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Amazing Taekwondo Kid Fighter

        Check out this amazing 6 year old kid hit the pads.  He does it better than many adults in your average mcdojang, even some of those “master chief instructors” from that one organization. This kid has some power to his kicks with nice hard slaps. His accuracy is amazing. It’s always a wonderful thing to see children doing martial arts, and doing them well. Hopefully this kid will not get burnt out and quit when he becomes a teenager. If I was this kid’s instructor I would now teach him kickboxing so he is well rounded and not only doing Olympic rules sparring training. Also, I would love to see if this kid’s poomsae are as good as his pad work! I have a hard enough time getting an average kid to do anything in Taekwondo. This kid is destined for greatness if his parents and instructor do it right. Hopefully he doesn’t peak as a kid then stay the same and never improve.