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“Dustins Dojo” Is Funnier Than “EnterTheDojoShow”

        Martial arts related humor is great! If you train or enjoy martial arts than you probably also understand much of the humor within the martial arts community and nuances that define a lot of what is ridiculous with the martial arts world. “EnterTheDojoShow” at first pleased me greatly and made me laugh a lot. The idea of a very arrogant and crazy Kenpo-esque instructor is so true to real life. Yet, over time the show went off topic and just started focusing on ridiculous and silly things that are not really that funny and are somewhat boring. Even though a lot of money is spent on each episode of “Enter The Dojo” much of the humor is too over the top and less a parody of what really happens in the martial arts scene. But I am still a big fan and think Master Ken is hilarious! There is another YouTube, martial arts, comedy channel called “Dustins Dojo.” Yes, that is “Dustins” without the apostrophe. Unlike “Enter The Dojo,” “Dustins Dojo” probably costs virtually nothing to produce as it is just him and his friend with a digital camera outside and is funny as heck! Hopefully, they will keep it mostly like this and not over produce the show and make it boring with off topic gimmicks.

        Another youtube sensation I believe is going to be pretty huge is “Dustins Dojo.” This act was featured on America’s Got Talent. Judge Howard Stern thought the act it was so funny he saved them from being disqualified by the 2 annoying female judges who have no sense of humor and take life too seriously, and do not understand that comedy acts take talent. Stern used the golden buzzer which allowed them into the finals.

Sensei Dustin

        Dustins Dojo features Dustin who is “a black belt expert” in Karate and learned to be a black belt at “Roger baker’s Taekwondo And Pizza Pensacola Florida.” It also features his friend Terry who is his student. Apparently, Terry is his only student and he never talks and always wears a mask and gloves. They are constantly looking over their shoulders and around for “attackers.” This is because “attackers are everywhere, especially in the city. If you go to the city you CAN and WILL be attacked.” Dustin is a mixed martial arts black belt and black belt in various styles of martial arts and learned it all at the Taekwondo & Pizza gym he trained at in 6th grade. After he trained there he moved to Indiana where his show is set. he does not break character or admit he is a comedy act. They have made a few efforts to make it sound like this character is real. They even have a Roger Baker’s Taekwondo & Pizza Facebook page as if it is a real business with updates on specials for pizza and lessons! He also has a Dustins Dojo website.

        Basically, this show is a parody and comedy lampooning of a few things. One most noticeable thing is the internet YouTube sensei’s who think they know how to fight and can make teaching videos online. In reality these types usually really suck and have absolutely stupid ideas, but these YouTube instructor’s are usually crazy and think what they are teaching is serious business and very profound and intelligent. The type of YouTube instructor Dustin parodies is the socially awkward teen or young 20-something who appears to have Asperger’s Syndrome or some form of Autism. Believe me I have literally seen kids like this on youtube. Not only youtube but real life I have seen kids who think they are black belts who suck so bad it is beyond belief. This is because they trained at a mcdojang much like Roger Baker’s Taekwondo & Pizza must be. Dustin also has part Napoleon Dynamite in him but not so much that he is a ripoff, no not in the slightest.

        Here is an example:

Other types of martial arts related characters Dustin seems to have within him is the mcdojang black belt teen who was always passed during testing even though he sucked and paid into mcdojang rank. There is also the “Karate is Taekwondo and Taekwondo is Karate” aspect in his videos. The fact he used the words Karate and Taekwondo interchangeably speaks of the fact so many Taekwondo gyms use the word Karate, places like the American Taekwondo Association or Tiger Rock martial Arts gyms. Another thing that is funny is he never wears a dobok or gi, only a t-shirt (usually a WWE wrestler shirt named Santina) and track pants. He never wears a belt. This could mean he is too good to worry about belts, or he is trying to become a reality based self defense instructor as he never talks about tradition much or forms. The only tradition you notice is his awkward kempo style bow he does while he expels air out of his mouth through his teeth making a “ssss” sound.

I laughed so hard when he went into the city to talk about city attackers and the use of spin kicks. He even crashed some wedding photos on the side where he is spazzing out in public doing “mixed martial arts” moves:

Dustin even interacts with his fans and gives short replies to various comments staying in character and acting oblivious to things such as Bruce Lee, “I do not know him.” And when people ask if he is serious or for real, “Yes Karate is a real thing. I am an expert.”  This guy is comedy gold for martial arts spazzy, crazy, mcdojang trained nut jobs! I love it! It is far funnier to me than EnterTheDojoShow because it stays within the real context of what he is lampooning. Let’s hope his act does not grow old or stale as there is so much material he could use with this character. His friend Terry as his partner makes the show even more hilarious! The way he speaks to the audience with a yelling style voice as if he is giving us total conviction of his skills is spot on of what I have seen in real life with people doing demos. He is not arrogant, he actually believes what he is teaching is legitimate! Which makes this show so much funnier than if he was simply just a jerk martial arts character. “As you can see I stayed within true fighting form.” The words, “As you can see” are used in almost every video.

If you have not, please check out “Dustins Dojo” for great laughs. If you do not get it then you don’t understand the martial arts world. And if you do train in martial arts and still think he is 100% serious and do not get it, you might actually be what he is parodying! You can also search for his America’s Got Talent demonstrations on YouTube. Enjoy!