So Apparently The Taliban Has Been Learning Taekwondo

        No, these are not ninjas nor ninja-wannabes. They wear masks to conceal their identity as they are terrorists and the headbang is a jihadist saying praising their god Allah. Apparently, the Taliban has been training in Taekwondo and has what looks like black belt level type of guys. Who taught them Taekwondo? I would hope no sane person and no innocent Korean master taught them thinking they were doing goodwill. Most likely a terrorist went outside their country and took up residence somewhere else and learned Taekwondo at a local dojang. But then…could it be the Afghanistan Olympic Taekwondo team teaching them, or could these members possibly be part of that?

These techniques are definitely Taekwondo. I want to assume if anyone was dumb enough to teach a terrorist Taekwondo it was probably an ITF’er, but then it could been anyone. Those last techniques look sportish. So the Taliban and probably Al Queda are learning Taekwondo at worldwide dojangs…maybe they are at YOUR local dojang. Better background check your new students who come fresh from the middle east…just saying…

Of course none of these techniques scare me and are more demo and silly than realistic. I think I could beat all of them up. But still it is annoying to know Taekwondo is being used by terrorists.


  1. Grey Wolf says:

    We need an antiterrorist Taekwondo team!

    You think their Olympic team knows gun disarms and other military type hoshinsul? It’s very interesting he nix of techniques they have. They don’t wear doboks either.

    • White Dragon says:

      They wear taliban tactical traditional wear!! its not about the art of Taekwondo for them, but just fighting techniques. I doubt they care about Taekwondo and traditions. they are just doing combat techniques and sowing off. and it happens that it was definately taekwondo based. someone at some point taugh them this stuff. Very scarey to think about who could be at your dojang man. they go back to the middle east and teach this stuff to them. but fear not all of their moves wont work in a real fight.

  2. MesYang88 says:

    If they are Taliban I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that they didn’t learn a better art or a better form of TKD, lol.

  3. […]       Before I posted about how the Taliban and Al Qaeda were training in Taekwondo and showed footage of them demonstrating some moves. Well it seems that ISIS also trains in […]

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