The Ultimate Master Of Taekwondo!

     And the ultimate Taekwondo Fashion Award goes too:


True badass!


I can only wish I could be as good as this badass master one day….if only….Don’t you EVER mess with this guy! All those patches, striped pants and uniform and that hardcore Taekwondo 10the degree BLACK BELT with all the stripe colors and how thick it is, he is wearing mean he will kill you! Each one of those patches, stripes, and colors were earned through blood, sweat, and killing other fighters in duels! His mustache proves he is a grandmaster alone! The turtle neck shows he is a serious master too! The Taekwondo fashion police better go back to making fun of ATA uniforms because this guy will kill them.



  1. MesYang88 says:

    The only thing I like about the picture is the pedo-stache. lol

  2. Grey Wolf says:

    10th degree black red gold belt supreme eternal great great grandmaster gentleman sir extraordinaire! His patches were hard earned from a dozen masters defeated by his hand! And of course he celebrated with a Heineken because we know there is one under every handlebar mustache!

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