The Most Bastardized Version Of Koryo I Have Ever Seen

        Thanks to things like XMA people constantly make up their own versions of traditional forms and perform them in the most stupid, illogical, pointless, and over-acted ways possible to where it looks like a hystrical and emotional lunatic screaming as crazy as possible. The idea of XMA had people make up their own forms and perform things to look as showy and dramatic as possible and also doing tricks that have nothing to do with martial arts. They have gone farther not soon after that by taking traditional forms and customizing them by adding and taking away things for a person to perform. It is always done in a crazy way with intense screaming and exaggerated stances that are so ridiculous and have absolutely no martial value at all. It is basically performance gymnastics with terrible kicks and hand movements. Check out the most bastardized version of Kory I have ever seen:

That sucked so bad I cannot even describe it. Even a little child is 100,000,000 times better at Koryo than what that teenaged girl did if you can even call what she did Koryo:

There is no point in training poomsae or martial arts in the way the crazy teenager did. What does a black belt mean? They can show off and scream and say stupid things like “sa too kaa shaaa” in between moves to impress other dorks? Training in the way the child did sets him up for perfection for understanding proper body mechanics, and the fact he is already so flexible gives him a head start to understand self defense applications and accurate striking and control of limbs. He is a junior black belt (poom rank) but when he is older he will be even better. Hopefully he practices self defense and not only sport performance. Either way this kid is better than the bastardized Koryo version chick.



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