Ultimate Warrior Death Of An Icon And Legend Of Pro Wrestling

Posted: April 10, 2014 in General Martial Arts
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Ultimate Warrior Death Of An Icon And Legend Of Pro Wrestling

        Yes, this is a Taekwondo and Martial Arts blog but I don’t care. An icon and legend of pro wrestling has died, the Ultimate Warrior. I remember playing wrestling as a kid with the neighborhood kids in a friends front yard. We would always pretend to be pro wrestlers and say we are wrestling, but in reality we were doing a mix of fake fighting, imaginary wrestling moves, and Karate kicks and punches. We would call out wrestler’s names and many times I would say, “I’m the Ultimate Warrior!” and pretend I was him fighting my friend who would say he was Hulk Hogan and another might say Macho Man or Sergeant Slaughter. Then we would fight! What fun we had outside in the sun in the 1980’s. This was pretty much the start of my martial arts training doing outside play wrestling with the neighborhood kids. In a way pro wrestlers are combat actors performing a show the same as martial arts movie stars who do not do real fighting, but entertainment martial arts with story lines.


  1. Saleh Bitar says:

    Every time when we hear that some body died, we just remember the positive side of this person, even if it was the devil himself, but this man was a real legend, he amused us hours some times even with a piece of stone, wood or even a chair, shouting and threatening to do that and that. Many of these wrestlers are doing a show business as usual, but we as audience were believing them somehow, that they were enemies, or they hate each other, I was one of these people, later when i saw them taking pictures together, i started to doubt, but any way, Taekwondo, Kung fu and Karate and all the Martial Arts are yet envolved when it has to do with the latest good bye.

    • White Dragon says:

      Yes thats when wrestlers followed keyfabe (or living out the script). Wrestling was so much more fun when it prtended it was real and tried to make you believe it even outside the ring. Now with it being labeled entertainment and admitting its scripted it became boring. WARRIOR was a legend during the time when wrestling was fun. And yes even if some pro wrestlers were bad people in real life it was still fun to embrace the character they played.

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