Did You Join Taekwondo To Do Parkour And Gymnastics?

        How often have you seen this kind of stuff on YouTube or even in real life where a Taekwondo gym proclaims they are doing Taekwondo but it ends up looking like this?

This is “gymnastics and dancing” as one commenter on the video stated it. Notice for all the time they try to do flips and handsprings their kicking form really sucks. Yet, they have black belts on. I find this kind of nonsense annoying and I know people will tell me I am overreacting and should not care but I disagree. The future of Taekwondo and Taekwondo gyms worldwide will possibly end up being this way and forever being the butt of every martial arts joke in the world. There is a reason why it has at least 78 thumbs downs on this video and only about 28 likes.

So did you join Taekwondo in order to look cool, show off, do flips, and do Parkour and tricks? Or did you start up Taekwondo to learn how to fight in order to defend yourself? Why?

  1. Grey Wolf says:

    I like the long haired kid who thinks crescent kicking a midget is cool.

    • White Dragon says:

      For all their practice of gymnastics and trying to breakdance they wasted time that could have been spent on actually learning taekwondo and getting good kicks.

  2. MesYang88 says:

    Looks like a couple young, athletic kids using their dojang’s open mat time (or after class time) to have a little bit of fun. Does not look like they joined just to learn parkour… Just saying, lol.

    Could they be using this time more constructively…? Sure, but if their instructor doesn’t mind than that’s all there is too it.

    • White Dragon says:

      No it’s actually kids practicing flips and dance moves claiming it is Taekwondo and that is what they are practicing. Their instructor is not very good since their form and technique is terrible while they wear black belts and the TKD dance flipping stuff is something their instructor obviously promotes. Kids having fun? Yes. Kids doing stupid things that are not Taekwondo while claiming it is Taekwondo thus making Taekwondo look stupid as a whole? Yes as well. Seriously dude…sometimes I wonder if you have any actual opinions on anything except taking the benefit of the doubt for every entire situation instea of just looking at objective facts and realizing “WOW TAEKWONDO CULTURE TODAY SUCKS AND THESE KIDS ARE IDIOTS!”

      • MesYang88 says:

        No sorry, keep banging your head. They’re just (as the video description says) “Having fun at Taekwondo.” If you looked at their channel these kids are actually part of a Parkour team called “PUSH PK” which is based SEPERATELY than their Taekwondo class.

    • White Dragon says:

      Sometimes the comments you leave here make me feel like this guy:

    • Grey Wolf says:

      Sure, except they call it Taekwondo when it’s not. Flipping is cool and fun. But ever since leaving XMA I’ve been a stark defender of keeping the difference. Martial artists try to claim parkour and free running and tricking, but they are different disciplines. Mixing them always results in terrible martial arts.

    • White Dragon says:

      Check this out http://www.myfightcamp.com/2012/11/thai-guys-that-suck-at-muay-thai-and.html

      People like that are one reason I made this blog. I didnt make this blog to protect larping dorks who take TKD to learn cool breakdance and how to do a back flip so they can pretend they are in Tekken and show off to girls in middle school.

      • MesYang88 says:

        Is this geared towards me or Wolf? I understand why you made the blog. To demonstrate that TKD should and could hold it’s own in the world of Martial Arts. Which again I understand is why you get so worked up when you see things that aren’t TKD being portrayed as TKD. Or when you come across TKD practices that are not conducive to a formidable martial art. I understand all this, yet still give you a bit of a hard time. 😀

        Because to me, half your stuff sounds exactly like that Muay Thai blog.

      • White Dragon says:

        Half of my stuff sounds like the muay thai blog? Uhh no….not even close.

      • MesYang88 says:

        Many of your blogs are a non-constructive rants that poke fun at other people, or your closed minded opinion of why they’re ruining TKD (I.E. are Bullshit, as the Muay Thai guy said).

        ITF is ruining TKD.
        WTF is ruining TKD.
        MMA is both ruining TKD and is what TKD should become…?
        KKW Tigers are ruining TKD.
        Poor demos are ruining TKD.
        Poor breaking is ruining TKD.
        Safe competition rules are ruining TKD.
        Poor competition rules are ruining TKD.
        Money is ruining TKD.
        Karate is ruining TKD.
        Training with household object are ruining TKD.

        Sadly the list goes on and on. Yet I actually do agree with you on some of the things you say and thus I stayed tuned to all your blogs. When I disagree with you, I let you know. When I think you’re being short sighted, I let you know. When I think you’re being hateful or subjective instead of objective, I usually let you know. When I think you’re doing some of the same things you claim to dislike…?

      • White Dragon says:

        Except you are wrong on all accounts.

      • MesYang88 says:

        I’m saying this is often how you come across.

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  4. MesYang88 says:

    I just rewatched the video and there’s a guy in the background going, “Ha! He looks like a cheerleader!” And he repeats similar things multiple times, lol.

    • White Dragon says:


      I always roll my eyes when Taekwondo guys try to show off their super awesome fast kicks and then proceed to do double kicks on the bag over and over lightly tapping it like a feather and thinking they are badasses. i swear its the cheesiest and lamest thing TKD sport guys do. Its annoying. Its what the kid does at the end of the video.

      • MesYang88 says:

        Yeah, those kind of kicks are what I would call “training kicks” they’re only good for developing some endurance. Similar to High Knees that soccer players do. 🙂

      • White Dragon says:

        Of course I teach them too and they are good for cardio etc but they dont impress me at all.

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