing about the W.T.F. is it’s the governing body of the sport aspect. This means you can train in whatever type of uniform you’d like. If you like the Japanese style gi with black lapels you should check out Tang Soo Do uniforms. I know AWMA supplies them. Also in the past they used to make ones that were the Japanese style but only had black around the neck instead of going all the way around. As far as the Kukkiwon I’m not sure what their view is on uniform. They might require you to wear the official W.T.F. one when attending certain events, but like I said I’m not sure.

      • White Dragon says:

        I dont like the TSD uniforms. I like the V-neck look but if they made a karate gi that had a black V colored collar at the top but the rest down below it was white like partly “painted” color I think that would be cool.
        And I only wear the black V-neck WTF approved doboks becuase that is a distinguished style apart from other arts and the Kukkiwon supports that. Plus I have never worn anything else but the V-neck style. I have always worn them.
        the KKW makes it mandatory you wear a WTF approved dobok if you are training at their facility or in special events. Most Korean masters I have met make their students wear WTF approved uniforms.

        The karate gi with just black around the neck sounds cool. As long as it doesnt shape like a Y like the current poomsae uniforms they made. Also th flowing robe poomsae uniforms are extremely dorky and larpish.

  3. Matt says:

    I prefer to wear the traditional WTF uniforms. They just feel right. Although I will be buying a Mooto uniform soon which is suppose to be much better than the cheapo one I use now. When training at home I usually just wear my WTF bottom and a regular white T-shirt. Something about wearing white when training just feels right.

    • White Dragon says:

      I agree wholeheartedly! White stands for purity and also close to death and both of those have significance for a warrior. That is also why Karate gis are white too.
      Oh and yes WTF approved baby! Mooto doboks are very nice. I got the basic one. Problem is they come sort of tight and then the pants are waaaay too long but you have to roll them up or get them altered. Koreans still havnt figured out American sizes haha! But the material is nice and thicker than an average uniform but its still not thick enough if you ask me, especially for aggressive hoshinsool.

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