Constructive Criticism For Crappy Anti-Bullying Advice From The ATA

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Taekwondo
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Constructive Criticism For Crappy Anti-Bullying Advice From The ATA

        Here is some crappy anti-bullying suggestions by an ATA 4th dan black belt. Yes, often times bullies attack me with knives and after I kick them trying to stab me I will put my hands out like “stop!” And a groin kick means “he will pretty much drop the knife” because groin kicks are ALWAYS a fight ender.

NO They are not! And putting your hands up like that in a fight is stupid.

        The wrist grab goes backwards defeating the purpose of twisting the wrist, and their butterfly kick is ineffective against assailants!

        No one attacks with a super high haymaker like how the kid throws it in this video. It is not a realistic angle for a bullies punch. The high block is useless against a typical punch, but there are purposes for a high block, just not in this instance. Putting your hands up to say “stop!” is bad advice as a bully will not care. If he decided to punch you he is not going to just stop and giving him a chance to hesitate and think only allows him to come up with another attack. As soon as anyone punches a person they should immediately understand it is a fight and you have to defend yourself and win or else get knocked out, or beat up. Bullies in school also do not attack with water bottles, but possibly they were trying to imagine it was a blunt object. But they did not make that clear. A bully usually will not pick up a blunt object that would cause serious damage unless he was enraged, and he definitely would not pick up a knife if he was just a bully. Most often schools will clear kids of any knives, but there is a possibility of someone bringing a knife to school as well as a gun as we have seen in the news recently. The point is when someone has intent to kill or serious damage he is no longer a bully, but a sociopath and is trying to harm you way beyond being a bully and saying “STOP!” when someone is wielding a knife is just plain idiotic. At that point it is kill or be killed, or at least injure him before he injures you. Most times a knife is not attacked with such a high angle, but it is known to happen. Relying on their form “Song Ahm 1” for knife defense is going to get you killed.

        The wrist grab escape was a very crappy demonstration and there is just a lot wrong with it. He was trying to do a valid technique of opening a gap in the grip to pull out which I personally teach to my students, but he is doing it wrong and ineffective. He has no understanding of movement or physics. He twists up, then yanks backwards right back into the grip and thinks he could pull out. Of course the kid just loosens his grip and does not even try to grab him hard. He also does not even move back and just stays in a very awful stance. The best way is to step backwards into a back stance then twist out and pull in th direction of the opened grip. The backfist was a stupid attempt at a strike which not only was awful technique and pathetic, but a backfist at his distance wouldn’t even hit a person. He should step back and slide somewhat forward and a knife hand strike would work better since his hand was open.

        The butterfly kick was just dumb and is a pointless technique to claim will defeat an assailant and knock anyone out. The way the kid even threw it was so slow a person would just step out of the way. The butterfly kick in itself is not a bad technique and you could pull it off in a fight but it is a high risk move and rare an opening would occur for it at least at the distance and situation they presented. Teaching this to kids or teenager or even adults is going to get them killed.

        It is sad people who are 4th dans in their system are lacking common, combat sense and also display bad technique unworthy of a black belt. This is the typical mcdojang and they are responsible for teaching dangerous self defense techniques that will only get you seriously hurt in any self defense situation, yet they don’t care and keep teaching them because they are making money baby sitting kids. PARENTS PLEASE AVOID YOUR AVERAGE MCDOJANG! Years of terrible training will develop bad habits. This video is only one example.

  1. MesYang88 says:

    So much good stuff in this one. 🙂

  2. Usually I am very diplomatic but I just have to Wonder who taught this instructor? It is obvious that he has not pressure tested any of the defenses even a little… And while someone not trained in self defense a lot can have excuses to have bad self defense skills this instructor even demonstrates flawed bad basic techniques. There is actually nothing in there to even start building any real life skill on..

    His high Blocks do not cover the body most of the times he demonstrates it meaning that he leaves himself wide open to all attacks unless someone strikes you just like the kid did. On his straight punches his elbow takes a huge detour out before comming back in (something a yellow belt in a good Dojang should not do and this is an instrutor?) and his modern boxing guard is also awfull and devoid of all the hallmarks of a good guard.. Yes he covers his face (good for you) but his elbows is sticking out again leaving him wide open for an attack to his midsection. I highly doubt that this is done intentionly as a Strategic plan to invite an attack by leaving an opening so you know what is the most probable attack, and likewise I very much doubt he has the conditioning it takes to take real punishment in the midsection so you can focus all the defense against high section attacks instead..

    I really must say that if this is representative of the ATA I now understand why so many say bad Things about ATA. I am sure they can produce some good martial artists but this instructor has obviously not been taught well or been promoted waaaaay to fast. You should be able to do a descent straight punch BEFORE getting even an Intermediate color belt..

    I hope I do not come accross as another key Board Warrior now, but if you read my comment and look at the demonstration you will see that my Points are valid and more importantly well founded (and a lot more constructive than “this sucks” comments)

    • PS: Even if the kid could defeat a bully With that very slow kick (if he did it as it is supposed to be done) how would he defend his actions in the aftermath? Some one shoved him around a little and he responds With a Powerfull knockout kick to the head????? That kick when done skillfully withouth any protection toward the head of an untrained unconditioned opponent is extremly Dangerous.. I think you just found the most embarrasing self defense Clip I have ever seen anyone post on youtube…

      • White Dragon says:

        My blog exists to find this stuff so people can LOL and have fun. Those who understand that is, those who are true to real Taekwondo and understand will enjoy my blog and not freak out about me being a jerk or insulting.

        I honestly don’t care and I WILL make fun of things. Part of my blog is martial arts entertainment and not just academic articles about Taekwondo technique.

        Also, the butterfly kick is not supposed to be used in that way or even that distance. Poomsae Cheonkwon has one in it but its used as a closer quartered counter. It takes a TON of skill to even pull off. It is plausible it could be done as various flying kicks have been shown in combat sports to work, but a better technique to teach people is something simpler if they are beginners. lol

      • White Dragon says:

        By the way I was speaking in general terms and not about you lol.

    • White Dragon says:

      I am not one to be so diplomatic with the current problems in popular Taekwondo culture. Tjhe time to be diplomatic is over. Its now time to call out all the BS in Taekwondo and express some truth about things. I am tired of the false humility so many “masters” have especially on martial arts forums. One of the 5 tenets of Taekwondo is integrity. if I am falsely humble and nice just to be polite and make friends I am not following integrity but trying to please others. I will call out BS and horrible organizations like the ATA, as this actually is representative of 99% of ATA people as its ALL about money and grandmaster worship.
      I think my article went far beyond “this sucks” but at first I might have started out that way but I believe I said some more. But I am going to openly mock this kind of crap. This blog exists 1. to talk about Taekwondo and the true heritage from Korea 2. Call out BS and stupidity ruining TKD and it won’t be PC.

      If people cannot handle this then they need to read another blog. Videos like this and instrictors without skill and just the general BS inside popular Taekwondo culture is damaging to the real Taekwondo instructors, masters, trainers who want to promote Taekwondo for what it is, a fighting art and worthy of respect as well as worthy enough that someone SHOULD pay the instructor to learn from him and not just send their kids to be babysat.

      I have had many people shun me because I did Taekwondo and even tell me I should be embarassed in so many words, or act like I am awkward and they want to get away from me and I have nothing of value to offer them in martial arts teaching. This is one reason I started this blog. Such ignorant people are simply spitting back all of the insults and TKD jokes everyone says even though they personally suck at martial arts and I could teach them a lot, yet I lose business and potential clients do to mcdojangism being so loud. People just go to MMA gyms.

      • MesYang88 says:

        You’re so snarky. It makes me smile. I was just giving you advice on how you can improve your craft/blogs and I’m honored you followed it (twice now).

        Though if we wonted to bring up the other principals of TKD… 😉

      • White Dragon says:

        Ya in my own way I follow them. The other tenets of Taekwondo are all over my blog. Im courteous to correct people when they are failing miserably, using integrity to promote truth, perseverance against mcdojangism, using self control as not to go over board and indomitable spirit that none of them will conquer me in my crusade to promote true taekwondo.

      • MesYang88 says:

        All very true which is why I enjoy your blogs. 🙂

      • White Dragon says:

        hmm ok thanks.

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