General Choi Explaining He Has No Understanding Of Physics

        Here is a video of General Choi Hong Hi explaining that he has absolutely no understanding of physics. He claims in this video that you should never twist your body but simply come up and drop down as you punch.

It is beyond me why thousands of ITF students do not call BS on this sine wave that Choi created before he died. There has to be some scientist occupational people within ITF rank world wide that realize this. This is just one reason I do not support the ITF or think of it as an effective martial art style that teaches intelligent or effective combat movements.

  1. Grey Wolf says:

    Preach it! Seriously? Never rotate? Practically every martial art gets power by rotating the hip and torso. It’s not only physics; it’s obvious combat intuition. Even people who don’t know how to fight try to get more rotation. Falling up and down is both unscientific and counterintuitive.

  2. J says:

    I think Choi probably receives a lot of hero worship within certain ITF circles and they probably think since he is the god of Taekwon-Do he is thus infallible and his teachings and ways must never be questioned. At least that’s the vibe I get from reading about the way some ITF clubs idolize him. It seems cultish sometimes and if that really is the case, definitely unhealthy, too. Any progress or growth that could occur is impossible because nobody wants to question, challenge, or improve upon the things he taught, even if it is common sense.

    • White Dragon says:

      Great points! And you are exactly right! I honestly do believe the ITF is a cult and the higher ranks and inner-circles of various groups within ITF organization are held to not questioning anything. ITF will not progress or get better because no one can change from sine-wave. Those who do not implement the sine-wave are actually going against Choi’s teaching, the one whom they basically venerate as the father of Taekwondo (which he was not).
      One issue is that ITF has split up into 3 seperate organizations worldwide all claiming the name ITF because they had falling outs. So 3 groups giving out ranks claiming ITF at the same time and doing the same forms, all though I think one group does not do the sine-wave. Original ITF forms did not use a sine-wave and did it more Karate style. The oldest videos I have seen were also not very impress and looked somewhat sloppy. I have never seen Choi doing Taekwondo, performing forms, doing breaking or sparring ever. Many people including Koreans at the Kukkiwon even think his training history is suspect. I was reading a martial arts forum where a guy did the foreign instructor’s training certification course at the Kukkiwon and during their TKD history lesson (they have gone more towards truth and less towards 2,000 year old history nonsense now days) they say Choi did some things but really his skills are questionable. So some Koreans are realizing it. I do not understand why people even need to be diplomatic about combining ITF and other random TKD organizations. You cannot combine error with truth in my opinion.

      This is not to say that there are no talented ITF fighters and martial artists. Some have fighting skill, in fact I am sure a lot do. but their group they affiliate with teaches some bad stuff and they seem to exist only to promote how great Choi was and how everyone else is wrong. They seem to exist for politics and to badmouth WTF etc. About how the TRUE style is Taekwon-Do and it has to be spelled that way.

      Choi did help propagate Taekwondo and did do things at the very beginning that were positive for it, but not soon after that he started being crazy and trying to take over control. All kwans includingh his own Oh Do Kwan all follow the KTA, Kukkiwon and support WTF. This says a lot. Choie left the KTA and was actually kicked out, but they asked him to leave or resign his position and he agreed. They allowed him to start his ITF and do his own thing. So basically Choi is an off branch from the true linage of TKD as the true line goes to the Kukkiwon.

      The great thing about Kukkiwon is that not 1 person is in charge telling people what to do. Its a democracy and everything is held accountable to multiple people. There is no grandmaster worship. Heck most people probably cannot even tell you the names of all the presidents the Kukkiwon has even had nor do people pay attention. Its about the art, not the people. But there are some influential people making important decisions but it is not a cult worship of one man like the ITF is.

      I think one of choi’s biggest mistakes was creating the sine-wave for his style. People now have something to scrutinize and prove wrong which only made him look bad. But the ITF onlyists will always defend the wine wave to their deaths.

      Whew! That was a rant. This blog really needs to write a Choi history post somehow. or early KTA history post. Grey Wolf?

  3. master cool says:

    haha 3rd degree instructor’s school

    • White Dragon says:

      Yes, 20 years experience in Taekwondo. Because I did not pay for a certification you want to doubt me? 20 years 3rd dan beats 9 years 4th dan any day of the week.
      Also, I was given a blessing by 7th dan master to teach martial arts. All black belt ranks go through him, not me. I will also be 4th dan this year anyway because I decided I should “pay for” a certificate paper so people like you will shut up.

  4. ITF dude says:

    That’s rather odd. The General even wrote in his encyclopaedia that you must have a hip twisting motion aswell as sine wave.

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