The Korean Tigers Are Determined To Destroy Taekwondo

*Authored by White Dragon

If you have been involved in Taekwondo for awhile you have probably heard the name Korean Tigers. The Korean Tigers are a demonstration team that travels all around the world in many groups to promote Taekwondo, but only their version of it. They are all Korean nationals who hold high black belts ranks.

When I first heard the name Korean Tigers I thought they were a Taekwondo fight team from Korea. Back in the day I immediately assumed they were total badass fighters much like the Korean fight team in the movie “Best of the Best.” I assumed they were notorious and deadly and would win every tournament they entered. Over the years I realized they are nothing but a bunch of effeminate looking Korean guys and some cute Korean girls who do performance art. They are more dancer than martial artist. They do more gymnastics and dance movements than actual Taekwondo. Oh, but they are very good at basic techniques and have very solid and crisp movements; but unfortunately for the rest of the Taekwondo world the entire point of their existence is to look pretty, impress people with acrobatics, make up ridiculous fantasy type of fight scenes with music backing them up and break very thin boards made out of balsa wood. They even dress like hip hop b-boyz and b-gurlz and do dance numbers. Sometimes they have the girls do sensual dance movements while wearing their dobok and black belt. Remember the 6 tenets of Taekwondo are 1. Courtesy 2. Integrity 3. Perseverance 4. Self Control 5. Indomitable Spirit and 6. Sexuality! Wait doesn’t 6 cancel out 4? Does any of this make sense to do for Taekwondo?

For the rest of the Taekwondo community that promotes Taekwondo as a fighting art they are a thorn in our side. Often times I feel other nationalities who know about combat (with the world-wide popularity of MMA and the understanding of the need for practical self defense), who train in Taekwondo, need to take Taekwondo away from the Koreans until they know how to treat it properly. Because all the Koreans are doing is ruining their nation’s Martial Art by making it nothing but a silly, sissy, and extremely corny performance art. This is much how the “shaolin monks” from China promote their version of performance Kung Fu.

The Korean Tiger’s are only one problem as there are other demo teams out there, even the Kukkiwon Demo Team, who promote the stupidest and most pointless shows for Taekwondo. Yet, the Korean Tiger’s are probably the most noticeable and problematic group and they have been for decades. They make Taekwondo look like a joke and it seems they are determined to destroy Taekwondo and completely reform it without anything to do with effective self-defense and fighting techniques; and they don’t care.

Here is a video showing the ridiculous way the Korean Tigers view Taekwondo and also promote it. Taekwondo is not a fighting system to them, but a performance art with theater, dance, and music. They are master black belts in song and dance, and do gymnastic moves with a few Taekwondo techniques thrown in. Their performers are known as “K-Tiger’s actors.” That tells you something. Watch the following video:

Wow! That was soooo emotional! So powerful! So riveting!…After viewing this video it reminded me how when I first joined Taekwondo I really wanted to fly! I wanted to dance while a curvy Korean girl in a pretty dress and Korean accent sang a song, and we could all dance and hold hands to it and do back flips. That is the true meaning of a black belt!

Yes that was all sarcasm…Actually when I joined Taekwondo I joined it in the hopes of learning to fight in order to protect myself from neighborhood bullies. I heard it was an extremely effective fighting art. But now days all we get is this nonsense.

The transcript of the video reads as:

“We have decided to participate in this monumental task in transforming traditional Taekwondo. The task is to convert Taekwondo’s fundamental and technical form into innovative art. We attempt to raise the awareness of Taekwondo, not just as martial arts, but as art.”

“I was impressed with show Taekwon, in that Taekwondo is not just martial arts, but can be transformed into a work of art. My dream is to let the World know Taekwondo as a performing art.”

“Show Taekwon, of K-TIGERS is not only Taekwondo as martial arts, but as performing arts that express artistic works. In expressing Taekwondo as art, our intent is to make it and raise the awareness of the popular Korean culture.”

“We are trying to stop the stereotype of Taekwondo. We created a new performance of Taekwondo with comical actions and precision movements from the traditional martial arts.”

Yes, Taekwondo needs more comedy! And that darn stereotype that Taekwondo is a martial art and a deadly killing system and usable in self defense is just too popular! We must stop it! We must show the world that Taekwondo was meant to express artistic works and is about showing off doing flips, and spinning flying kicks that have absolutely ZERO combat application and in no way are effective to use, as none of the kicks would even hurt by the time they hit you because the moment is so weak at those crazy angles. That darn stereotype that Taekwondo is good for fighting must go! We need to work hard to stop it and be more emotional and expressive!

Could you imagine oif Judo did this, or Muay Thai? Would you ever see boxers doing a performance type of boxing? What about art-Karate to express emotions? Yes, the XMA exists but that is a whole different monster that needs to be slain, but this phenomena seems to mainly happen with Taekwondo and something to do with South Korea’s bizarre pop culture. Taekwondo is the main offender of this stupid behavior and philosophy more so than any other Martial Art today.

Actually, everything they said in the video about stopping the “stereotype” of Taekwondo (yes as if it was a stereotype and not a fact that Taekwondo is a combat system) actually promotes the negative stereotype that Taekwondo is for chicks only (yes both effeminate Korean dudes with dumb hair cuts and hot Korean girls) and a total joke. They claim to fight a stereotype (which actually would be positive and promote the art well as something that is worth a lot) while promoting a multi-decade-long stereo type that Taekwondo is simply a joke. They also seem to have a Korean ethnocentric agenda to promote “Korean popular culture.” Yes, because kpop is just so important for the world and we do not have enough Gangnam style! We need more! More Gangam style! More emotions! More expression! More sexy dancing black belt chicks!

Yes, the Korean Tiger’s are determined to destroy Taekwondo and make it an absolute joke with no martial application. It is just a show art for them and they want the future of Taekwondo to be this way. Someone needs to take Taekwondo away from South Korea for awhile until they behave and stop the madness!!!!!

I rish dat I culd fry, touch da sky.”



White Dragon is a 3rd dan Taekwondo Black Belt with over 19 years experience in the Martial Arts and head instructor of the White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program. 

  1. MesYang88 says:

    Huh, I didn’t know they had their own YouTube channel. They just want to be starts and TKD is giving them that outlet. The movie industry has done the same thing for Kung Fu practitioners in Hong Kong and China for decades.

  2. Bob says:

    Taekwondo is an expression of the body and can be expressed in many ways. If your to headstrong that all you care about is how to beat somebody up then you shouldnt be doing taekwondo cause it obviously isnt for you. Your aggression is blind and your anger unwarranted, if your were a true martial artist you wouldnt care about what they are doing and you would be focusing on your own training. For someone who is supposed to be a leader for a younger generation you are very hateful and are promoting the wrong kind of mind sets for children. Teach the way you want but dont preach hate.

    • White Dragon says:

      So teaching effective Taekwondo that works in an actual fight is immoral? So why are we learning how to kick, punch, joint lock, knee people etc? What are these techniques? Literally just dancing?

      And who made you the moral arbitrator of what is moral and what is not moral in Taekwondo?

      If all I care about is beating people up as in being able to defend myself and protect myself in a real fight then yes, that is what I care about. After all Taekwondo is a martial art! Do you know what the term “martial art” means? Look it up. It is not dancing.

      Taekwondo was not created as an expression of the body to show off. The Korean Tigers may want you to think that. If you took Taekwondo to show off and dance and look cool, but not to defend yourself then your black belt would mean nothing (if you even have a black belt).

      The Korean Tigers are influential to the world and are trying to change Taekwondo and cause a cultural shift which directly affects me and all Taekwondoin. Stop being a hypocrite by telling me to ignore what others are doing, when you in fact are not ignoring what I am doing and want to preach to me.

      I am a true martial artist, you are the fake one. If you cannot fight to protect yourself then all of your training is worthless and a joke. Get over yourself, and screw the Korean Tigers!!!

      • Bob says:

        First of all I said nothing about morals and also I did look it up. With the online free dictionary as my source it says “Any of several Asian arts of combat or self-defense, such as aikido, karate, judo, or tae kwon do, usually practiced as sport. Often used in the plural.” Yes the main purpose of martial arts are to be able to defend ones self but it is also practiced as SPORT. These people are athletes not MMA fighters. I guarentee each and everyone of them can defend and protect themself and now that they can defend themselves they are having fun with a sport that they love. Also, they are not showing off, they are spreading the knowlege of the existence of Taekwondo. Then when someone goes to learn tkd they will obviously be learning real taekwondo because I know of very little dojangs where they go straight to teaching demonstration techniques. Continuing on your criticism they are not trying to change anything, they are just trying to adjust and spread taekwondo to a younger and rapidly evolving generation. Also I am not concerned on what your doing in taekwondo, I just came across your post and thought that you are a little too wrapped up in what they are doing in taekwondo, thats all. As for your last paragraph, it is very accusatory and does not hold up the tenets of tkd that you talked about in your original post.

        Even further Im not sure why your so mad at them. They obviously have strong basics if they are able to do a front kick during a backflip or what ever else they do. Im not defending them I just think your hatred is unwarranted. I also started to take Taekwondo to defend and protect myself from the people who bullied me everyday of my childhood, but I did not decide to take up Taekwondo untill I saw these kinds of performances because it showed me that these kicks can be used in many different ways, in many different situations, and from many different angles. However I definitely agree with you that some kicks are more practical than others, they are just aesthetically pleasing when you watch them.

      • White Dragon says:

        I bet they can’t defend themselves….

    • Grey Wolf says:

      Taekwondo is a type of physical expression called martial arts, designed to be used in combat to preserve your life or the lives of others. If I add a round kick to interpretive dance, can that be Taekwondo, too? What about BBoy dancing? Can that be a way of expressing Taekwondo?

      Martial arts are martial arts. What the KTigers are doing is dance. Dance does not equal martial arts. Unless nothing means anything and anything can be everything.

  3. Bob says:

    They most definitely can defend themselves. Of course someone who trains in demonstration is not going to be as good a fighter as someone who trains in sparring. However alot of the members of the ktigers went to college for taekwondo and in these sport universities they train in all portions of taekwondo from demo to poomse and sparring. They might not be that good at sparring but anyone who has had the training that they have had, definitely know how to defend themselves.

  4. Michael says:

    K Tigers are awesome period and there should be more schools that promote their type of demonstrations. K tigers are an inspiration to many. The people who talk bad about them are the ones who wish their Martial Arts was on the same level. Their work ethic alone is inspiring. I hope to see them in person one day.

    • White Dragon says:

      Well….we CLEARLY don’t agree…. thanks for commenting and maybe you too can also become a ballet kpop warrior with emotional music and singing in the background as you do dance gymnastics. Have a nice day. I’m gunna go hit the heavy bag and work on by punches and low leg kick combo in order to actually hurt people and win in a fight if I am ever in one.

      • Jim says:

        I don’t share your concern, there is nothing wrong with K-Tigers promoting Tae Kwon Do as an art. It’s meant to be entertainment, while showing off the beautiful form of our martial art.

        Additionally, based upon your aggressive responses to other commenters, I have to say I don’t believe you exhibit the type of positive attitude commensurate with your rank. If you don’t like it for subjective, that’s clearly your choice, but please don’t wrap your rants in the cloak of the K-Tigers not upholding the tenets of TKD. Judging by the commenter responses you received, it’s clear your views are not held by the wider TKD community. Also, Grandmaster H.K. Lee of Eagle Tae Kwon Do Federation (world champion, and TKD leader) has openly sponsored and endorsed the K-Tigers.

      • White Dragon says:

        So having a different opinion is now unbefitting of my rank? You’re an idiot. I don’t care about Eagle whatever master. Tons of people pay the K Tigers to come to attract people to their school. It’s all about money. K tigerss are a disgrace to martial arts. Also there are a ton of people who feel the same way as me. You need to get out more. Stop acting like an sjw.

  5. adhan says:

    taekwondo is a martial art. and what K tigers do is a great job. because they promote taekwondo with a fun thing. not bored one. they really mix the meaning of MARTIAL and ART. if you get what i mean.

    • White Dragon says:

      Except the word “martial art” was never meant to mean “performance art” as in dancing or ballet. There is no separation of the words “martial” and “art” and still be “martial arts.” Otherwise we would have classes where people just painted picture of generals or soldiers and called it a “martial art” class. Would that make sense?
      Also, I do not agree with your opinion about the K-Tigers. I think they are incredibly boring and lame and would rather watch a emo showcasing the real effectiveness of Taekwondo techniques for fighting.

  6. Saying that Taekwando should be taken away from the Koreans is simply arrogant. It is theres. That’s like saying you think kimchi should be take away from them since they are now making vegan kimchi. Who are you fighting in your neighborhood? Are you caught in a Karate Kid movie? The one with the gun will win, they guy with the knife has a good chance, and a really, really pissed off woman wheeling a cast iron pan has a chance also. Battle fields don’t do much hand to hand, it’s rocket launcher, guns and now drones being controlled by guys sitting at a computer. Why not mix taekwando with some dance? You see one video, gangnam style, and your an expert on Korean entertainment. Many of the actors and kpop performers have some taekwando in their back ground. As Jakie Chan used his skills for entertainment, so are these kids. If you watch a Korean Army taekwando display, you will see many of the same moves and even some dancing. And yes they do dance to gangnam style. But the thing is, are you going to tell the Korean Army they have no right to their own marshal art? It’s the Korean Army, they are trained to kill people. But more than likely with guns and tanks like the rest of the world.

    • White Dragon says:

      Because my statement was humorous and based off of the idea that Koreans are ruining their own martial art style they gave to the rest of the world. Now the entire world has TAekwondo, not only Korea and Taekwondo is ours just as much as theirs. When Korean pop music and other stupid BS tries to take over Taekwondo and claim it is something it isn’t it pissed me and alot of other true martial artists off. Kids like you who love junk music and stupid entertainment dont understand true martial arts.
      What you want to do is equal Taekwondo with a dance or performance and not fighting. You want to take combat out of Taekwondo which makes zero sense. It is purely idiotic to think Taekwondo is not a fighting art but a performance art to show off.

      And yes I will tell the Korean army they look like idiots and other militaries don’t show BS for their fighting systems. The US Army is not going to start dancing when showing army combatives. Gangnam style also sucks.

      Taekwondo can defend against all kinds of bad people, even people who pull guns, pull knives an certainly can handle a pissed off woman with a cast iron pan. THAT IS THE POINT OF THE MARTIAL ART!!!

      Get a clue.

      • Tkd1stdan says:

        I agree with many of your things and adopted every one of your ideas which I have shown Lee dong hee and in choul jeong’s videos to master um and he said they are very good! I already have parries from my training and the only reason why you think I’m a mcdojanger is because you haven’t seen any videos of my training which maybe if I had made a video of my level of training in everything I know then you would’ve thaught differently about me and you would’nt have banned me like you did. I have taken everyone of your ideas and beliefs with me and good luck with your fight against mcdojangs which I’m not and will not be one of them and the dojang I trained at was not well known until willie Nelson got his 5th Dan in Gongkwon not taekwondo like you said was on vice magazine! There is nothing different about us white dragon we are the same except your self defense mindset is aggressive but can your self defense mindset be mean, ruthless, merciless, and vicious like mine because you said on your article on how not to be a murder victim to have the mindset that I have which is every one of those words I just said which caused you to think I’m mentally ill! I’m not mentally ill but just extreme sometimes but isn’t that what your preaching about for self defense against all those crazy people you mention in your article?

  7. C says:

    Well technically Taekwondo is not only a martial art but also a performance art. Isn’t poomsae considered a type of performance too? The Ktigers might be adding their own twist and style to Taekwondo but that doesn’t affect the rest of us who are doing Taekwondo unless you are learning from them. So let them do what they want with their version of Taekwondo and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow it.

    • White Dragon says:

      Same goes to you. If you don’t like my opinion then don’t follow my blog. Get real.

      • C says:

        Hah pls not even following your blog get real. Only got here from searching about K-tigers on Google. Hmm maybe that is why you’re talking about them eh to get more people to see your pathetic blog

      • White Dragon says:

        No, I’m actually writing this blog to promote true Taekwondo and the martial arts. You were too busy looking up dance classes in Korea and found my blog on accident. I find it funny you are too confused to follow your own logic.

  8. Kim1026 says:

    Guys,did you know the word “MARTIAL ARTS” literally has the word “ART ” in it!!! Not offending you guys but believe me. Tae Kwon Do is not just about combat but about expressing your “CHI”..(Heart). Taekwondo can be use in anyway possible. K-Tigers are not st*p*d, they are creative and i bet you guys can’t come out with that idea to promote taekwondo. From what i see,more people are joining taekwondo this days. Especially toddlers. It is not about how strong your kick is, it is about how many kicks you can unleash and where do you have to kick. So are you saying Poomsae is just art??!!! Does kyorugi all that matters??!!! And all those acrobatics and dance moves, who knows..maybe it is usefull. Of course it is usefull althought it has not much power but it does have accuracy and it can be use to trick your opponent in kyorugi. I used the cork screw kick and the 360 degree reverse hook a million times and it works on my trainer and opponents. And..FYI. those kicks are not illegal in kyorugi. Even a kid my age(12 yrs old) know better. And btw… White Dragon..taekwondo is also about self control and discipline. What you are doing now(talking bad things about people,showing your hatred,etc) is opposing the terms of taekwondo. Btw..they did nothing wrong to you. And for my last word..
    I am trully sorry if i have ever hurt your feelings as well as the others.

  9. Kim1026 says:

    I am only 12 years old so please go easy on me. Btw im a national kyorugi and poomsae athlete. I think K-Tigers are creative. I bet you cant come up with an idea that awesome and extraordinary. They dont deserve to be call st*p*d. Although their kicks might be weak but it has 101% accuracy. I used a cork screw kick and a 360 degree reverse hook kick a million time on my opponent. It doesnt matter if you kicks are weak..what matters most is where do you apply it and how many times you can unleash it. Their idea to promote taekwondo is very special and interesting. I think you are just jelous coz they can do all those cool stuff. Taekwondo is a work of art to. So are you saying poomsae is useless too??!! You must be crazy. Snap out of it. Taekwondo means to express your emotions. Taekwondo also
    means self control and discipline. What you are doing now is opposing the terms. I think all you care about is making people suffer,taking revenge,hitting people for no reasons. I bet if someone is in trouble you will hit the attacker. Once you hit the attacker untill his dead you notice that the victim was a mugger…so it is better to settle things with patience and words and not with the fist. Taekwondo is used to defend yourself ,not to hit is about avoiding ,not to hurt. your arrogant is very out of this world. It is not good to keep hatred,envy and arrogance. Yet you call yourself a trainer or whatever!!!

  10. jenn says:

    Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. KAIMIN says:


    • White Dragon says:

      I would but they are scared.

      • Fuq yomamma says:

        Dude, you are such a pussy. You’re actually scared of a “dance team”. I’m actually certain that while they do dance pretty good, that’s actually not the only thing they know how to do. They pretty much can do EVERYTHING you claim that you can do, but more.

        As a martial artist, if you don’t understand the concept of doing a 720 or 900, then you don’t deserve to speak. It’s OBVIOUS to most everyone, that it is NOT USEFUL in a real fight. The whole point it to push yourself to increase your martial skillet. To push your boundaries. Making it artistic or fun is something they want to do, but if all you see is the dancing and not the technique, then you seriously need to turn in your “martial arts” card.

        You’re the idiot that disclaims the things you obviously can’t do yourself. I know PLENTY of fighters and martial artists from all disciplines and ALL can appreciate good technique. They may not like the dancing as well or think it’s silly, but not a single one would discount the skill or technique.

        Learn to do everything they can, and then give your opinion, and then it would carry more weight.

      • White Dragon says:

        1. You wouldn’t call me a pussy to my face. You are a keyboard warrior.

        2. I never said they suck at techniques.

        3. Their dancing is idiotic and embarassing and the fact you like it makes you a someone who puts flash over substance and likes corny things and are a dork.

        4. Nobody has to do a 720 spin kick to be an accomplished martial artist, a master, or a good fighter.

        5. The K-Tigers often actually CAN’T fight. You are gullible if you think that can when they spend their entire time for demo performance and Taekwondo-dance and gymnastics more than practical fighting. Of course a few can fight decently, but they are rare and do not even focus on sport Taekwondo either except poomsae.

        6. You are the actual idiot who needs to turn in his martial arts card. I would also tell you to your face as I am not a keyboard warrior. But as you live far away in your safe space this obviously won’t happen.

  12. Scopio says:

    I must agree that dance in Taekwondo like what they are doing is useless in a way, because when my instructors made me do it, I thought so too. But, hey, they say fighting is a dance with grace and fierceness like none other.

    However, I wouldn’t diss the sport or the dancers like you’re doing. I have seen some of their board-breaking videos, and although thise boards are thin, they are not flimsy or easy to reach, especially if the boards are positioned very high, as you should know, being a instructor and all.
    Taekwondo should not be taken away from anyone, even if you’re diabled, easily bruised and stuff. It’s just a form of sport, one someone can mould into whatever they want. If you’re into hardcore fighting, you spar. If you’re into the more theatical kind, you practice poomsae or intergrate dancing. The sport doesn’t beling to you pal, so don’t say things like that, especially if you’re not a Korean(don’t know what your race/nationality is, and I’m not very keen to find out.) It hurts to know people still stick to old mentalities like: “Martial art is just about fighting.” The world is changing, so we don’t need the opinions of people like you. I mean, no offense, but 19 years of Taekwondo and only a third Dan? I know getting third dan is hard, but 19 years is a bit too long. Instead of criticizing others, you should work on your own belt Dan. Maybe then, people might take you a bit more seriously.

    • White Dragon says:

      What are you 12 as well?

      You know nothing about what it means to earn dan rank. Maybe your mcdojag taugt you you can get it in 1 year and pay 1000 bucks for it. Dans mean nothing. Skill is everything. For your information I am certified 4th dan and master certified in Korea.

      If you want to fance join a dance club. Taekwondo is not a dance and promoting it as such profanes the art. No one said yu have to always fight or martial arts is ONLY about fighting. You have no logic.

  13. Zachary Chin says:

    Taekwondo is a martial art. However, it is not the most practical form for self defense. If you want a good self defence, something like Aikido or Jiu Jitsu would be better at protecting yourself from an attacker. Kicking is purely offensive and there are very limited hand techniques in the form. If military style fighting is what you are looking for, traditional taekwondo is not it. What K-Tigers is trying to do is to make a more flashy version of Taekwondo that has more connection with a general population and incorperate advanced kicks in tricking. As the world strays away from hand-to-hand combat war, the need for raw power and deadly techniques lowers and becomes less interesting than the flashy version. Take other martial arts: Kung Fu’s stances and artistic motions are not as effective as straight up kickboxing or Muay Thai; people don’t fence to practice actually stabbing someone. In the end, a gun wins against a foot, so K-Tigers is trying to change Taekwondo so it can stay relevant to a large population. Is there anything wrong with dancing?

  14. Sebastian Graciano says:

    I completely agree with what White Dragons is trying to say, although he could have said not in an offensive manner. But I think everybody’s missing the point here. K Tigers is a performing group, they perform to sell tickets, they make it more creative to attract audience. More audience, more tickets sold, more tickets sold, more money they will rake in. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TAEKWONDO, ITS ALL ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY THEY WILL EARN AS A GROUP! they are redefining what real traditional taekwondo is and I would say NOT IN A GOOD WAY! If their objective is to promote Taekwondo, do it without sensual dancing nor singing nor showing off their upper bodies. Wear the traditional dobok, do real Taekwondo kicks, include fancy ones from 540 – 1080, perform excellent poomse, and practical hosinsul. that’s how you will attract not only the real martial arts enthusiasts but those who does not taekwondo yet. K Tigers should drop using the word Taekwondo in their marketing promos.

    • White Dragon says:

      Well dissenting opinions is always going to be offensive to people.

      Also, the Kukkiwon Demo tea performs similarly because it is popular and will get people to go “Ooooo ahhhh!!!! WOOO!” and stuff.

      So showing Taekwondo as a hardcore fighting art is beyond their comprehension when they do demonstrations.

  15. Hwoarang says:

    Change is inevitable. Just because things don’t go your way doesn’t mean they are wrong. Just because they can dance well doesn’t mean they can’t kick your ass. If you found the fight scenes to be ridiculous, its simply because you are not capable of carrying it out. The only person that is dumb here is you and your old fashioned mindset. Time to keep up with the world.

    • White Dragon says:

      Actually it does mean that. You couldn’t kick my ass either.

      Oh wow how progressive of you! The development of Taekwondo to be better is based on hip hop dancing! What genius! If only the old masters realized the power of dancing and choreographed fight scenes!

  16. HAHAHAAAAA….Even Though I basically disagree with your point…the Way you Say it is TRULY Fuking REAL!! KEEP It UP SiR!! Only Those Of Us who have Actually Trained / Earned / Open Successful Schools / Only us can truly Understand your Sarcasm…while the rest of the world stays Split either totally agrees with ya or they take it So personal that their argument becomes Muffled with how they are Feeling. HAHAHAHA @ #LOL

    • White Dragon says:

      Yeah people are thin skinned now days and cannot debate well or even understand humor.

      The K-Tigers started out being badasses and doing really cool martial things. Now they are a dance troupe.

      • Ryan says:

        While I agree with the point that dance has nothing to do with effective self defense, I feel the same way about most traditional martial arts. Taekwondo has a handful of effective techniques but as a whole, lacks practical application. That being said, I would never disparage a student of Taekwondo from pursuing the art because I disagree with its effectiveness. And that is precisely what you’re doing to fans/supporters/practitioners of dancekwondo. No, it isn’t martial arts in its pure intended form, but it’s also none of my business (or yours frankly) if someone enjoys it and wishes to practice it. And I agree that you’re strangely aggressive and intentionally offensive/provocative in your method of argument. You’re hurting your own cause by being insulting and childish

      • White Dragon says:

        Wrong. Nice try though.

  17. Black Dragon says:

    Nah White Dragon I completely understand you! You are actively trying to create debate about the obviousness of K-Tigers greatness. You pose yourself as an short minded negative old fart ranting about great succes to motivate kids to frankly THINK and ANALYSE the great aspects of K-Tigers. You obviously express yourself through that kicking profile picture, meaning you ACTUALLY do support the “art” in TaeKwonDo as a martial art aswell! Thank you again for writing this nonsense post just to create debate! As a result of your intended hate and jealousy thowards K-Tigers you have now succesfully promoted them even more! Reverse psycology at its finest! Good Job White Dragon Kid!

  18. Viki says:

    For someone who loves and respect taekwondo you are quite disrespectful. I hope you’ll learn the real thing about martial arts, because obviously you don’t know much.

    • White Dragon says:

      Actually I know plenty and I know for a fact that KTigers are simply showmen ad not about real martial arts. Just performance and that is not what Taekwondo was meant to be. If you think having a strong opinion is wrong and not what a real Taekwondo person would have then you don’t know anything about Taekwondo history.

  19. Jay says:

    Maybe (because i didnt scroll much) Im your only sensible fan at the moment this form is old but i understand EXACTLY what your saying.

    My father was trained how to actually defend himself and how to REALLY do damage. He grew up in the 70 and 80s when Taekwondo was revered as a serious lethal practice and not this pathetic point style garbage we have now. As a Korean im very sad to hear this news and im very pissed off about it. We have become such a weak, dance and artsy country. We were a killing powerful country once with a martial art that was unbelievably strong. i hope we get back to it.

    • White Dragon says:

      You are right and my first instructor was taught by a really tough Korean granmaster who even taught the American special forces in Vietnam and FBI agents real fighting techniques. So I had learned Taekwondo that way until my first instructor also sod out to American mcdojangism for money and then watered the art down. Luckily I quit later and also learned from other teachers through my life.
      Taekwondo was a hardcore fighting art like Karate was. There are some Koreans who are trying to keep it that way but it is very tough when the politicans in Kukkiwon are selling out.
      There was recently a Taekwondo uniform fashion show over there including referee, coaches, outfits and stuff. So stupid. They want to make Taekwondo doboks extra colorful now. Ruining the philosophy of the white uniform.

  20. Jay says:

    Additionally this pussy pretty gay boy and whore girls shit with kpop is pissing me off too.

    “oh your so offensive” stfu and grow a pair im Korean come at me with all that retarded nonsense.

    • White Dragon says:

      Right on! Korea was a warrior country since ancient times. Korea is supposed to be a warrior culture too. Since Korea was so small it got bullied by China and Japan a lot. So all of the abuse and all of the internal wars within Korean kindoms also made for a tougher people. But somehow they went soft and weak since 1990’s and now the Korean millenial aged people and also the ajuma aged are pro communist and liberal.

  21. Dee says:

    Wow… Whoever wrote this article is probably a white CIS male ( Google it because I know you don’t know what that means) pumped up on inflated fragile male ego laden w testosterone. The fact that just because a man seems to look / act efffeminine because they don’t look and behave like a damn Vikings holds no weight what so ever. Asian features tend to be smoother more refined. They don’t have big Cro-Magnon four heads and bird beak noses and they can be smaller in stature. The guy writing this article is the kind a guy that thinks men singing and dancing are “gay”and he himself prob has no rhythm and is scared to express himself. Keep your Cro-Magnon views to yourself and go fuck yourself because I know you voted for Trump.

  22. Erich A Webb says:

    Interesting thread , thank you for that ! There is K tiger school here and ummm maybe i’ll see what it is personally . Is there anyone that can tell me what there lineage is ? I looked on google and nothing there that i can find ….
    At glance it seems K tigers is following the Chinese Kung Fu path ….. Kung Fun now has its Wushu flower kicks and punches yet retains its martial arts aspect ,( in some places ) at least the school i went too . I just avoided that aspect of the school . K Tigers seems legit as fighting art as long as that is what you train for , if on other hand do to fact not everyone desires to get into a cage for sport maybe they use the skill developed from Martial Arts to create a performance that highlights good conditioning , coordination , world friendly and ect approach to life …..

    Just thought i say few words and thank again !


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