Why Taekwondo Can Work In A Street Fight

       Here are some reasons why Taekwondo is a valid option for winning a street fight or protecting yourself in a self defense situation. This is also based on kicks alone and not the other parts of Taekwondo such as hand striking, elbows, knees, joint locks, throws etc. So many foolish people keep bad mouthing Taekwondo and claiming it is only flashy kicks that will get you killed in a street fight. In many cases, what people deem flashy kicks actually won a street fight. The following is a list of videos that show evidence of why high kicks, which Taekwondo is known for, can work in a street fight. It is not about the morality of the fighters, why they are fighting, whether or not they are Taekwondo practitioners or not, or who is the good guy or bad guy in each fight. The point is they are kicking high or doing a so called “flashy” spinning kick technique and winning street fight confrontations. This is also not to mention that MMA has already proven Taekwondo techniques brutally effective. What better evidence than guys fighting in streets throwing high kicks and spinning kicks! Here are some reasons why Taekwondo haters are wrong:


White Dragon is a 3rd dan Taekwondo Black Belt with over 19 years experience in the Martial Arts and head instructor of the White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program.

  1. Often thought of doing the same thing on my blog but you beat me to it and did a good job With it too:-)

    • White Dragon says:

      Thanks man! What made me wanna post this was some ITF guy who was saying high kicks won’t work in a street fight and he even said boxing wouldn’t work either. And he was some ITF Taekwondo guy. I swear some ITF people are insane.

      • He he:-) “Crazyness is not confined to styles” 😉 May I reccomend an article to you? The following link will take you to the perhaps best written post about high kicks (in my own view):http://www.wimsblog.com/2013/06/martial-arts-myths-high-kicks-dont-work-in-the-street/ I think you will like the post and the blog as a whole. Wim Demeere is a good writer and he is very knowledgeable. He does not do Taekwondo but as you are interested in striking arts, self defense etc I think you will like his writings.

      • White Dragon says:

        That was a great article! I would also say that being able to use a high kick in the street shows you are a capable martial artist and it does make you a more capable fighter if you have the ability as the article mentions. Of course not every situation is always going to need a high kick but knowing you can do it will certainly increase your odds at winning a street fight.

      • White Dragon says:

        Oh great. I will check it out!

  2. sleeperhatch91 says:

    search “hillbilly roundhouse kick” and watch the first version… a kid gets hit in a street fight with a textbook spinning hook kick and I’m relatively sure he got brain damage. Its brutal and kinda hard to watch but excellent lighting and everything.

  3. Anthony Shelton says:

    Being a practicioner of Krav Maga and Shotokan, and a former TKD under Soo Kon Kim, I will state this: every martial art is valid, and have strengths and weaknesses. However, taking a handful of examples doesn’t equate to it being the norm. Rory Miller in his book Meditations On Violence, states that he would take a kid with no formal training, but was raised on the streets fighting for survival or most black belts in any system; and I would agree with him—especially the sports oriented martial arts. Personally speaking, I learned to kick harder in Shotokan than I ever did in TKD. Likewise, I learned to punch way harder in Krav Maga, due to its heavy emphasis on western boxing, than I have ever learned in either Shotokan or TKD; nobody punches harder than a western boxer practicioner—hands down. But, what Krav Maga does so well is to expose you to kicking, blocks, punching, strikes, and ground fighting. If you don’t have a Krav Maga school—and I mean a real Krav Maga school—verified through a real organization. TKD combined with boxing and BJJ and the practicioner will be well trained. But, the one caveat I would say about Krav is their mentality. I have never, ever had a martial art drill me as hard, or as long, as Krav; it is hands down the most brutal martial art I have ever taken. The physical standards are like thanks a military unit—if you have a real Israeli based system. And from day one, you are learning gun disarm, knife disarm something I never learned in any other martial art—-even when I was in Kali. That’s not to say Krav is the end all of be all, but for me you get more bang for the buck. However, TKD, BJJ and boxing combination is a wicked combination as well. I just doubt you’ll get the simulated street violence that Krav does.

    • White Dragon says:

      It depends on the teacher. I think many sport WTF fighters can beat up the average krav yuppie.

      • Anthony says:

        Everything depends on the teacher. However, I have been on both sides of the TKD issue and will hands down take a Krav practioner any day over a soccer mom, TKD one. And, I will lay money down that the average 4th Dan in TKD doesn’t have anywhere near the knife and gun disarm skills as the average Blue Belt in Krav. For instance, in Krav Maga Universal, who’s president is a 6th Dan in TKD and now just got his 4th degree from the Wingate institute, the black belt test is a two day ordeal starting off with a two mile timed run with a 25 pound weighted vest—-with the test concluding the next day with a 15 round match against 5 BJJ, 5 TKD and 5 boxers—-all fresh fighters each new per round. TKD, at its concept, is no joke, but American TKD is feel good crap. As my Shotokan Sensei jokes, “A guy gets his black belt in TKD and his master ask him how he feels about his accomplishment, and the student replies, ” I feel great!” He then holds up his hands and ask “but, what are these for?” Lol

      • Anthony says:

        Hey, I’m not trying to be confrontational, but my military and law enforcement has taught me that TKD as I was taught, had a lot of flaws; but that doesn’t mean real TKD does. I would encourage you to go up to Moody Al, at the Premier Martial Arts school—same organization I’m agitated with—and take some Krav lessons and you’ll see the difference in what I’m talking about….there’s no kids in this training.

      • White Dragon says:

        Krav is good but not the end all of martial arts. Also krav just uses karate and taekwondo moves. Everything in krav is already in kung fu, karate, taekwondo etc. Literally. Alabama is terrible for real martial arts. The only exception being some BJJ and MMA gyms (full of redneck MMA guys usually though and other toolbags, but its better than tiger rock). I live in Korea now and no longer in Alabama. Have a nice day and thanks for reading. Keep training!

      • Anthony says:

        I would like to encourage you to read three books: The Gift of Fear, The Little Black Book on Violence and Meditations on Violence; don’t teach to fight, but to defend. If a person wants to learn to fight, go to an MMA gym. There are a lot of serious consequences related from the school yard brawl, to a bloody street confrontation. There’s a serious difference between fighting and street violence. Case in point, look up on YouTube MMA fighters getting their asses handed to them by regular joes in Brazil….these MMA fighters were starting shit at a gas station and when it went down, they were the ones in the hospital.

      • White Dragon says:

        I agree. Thanks for posting! But I still appreciate MMA.

  4. A friend of mine saw TKD win a real street fight.

    It was a silly brawl over nothing. The TKD guy wanted to have a sparring match, but he quickly went down in a flurry of untrained punches. The “winner” walked off with his girlfriend, very proud of himself…

    30 seconds later, the TKD guy ran up from behind, and delivered a flying kick to the back of the boxer’s head.

    The End.

  5. Olivia says:

    Being a supporter of taekwondo and other martial arts techniques, I strongly believe that these days taekwondo training is extremely important for the kids and women in order to defend themselves from any accidental situation.

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