More Taekwondo Korean’s Breaking Balsa Wood

        Here are some high pitched screaming crazy Korean Taekwondo guys breaking balsa wood with trick kicks.

Are people actually impressed with the ability to break paper thin wood pieces? Does it reflect real power and hard impact? I don’t think it does. It shows accuracy and I guess flimsy pieces floating in the wind, twisting around in the air, and  softly landing on the pavement might look more interesting than kicking paddles, but it does not show powerful striking ability or any strike that would hurt someone. Why is it that so many crazy Taekwondo demos like this have guys doing insane and inefficient kicks that are over the top, twisting and flipping in the air, but their basics or poomsae or any demonstrative action to show real martial skill is so freaking terrible? And do not even get me started on the Taekwondo dance routine they showed.

Here is an example of how stupid these flimsy boards are. In this demo video a guy holding a board is clearly seen accidentally breaking the board with his bare hands before the guy can even kick it. Then pretends like he broke it. What a joke. Here watch at 5:03:

When almost the entire martial world is engrossed in watching MMA fighting in the UFC and Bellator, GLORY Kickboxing and intense grappling challenges such as Metamoris, and many martial arts masters who train for self defense are laughing at us, why do such Taekwondoin keep doing this? People want to know why Taekwondo is a great martial art, why they should enroll in it, and how it is effective for self defense and fighting! They keep doing these demos no matter what. Instead they recruit people who lack any fighting interest and simply want to do dance numbers and show off with aerial acrobatics. It seems the madness will never stop.

Korean Tiger’s US Team. Apparently there is now a franchise going with the Korean Tiger name:

When Koreans themselves do not give a damn to promote Taekwondo as a serious fighting art and proving its worth, and do not respect their own cultures martial art with combative integrity we know Taekwondo is just going to die sooner than later. Only a ghost will remain of what once was. The only similarity left will be the wearing of a dobok…

…that is until the WTF introduces a more idiotic looking dobok that has nothing to do with the original and practical uniform that Taekwondo in Korea used with pride….and if the name Taekwondo still remains then it will just be a ghost with the name Taekwondo and nothing of the former life.

  1. 종원 박 says:

    True story. I’ve seen many TKD demonstrations. but almost all that “Demo” focused only Acrobatic and Artistic.

    Choi – baedal, the grandmaster of Kyokushinkaikan
    (AKA Mas Oyama, in fact he is korean so I write a korean name.)
    said “Fancy but no Practical is just a ‘dance’, not a martial art.”.

    I’m not a professional martial artist, but even I know the martial art is for enforce enemy. not a freakin dance-like!

    They have a tail to spin, but no halo.

    • White Dragon says:

      I dont understand why the older korean masters dont do proper demos that are realistic and informative. Instead it is always stupid drama and music and ridiculous fight scenes that are boring.

      Mas Oyama was straight to the point and about fighting and showed why his style was so strong. Why cant Koreans right now do this as well for Taekwondo?

      I want to promote Taekwondo as a true martial art and serious.

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