Old Australian Guy Says TKD Looks Like Ballet

        Some Australian talk show had a segment where some old guy had apparently said Taekwondo looks like ballet is is the most ridiculous thing he has ever seen. I personally believe his opinion is extremely popular among almost anyone who has seen it and thinks about what is and is not to be expected in martial arts or combat. I also think the old guy’s opinion is valid. I believe this segment was obviously staged as well and it proves nothing really, except that some old guy who totally sucks and acts like a jackass can get kicked really hard in chest gear.

I do not think this segment redeemed WTF sport Taekwondo or even improved Taekwondo’s image for the average person and our current UFC loving culture. It was pretty corny and the Taekwondo athletes acted really arrogant and hot shot style. Possibly the old guy agreed to get kicked and even rehearsed it before going on TV. Sure it could have hurt some but he touched it out and I really think the girl’s back kick on his chest gear was totally fake as he jumps backwards to fall. Sure the sport actually does hurt and it is somewhat dangerous and serious, but that does not stop it from looking incredibly ridiculous since spinning head shots are worth 3 points and both athletes in a tournament fight will spin toward each other like ballerina’s trying to score. Something has got to be done with WTF rules to make it more like a fight and less boring to watch. The WTF sport emphasis of most Kukkiwon Taekwondo gyms really leaves behind the wealth of combative knowledge and special techniques that Taekwondo has to offer and I find it frustrating. The Kukkiwon textbook is full of serious self defense techniques and theories that these sportists have no clue about.  I doubt the same result would happen if a typical guy who was not so old felt like insulting Taekwondo. I doubt such a dude would fall over when getting kicked with a chest gear on. I do not believe this segment changed popular opinion that Taekwondo looks stupid in the eyes of the average person who does not know much about martial arts. It’s going to take a lot more than a silly segment on TV to change such an opinion and I really hope more people start changing the negative view of Taekwondo in the eyes of the martial arts world.


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