Sport Karate Is Serious And Deadly Like Street Fighting

Posted: March 29, 2014 in General Martial Arts
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Sport Karate Is Serious And Deadly Like Street Fighting

        Sport Karate with foot pads is just as deadly as real street fighting techniques that can break your ribs! Boards are as strong as ribs man! Ed Parker says so!

I need to start demonstrating that I could have broken ribs and always do light touch sparring and also break boards with sport karate techniques!!!


*This entire post was sarcastic.

  1. MesYang88 says:

    About a month ago one of my friends fractured his skull in a sparing match. Took a spinning hook kick right above the eye that broke through his sinus cavity.

    Though when comparing boards to bones I usually tell people that two 3/4 inch boards equal one rib (1.5 inches of wood) because of the fact that ribs have some give and aren’t as “brittle” as dry wooden boards. I love doing board breaking and used to demonstrate it a lot, but boards are a lot more expensive now than they were a decade ago. Last time I bought boards I got 36 boards for $50 (US) and that was the cheapest I could find them.

    My personal best for board breaking is 4 boards (non-spaced, spaces are for pansies) with an elbow. The most I’ve done with a punch was only 2, because I’m paranoid about shattering my hands. It’s hard to find human holders that can handle more than three boards anyways and I’m not a fan of setting the boards up on stands or blocks because they don’t give which is part of what makes breaking fun. It’s easier to break boards an a stand than with a human holder.

    Here’s a semi-crappy video of a friend and I breaking boards where I include all our failed attempts. (Because that’s how honest and integrity works, you fess up to you short coming!) These are clips from a tutorial we tried to make because we weren’t happy with the low quality of board breaking being done at our association’s in-house tournaments.

    • White Dragon says:

      Hey man. No doubt you COULD get injured in any kind of martial arts tournament including karate point fighting. But karate point fighting is about practicing touch or no touch point scoring which are going to cause you bad habits in the long run. Also the idea of a pine board equally a rib is stupid. Ed Parker is just talking bogus stuff in that video. Point sparring is weak too and if you want to prove something do full contact fighting. It is a different story once you get in there and realize the other guy is going to hit you very hard.

      Now about board breaking. I love breaking boards and fully support it as well as bricks or anything else. Its just a training device or demonstration for fun. Boards are not people, but they are also not easy to break either. It is an actual skill. It is really fun too. I also have video of me breaking boards on my channel you could find, and even mess ups. Its all fun!

      Best I can do is break 4 boards with a knife hand on blocks, and 3 boards with a punch. But the boards were medium sized not large 9regular adult size, but still big enough). I am not sure how much I can break right now it has been soooo long. When i punch boards I just empty my mind and punch as hard as I can and dont care if it hurts, and yes it usually does hurt haha when doing 3 or more boards.
      Also speed breaking is fun too.

    • In the book “Does a broken Board Equal a broken nose” (I highly reccomend it) the Author compared the Research into non lethal weapons and how much force they had to acchieve results and compared that With Board breaking. I am unsure at this moment if the Author concluded 2 or 3 Boards were enough force to really stun and take out someone (Equal force as non lethal weapons such as shot guns With rubber bullets) but I can check it when I get the time and get back to you on that. Anyway if you do not have that book I highly reccomend that you check it out:-)

      • White Dragon says:

        So that book says 3 boards are about the same strength as human ribs or whatever?
        Cuz I do not at all think Ed Parker is correct in that video. I have been kicked in the body and I did not have my ribs broken. Also knockdown karate guys punch each other so hard in the ribs and it sure takes a lot of time to break any ribs with bare knuckles. It take hardly any effort to break a pine board.

      • No the Author did not state that 2 or 3 Boards were as strong as ribs, he merely stated that to break 2 or 3 Boards needed roughly the same force as non lethal weapons systems do. He therefore concluded that being able to break 2 or 3 Boards were enough force to STUN or STOP an attacker. No he did not say that one strike was all it took either, he merely compared the force that a rubber bullets gun designed to stop violent persons without killing them produced vs how much force needed to break Boards and concluded after that:-)

      • White Dragon says:

        Very interesting. I have before punched 3 boards and broke them. I am not sure if I can still do it since I have not tried since.

  2. White Dragon says:

    haha great board breaking video. Cool effects it reminds me of an oldschool kung fu movie.

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