Every Martial Artist Should Cross-Train In Boxing Part 2

*Authored by White Dragon

Continuing on the series of boxing training here is the second weeks training log.

I had to pray a lot and get my mind ready to train again this week since I had an idea I would have to spar with some of the tough guys in this gym. The coach likes my jab and cross, he says I am a fast learner.

Week 2

Monday–        The next day I had to spar against a amateur fighter who is a champion. The catch was he could not punch me back. Instead I  could punch him as much as I wanted and he could only block and evade. And did he evade! This was a learning experience to show the power of boxing. My coach wanted me to see how hard a real fight would be. It is hard to hit a moving target who is fast and can move out of the way, but you realize you are easily able to be countered and knocked out from your slip ups trying to hit this guy. Also the stamina is takes to keep punching and moving around is extreme! You have to be able to punch for 3 minutes basically not stopping for only 1 round! Imagine 3 rounds for amateur bouts! The coach asked me to imagine of a guy did that on the streets and how he would win using footwork and evasive maneuvers and counters. I was very impressed and this was another life lesson as a martial artist. I was able to hit this guy about 2 or 3 times but he told me “You was open all day!” And he was very nice to me and helpful to teach me. I kept using my Taekwondo stance too much which does not work well in boxing. I was too rigid and too afraid and I need to relax. I overheard the coach saying to another trainer that I am too stiff and need to relax and if he saw me shadow boxing and how loose I was, but in the ring I tense up. This is a habit I will have to break. It was fun sparring him but imagining that someone would hit back scares me and this is a fear I want to overcome through this training.

Tuesday–        The next day after this I decided I was very sore from training every day the gym was open and my jab arm is sore because I worked extensively on the heavy bag with my jab. I need a break and also to calm my nerves because hard training is a mental thing. I do not want to get burnt out too quickly since I have over 2 and a half months to go!

Wednesday–        I got back into training again. I had to first teach my student some Taekwondo and after that session I went back to the boxing gym.  I ended up not having to spar this day and I felt somewhat relieved. Instead I was told to work on my technique. If I messed up he would yell at me. Take it with a grain of salt. I was on the elliptical for 45 minutes. Then 5 rounds speed bag, in between did sit ups with a medicine ball of 10 lbs. Then shadow boxing 5 rounds, then heavy bag about 5 rounds, and finally went through 3 cycles of a cross fit routine. I was there for about 2 hours total. The trainer was super enthusiastic and saying I put in good work. No one was at the gym but me since I think here people go to Wednesday night church. Anyway he told me that he never lets people fight in competitions unless they have trained with him 7-9 months. That is good to know. He says my right cross is looking good.

Thursday–        The next day I went earlier in the day and I felt tired and sleepy. I kind of did not want to go but I said I need to anyway. When I was on the elliptical for about 20 minutes the coach came in and said I was there not too long ago and that I should wait an entire 24 hours before I come back to train. But he said I could just do cardio but don’t hit the bags or anything. Just shadow box and do some sit ups. He said it ruins your training if you come in too much and it is counter productive. I just did 30 minutes elliptical, 30 minutes shadow boxing in the ring and worked on technique, then did some ab work with sit ups and planks and I was out of there. Nice work out.

Friday–        Now the next day was a rest day. The gym is closed. Man does my left jabbing arm feel soooo tired…I need this break. My bicep is so weak feeling.

Saturday–        I decided not to go to train the next day because my left arm is still sore. I think I punched way too much and have overuse symptoms on my shoulder. Hopefully tomorrow I can train. I have to teach my Taekwondo student later today though. I think I need this recovery. Unlike in Taekwondo or Kickboxing you cannot kick in Boxing so there really is nothing to do if your arms are too tired. You cannot take a break and work on kicks. So no point in going to the gym today until my body is ready. I have bad shoulders on both arms, my left is bad, but my right was worse and I had to have shoulder stabilization surgery over a year ago so I believe my shoulders do not last as long as a normal person’s but I can still work out and punch extremely hard. I just need more rest than average people and to always be careful.

Sunday–        Again I decided to take this day off because my shoulder and wrists are not healed up enough to do serious punching. I believe I over trained these past 2 weeks and need to really take the coaches advice seriously about proper rest between training. I will make sure I do this. One down side of boxing that I realize is that they only allow you to train one side of your body. They believe you are either “southpaw,” or “orthodox” in your stance. So if you feel sore on one side you cannot switch sides and train unless you want to get yelled at. I personally believe for self defense you should train both sides, maybe you will have a favorite side and train it more often but you should take a decent amount of time training the other side as well, especially if kicks come in. I also realize one side of my neck can get more stiff because of only standing one side and looking over only one shoulder. I also believe you could suffer from “runners knee” if you are not careful as when you shift around, shadow box, or spar you only put weight on one side of your knees and not the other much like runners who only run in one direction on the track and never the other direction. With my bad knees I will have to be careful about over training. I also have a bad ankle from previous injuries so when I jump rope that bad ankle tightens up with shin splints if I over do it. Anyway, I plan to train a good session tomorrow. I don’t know if he will have me spar or not.


White Dragon is a 3rd dan Taekwondo Black Belt with over 19 years experience in the Martial Arts and head instructor of the White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program. 


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