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Master Kwon Is One Of My Favorite Taekwondo Masters On YouTube

        Master Kwon is a Korean immigrant to Australia and runs a self defense and fighting oriented Taekwondo dojang. He is a 5th dan master with the Kukkiwon and has ranks in other organizations as well and styles. He has a 6th dan in Pro Taekwondo, 5th dan in Composite Martial Arts, 4th dan Hapkido, and 5th dan in Bul Moo Do (some kind of Korean Buddhist monk martial art). I enjoy his teaching style and the fact he incorporates effective striking techniques with his Taekwondo. I may not prefer the student’s tank top uniform style for his gym as I prefer the traditional WTF approved doboks, but whatever, he is an inspiration for me as a Taekwondo instructor. He is proof there is hope for the future of Taekwondo actually being a useful martial art. Here is a video of him teaching cool things: