USA Taekwondo Advertised On The Canvas At UFC Fight Night: Henderson VS Khabilov

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Taekwondo
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USA Taekwondo Advertised On The Canvas At UFC Fight Night: Henderson VS Khabilov

        I was watching the UFC tonight Fox Sports 1 for Henderson VS Khabilov and I noticed on the canvas of the Octagon a giant USA Taekwondo logo. I find it interesting that USA Taekwondo paid to advertise on the canvas of the Octagon floor for live television. It must have cost a fortune to do that.

        Why does USA Taekwondo want to advertise to an MMA audience? Sport Taekwondo for the Olympics is very contrary to everything MMA is about and the average MMA fan thinks Taekwondo sucks anyway.  The average MMA fan is not going to want to regress from MMA to watching Olympic sparring any time soon either.

        I find it both odd yet cool that USA Taekwondo was advertising on the UFC. POssibly, USA TAekwondo knows that popular martial arts culture now days is all about MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu more than anything else. Possibly they are aiming to somehow bring legitimacy to Taekwondo, at least their sport version, by using the UFC, a hardcore combat sport event to showcase their logo and get people interested.

        Maybe more USA Taekwondo, WTF fighters will now find it desirable to enter into MMA fighting after they retire from Olympic rules sparring. Who knows their mindset. But it is great and a little exciting to me to see Taekwondo being represented on the floor of the biggest combat sports organization event in the world on national television!

        It makes me smile to see Taekwondo people understanding that more avenues for realistic fighting exist. Possibly USA Taekwondo would in the future make a more Kickboxing or MMA oriented version of Taekwondo rules to show the many Taekwondo techniques people are missing out on since WTF rules do not allow them. I am being a little hopeful as I know that is unrealistic.

        Is advertising on the UFC going to benefit USA Taekwondo and get more people interested in them? Or was this a waste of money for them? What do you all think?

  1. MesYang88 says:

    Could just be that their trying to play on the original idea of MMA, of martial artist from varying backgrounds testing themselves and their style in the cage. Or maybe simply advertising because to improve your non-practicle kicks TKD is one of the best places to go.

    • White Dragon says:

      Well the thing is USA Taekwondo exists solely for the promotion of sport taekwondo in olympic sparring and poomsae competition. In no way do they care or even consider low kicks, face punching, moves for any other avenue of combat sports but their own. That is why it is interesting. Now if Kukkiwon was advertising and had the idea of “Hey come train Taekwondo to improve your MMA” it would make sense. But USA Taekwondo really has nothing to offer an MMA fighter except “Hey come put on chest gear and spar olympic rules only and do poomsae with us.” Its just interesting yet cool to see the word “Taekwondo” on the UFC floor.

      • MesYang88 says:

        I’d agree with all that. 🙂

      • White Dragon says:

        MMA fans might see it and be like, “You know there is something interesting about Taekwondo.” and some of the recent fighters use some of those moves.

  2. tkdrj says:

    n this world of fighting, there are many people talking a lot of nonsense, but there are still good fundamentals and good ideas.

    The other day I heard someone say that, these days, you need to know a little of everything, I agree. But I heard, too, that you need to have a martial art “mother,” that is your home, it’s your domain, where you trust where you graduated, also believe this.

    Because of this, I decided to list some MMA fighters / UFC has in its training of the fighter TAEKWONDO, some I admire very much.

    See, all the qualities I listed below, all are good fighters, I will not say which one is better or worse, but note that all struggle foot very well and all are specialists in kicks, I believe to be a black belt in Taekwondo, certainly contributed a lot to this.

    I believe that is what the USA Taekwondo want everyone to see

    Fighters :
    Anderson Silva – 4º DAN Taekwondo

    Anthony Pettis – 3º DAN Taekwondo

    Mirko Filipović ” Cro Cop ” – 1º DAN Taekwondo

    (Ben) Benson Henderson – 1º DAN Taekwondo

    Dennis Siver – 1º DAN Taekwondo

    Dan Hardy – 1º DAN Taekwondo

    Stephan Bonnar – 1º DAN Taekwondo

    Cung Le – 1º DAN Taekwondo

    • White Dragon says:

      I think that is true too. You should specialize in something and be good at it and not just average at everything.

      Now even though many of those guys claim to have TKD history you have to undestand Anderson Silkva’s 4th (its actually 5th dan by the way) is strictly honorary given by the brazilian taekwondo group. And some of the other guys like Anthony Pettis are actually from other random mcdojang organizations. Some are ATA and some who knows what. I dont think USA Taekwondo would want to promote those mcdojang groups but just generally Taekwondo.

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