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Holy Cow! The Fattest Taekwondo I Have Ever Seen

        This is the fattest Taekwondo guy I have ever seen, He is ITF Taekwondo with some group called Taekwondo America (oh the same name as the one in the movie Foot Fist Way). This guy is doing a form and then spars in 2 matches. This was in 2007. Hopefully now in 2014 he has lost a ton of weight…

        As crazy and wild as this is I have to give the fat guy credit for not being afraid to show up at a tournament with many people watching and competing. He even won his first match. Of course in a real fight he would be killed in a matter of seconds. This is point touch karate which is typical ITF style tournament sparring. Even a super fat guy can win!

        This guy claims his dobok was specially made for his extreme size.