What It Takes To Be A Grandmaster

        Now I know what it takes to be a grandmaster!

I am so inspired! His cool taeguk purple dobok is siiiick! Now that I know I will try to be badass like this:

Totally rad!

  1. Where do you keep finding this stuff??? Are you lurking around the darkest corners of youtube? As for the ice breaking in the beginning of the first video I hate it when People jump as high as they can before breaking. It is not Power generation that is simply someone jumping and using gravity alone to break. Now sinking into a break is essentual but you do not need to jump. Jumping like that is for colored belts that has not yet understood the finer Points of breaking.

    Now I have a request: Could you please find at least 4 videos of other martial arts that are equally disturbing? I know this is a Taekwondo blog but I feel there should be a Balance to this as you have now burned my eyes and showed me the darkest parts of KMA :-p

    • White Dragon says:

      Honestly? A lot of times I am simply just looking up Taekwondo related stuff. Sometimes self defense related stuff. I dont know but I find random stuff on my own. I am pretty sure other websites have already exposed such frauds and weirdos but this is a Taekwondo blog appealing to a Taekwondo/KMA audience and many have not heard of such crazy people.

      Apparently after doing research those videos are of a group called Jung SuWan which is a cult called City of Light (COL) run by a fraudulent grandmaster woman who claims she is the first grandmaster female in Taekwondo history. She is a cult leader and those people are in her cult. Its pretty crazy but also hilarious. I just love his costume.

      The other videos in other articles are also found just by searching youtube or google.

      About breaking, well I have never attempted to break ice in my life. It is tedious, expensive to find, and I dont have a truck to load it. I dont see why I need to either. I am fine with boards, and in the past I have broken bricks but lumber and cinder can be expensive over time just to break them. Over time when i get a ton of success I will be able to buy random breaking material and try new stuff but I focus more on self defense and sparring and technique itself than breaking stuff. I do agree that jumping just ads gravity, I guess it is still cool to break even if you have to jump. Its not like anyone can just do it their first try either. but yes if they want to display REAL technique theys hould not have to jump before breaking. If you cannot break 5 bricks then simply break 3 instead and still display technique. less showing off and more practice for yourself is what matters. But people seem to think they need to do demos to show off. And obviously a cult like this has to use theatrics and crazy stuff like mysticism to attract members.
      My old instructor (very first one) used to jump before breaking 8 bricks. He also would set about 5 on fire and break them. Its just theatrics. But he also was legit and a former sparring champion even if he used mcdojang tactics over time. I ended up leaving his gym.

      Ok I will try to find other crapp ymartial arts. but then I am sure mesyang will be upset and think I am being a jerk and then try to justify the videos and say its okay dont worry they are just having fun. HAHA! 😉

      I saw a hilarious Hung Gar video of nerds at some camp dressed in chinese outfits the other day.

      And yes the point of this blog is to expose the idiotic culture surrounding Taekwondo and to wake people up to start bringing Taekwondo back into truth and make it hardcore again.

      • MesYang88 says:

        I was actually going to say that even I can’t find anything salvageable in that second video, but now I just want to try out of spite. 😉

        The first female 9th dan in TKD is fairly well documented and was a student of Lee Chong Woo of the Jidokwon. I have a picture from 1974 that has her in it.

      • White Dragon says:

        Ha! I knew you would see that! Im just glad to know for once I posted something so atrocious and stupid even the MesYang, mr. benefit of the doubt of all positive outlooks, does not find anything redeemable in those videos. YAY!!

        Yeah i didn tthink that cult leader lady could have been the first female grandmaster in TKD. But she says she is and probably will say she was before 1974 as well.

      • White Dragon says:

        Is the female GM Myong Sok Namkung-Mayes? Isnt she the ONLY female 9th dan by kukkiwon ever to exist so far?

      • MesYang88 says:

        Sounds right but I would have to double check. 🙂

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