Learn how To Fight Bats With Taekwondo Kicks

        You never know when you could be walking around outside at night, or xploring a cave and then a swarm of bats might attack you. This is one of the most helpful videos I have seen for Taekwondo self defense against bats, as well as a swarm of wasps or deflecting snowballs flying at you from every direction.


No, seriously what the heck is the point is doing this? When will you ever pivot on you base leg in a full 360 degree turn unless you are going to perform figure skating or some ballet? It’s cool to kick high sometimes, but this is over doing it. Plus the rapid knee extension kicking is pointless as none of those kicks would hurt a fly thy are so light. They are not even fully extending their legs when they do the rapid circling kicks.


I will never understand why people think this is cool or how it makes someone really badass or a good fighter…this is XMA stuff…KICK THOSE BATS!! KICK THEM!!!

Question: Would you be intimidated if someone slid toward you on one leg rapidly flapping their foot toward you in the air and coming closer and closer and closer? Answer in the comments!!

  1. 종원 박 says:

    I have no idea for that weird video. What the heck was I just watch?

    “How to fight bats”… bullseye.
    Well I think some ineffective but fancy moves(like Flying Side Kick…) is useful to shape up good TKD image…

    But this video goes too far… maybe the circus.

    • White Dragon says:

      Haha thats funny!

      yes I agree, some trick kicking, if you have the ability or one of your students does is always a cool thing. but to do a demo which is 100% trick kicks and flips is just so dumb.

      Also the flying sidekick as well as other flying kicks are actually useful in combat, especially in street fights with multiple people, or just sneaking up behind someone. A ton of power is generated from a flying sidekick.

      By the way you need to read the post that says “Tiger rock’s claim of accredited instructors is meaningless.” Post a comment about what you and your korean taekwondo friends think.

      • 종원 박 says:

        Yeah, I “saw” your post that about the Tiger rock. But because of my lack of english, I cannot read that easily. It could make an error in translation. I will read that post later with sufficient time.

        English is hard. I have a TOEIC test at 9/28, haha.

      • White Dragon says:

        HA! I have TESOL certificate and was actually planning to go to Korea to teach ESL. The problem is I could not get enough pay and the money they offer is a joke for an American wanting a serious career. It seems teaching ESL in Korea is more for the experience and not to be making much money. Also the company I was going to work for is crazy and expects me to spend 12 hours working every day. Its insane there is no free time. They want you to be their slave! I would never work in such conditions. I dont know about Koreans, but Americans dont allow anyone to own us.

        Good luck with your test. Hopefully you can spend time reading the Tiger Rock post. get your Taekwondo Korean friends to help read it with you.

  2. 종원 박 says:

    oh… and by the way, Korean flag that located left side of your wordpress blog had been reversed left and right. I know its just a small thing, but its better to change it.

    • White Dragon says:

      Oh man you are right! I had another flag I used but the link became broken so it would not show up. I just found that one. Man whoever made that flag has no clue how the Korean flag looks! Ill change it!

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