Absolutely Bizarre Taekwondo And Ballet

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Taekwondo
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Absolutely Bizarre Taekwondo And Ballet

        I know Taekwondo has been criticized a lot with people saying it’s just ballet and sucks. Well now we have to deal with people who literally, and seriously think it is actually ballet and think it is cool to be ballet. Seriously…what the heck…why….just…why….

Another performance:

At least Taekwondo isn’t the only kind of martial art doing such nonsense. Our forefather Shotokan is also guilty:

but actually the Shotokan one is more modern dance and not really ballet and looks trashy.

Anyway, the future of Taekwondo looks EPIC!!!! I guess…

  1. MesYang88 says:

    I would have interpreted this differently than you. 😉

    Showcasing two physical arts at the same time in the same place isn’t really unheard of or shocking or even cause for concern. I used to teach martial arts out of a gymnastics studio I’m 100% certain that if they ever had a public demonstration they would have asked my students to participate. I wouldn’t have combined our performances or used music but the format of Ballet then Martial Arts then Ballet etc. would have flowed well and kept people’s attention so they didn’t just stay for only one performance and not the other.

    This is simply examples of two arts working together in order to promote both arts. And seeing your video last week it kind of amuses me that you’d decide to pick on this, lol. (even if it was for humor instead of mean spiritedness)

    • White Dragon says:

      It’s called the cheezification and silliness of Taekwondo. For every person who claims Taekwondo is a fighting art and serious self defense it seems there are hundreds of people using TKD as a dance and silly show pieces, and then there are the others like you who say “I see nothing wrong with that.” Both of you cause problems for anyone who wants to promote Taekwondo as something to be taken serious and also a fighting art.

      This video is not simply, “Hey our facility both has classes for Taekwondo and ballet and this is what we offer.” It was “Lets do a TKD ballet dance piece its so cooooool and artsy yay!” Also both TKD and ballet in the same piece do not fit at all and it looks stupid.

      My sister is a professional ballerina and teacher. I even perform in her pieces yet I would never do Taekwondo with her ballet. If me and her did open up a location together and split rent there is no way in heck I would ever do a show piece at the same time. It would be as you said, first ballet then TKD, then more ballet, then TKD etc. Not a togetherness as if both arts can be combined as one thing. This is the stupidity that Master Rhee in the 70’s and 80’s was promoting called “martial ballet,” except his was more martial and less ballet but it was still pretty embarrassing.

      The more and more this nonsense happens the less people interested in learning a serious martial art and self defense will want to join your gym or be associated with the word Taekwondo, and the more dorks and TKD mom’s and silly people will instead sign up. This is why MMA is always going to be more popular than traditional martial arts now days for as long as TMA’s do this idiocy, MMA will always take the real fight enthusiasts and people interested to learn how to really fight while arts like TKD will take all the future ballerinas, rhythmic gymnasts, and future b-boy and never anyone really preserving the true art of TKD. it will be lost and your attitude only encourages this. Just wait.

    • Grey Wolf says:

      As performance, these didn’t flow very well. You can’t just put two contrasting disciplines together willy-nilly. Taekwondo should have shown more flexibility, balance, etc. if it wanted to compliment the ballet. But I digress because this does not accurately represent Taekwondo at all and I don’t like it. In fact, I think it’s stupid. That’s what makes it annoying.

      It’s fine to juxtapose Taekwondo with other Olympic sports because the context of this is competition on the highest level, something that is a legitimate part of Taekwondo. However, juxtaposing it with ballet puts it on the same level of ballet. Taekwondo is about self-defense and fighting, ballet is about fine art and beauty through dance. Just because they both require strength and flexibility and balance, doesn’t mean they should share a stage.

      It’s like doing a demonstration of Army Combatives combined with classical dancing. In fact, it’s EXACTLY like that, because TKD was/is a military style and ballet is a often considered a classical kind of dance.

      • White Dragon says:

        ‘It’s like doing a demonstration of Army Combatives combined with classical dancing. In fact, it’s EXACTLY like that, because TKD was/is a military style and ballet is a often considered a classical kind of dance.”

        Except for that’s basically how the current Korean Military demonstrates their military martial arts, but with pop music and hip hop dancing Gangam Style instead. We can thank the Lord that the United States Military still has its dignity when it performs military combatives….so far anyway….

  2. 03alwi says:

    It would have worked better if the Taekwando guys wore the tutus and the ballerinas wore the GIs!!! 🙂

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