Miss USA 4th Dan Black Belt Certified Taekwondo Instructor

        Apparently the newly crowned Miss USA, 24 year old Nia Sanchez of Nevada, is “a certified Taekwondo instructor and 4th degree black belt.”

        Check out the video report from Yahoo News click here She basically wins points from the media for portraying the female powerhouse, tough chick persona that impresses average people who know nothing about martial arts. Judging from her video footage I believe she would get knocked silly if she was to spar the average female MMA fighter, Kickboxer or even Olympic female Taekwondo fighter if there was a chance she was going to spar them. There are plenty of female martial artists who actually are tough, can promote proper self defense and even pull it off and are also great female role models. But they just are not that pretty. That is the problem.

After seeing that video on the Yahoo News page it is apparent she belongs to a mcdojang organization. Someone on youtube mentioned she is a member of Tiger Rock Martial Arts and one can see the “Ho Ahm Tiger Rock ITA” patch on her uniform. Her technique is not very slick so that explains a lot. There is no power, crispness or anything impressive to be instructor quality in a Taekwondo instructor realistically, but that is how these organizations operate. I prefer higher skill level.

Here she is “teaching” Taekwondo to a kid. Apparently doing a batardized version of Hwa Rang

Her answer to the question about how to deal with sexual assault on women was aof course a very simple answer to a complex problem, but what can she really say within the small amount of time given for an answer on the spot? Simply, “I think we need more awareness and for women to learn to defend themselves” in so many words just does not answer the question well. Too many women care about unimportant things created by entertainment media, and are manipulated by pop-culture to assume females should care about certain things like special clothes, makeup, purses, boyfriends, etc. and behave in other ways devoid of strength and independence. Women do not always have to behave like victims who need a protector. Women are definitely capable of learning how to fight, becoming an expert at a martial art, being a certified instructor, as well as looking pretty doing it. Women are capable of a lot of things. I just don’t see how a TKD instructor lady who prances around in a bikini is someone I would respect or think is a good combat skilled teacher for me or anyone I know. It is simply just pop-culture, social status nonsense that mcdojangism creates in the world. How long has she even trained? 12 years and her technique is unimpressive. I honestly do not believe she is capable of defending herself. She seems to have spent more effort in the 12 years working on her makeup technique rather than Taekwondo.

I am sure miss Sanchez is a nice person and has good intentions and it is great to know she did not promote herself to black belt like like other people do, and did not claim anything she is not. Yes, I would personally say she does not train in real Taekwondo, but she thinks she does so she is not lying or embellishing her credentials. She does promote self defense and doesn’t simply say “women should compete in Taekwondo sport tournaments” and that is great. And she did wait to be certified by something even if it is a mcdojang group with ridiculous marketing tactics. But all of that is besides the point.

I really do wish Miss USA was a Taekwondo instructor certified by the Kukkiwon and could really fight and had superb technique as any Taekwondo instructor should have. But she doesn’t. We cannot hold much against her for being duped into the mcdojang life that is organizations like Tiger Rock.

Annnnd for your information here is what she looks like in a bikini because it is oh so important!

Anyway, I just felt like mentioning this because I saw the news and I felt like ranting. I do not think I will win a date with Miss USA, Nia Sanchez any time soon….oh well! She ain’t my type! Tiger Rock Bikini Taekwondo Instructor Power!

  1. MesYang88 says:

    Was the slow motion in the video really needed?

    • White Dragon says:

      No it was not, but whoever made it thought it was. haha!

      I know the tul Hwa Rang, it is actually one of the ITF forms I actually like. It was the first form General Choi created as well. Of course I perform it oldschool without sinewave.

      She is doing some weird version with very wrong moves.

    • White Dragon says:

      If Miss USA was actually a skilled martial artist and worthy of 4th dan and instructor status I would have nothing but praise for her. But my point in this article is to point out how sappy pop culture is and how they drool over such nonsense. People can claim to be badass without actually being badass because of mcdojangism.

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