Master Kwon Is One Of My Favorite Taekwondo Masters On YouTube

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Taekwondo
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Master Kwon Is One Of My Favorite Taekwondo Masters On YouTube

        Master Kwon is a Korean immigrant to Australia and runs a self defense and fighting oriented Taekwondo dojang. He is a 5th dan master with the Kukkiwon and has ranks in other organizations as well and styles. He has a 6th dan in Pro Taekwondo, 5th dan in Composite Martial Arts, 4th dan Hapkido, and 5th dan in Bul Moo Do (some kind of Korean Buddhist monk martial art). I enjoy his teaching style and the fact he incorporates effective striking techniques with his Taekwondo. I may not prefer the student’s tank top uniform style for his gym as I prefer the traditional WTF approved doboks, but whatever, he is an inspiration for me as a Taekwondo instructor. He is proof there is hope for the future of Taekwondo actually being a useful martial art. Here is a video of him teaching cool things:


  1. MesYang88 says:

    The uniforms with the X pattern are a fairly regular uniform for Hapkido practitioners.

    • White Dragon says:

      I realize that, and I knew this was going to be brought up. I knew showing the photo of him in the hapkido uniform would confuse people. What I mean is the tank tops in his class or tshirts and pants with a belt. I prefer an actual dobok, even the hapkido one instead of the tank tops. but whatever you know? He is still awesome!

      • MesYang88 says:

        I figured the sleeveless shirts were what you meant. It could be that those are their “summer” uniforms. 🙂

      • White Dragon says:

        I jave no clue but almost all the videos have tank tops or tshirts so i think its an all the time thing you can do. I never see a dobok top much if ever. But he does have the hapkido dobok. Anyway master kwon is a huge inspiration to me because of his real world combative mindset with taekwondo. Low kicks, face punches, elbows, takedowns, knees etc. great stuff. but He does not really teach poomsae unless you want to get ranked in KKW or something. he really does not teach it. He said if you wanted to get ranked he would teach it to a student. but other than that no.

      • Today many People view the xpattern uniforms as “Hapkido uniforms”, but the truth is that many Taekwondo Schools in the Kwan era (1944-1970) used them too. My own teacher comes from Ji Do Kwan lineage in Muju South Korea. They as well as other Kwan at the time used the xpattern uniform in their training for black belt Level. Today Taekwondo People wearing them is very rare as most use the more common organisation dobok such as the ITF style of WTF style Dobok. A few old School Taekwondo People still use the x pattern uniform though and Master Kwon seems to be one of them:-)

      • White Dragon says:

        Usually the master of the dojang or top instructors would wear the X pattern doboks. Grandmaster Lee’s son, one of the teachers I had and earned 2nd dan under, wore the X pattern dobok. Usually the instructor would wear a uniform that is different from the students to set him apart. I just now you cannot do it at the Kukkiwon itself if you go visit, you have to wear WTF approved dobok.

  2. Grey Wolf says:

    Love me some master Kwon. I too have used him as a model and really like his ideas and enjoy watching him and his students spar. My opinion is that his students would have technique as good as him if they did poomsae, however. There is an obvious gap between his proper formal technique and the rough-around-the-edges techniques of his students, even senior students.

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