Trickers Suck At Real Martial Arts

Posted: September 21, 2014 in General Martial Arts
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Trickers Suck At Real Martial Arts 

        A very popular type of martial arts video all over youtube is the typical “Tricking” videos where kids just do flips and breakdancing and throw weak kicks and hardly any punches and call it martial arts. Most popular of all are the “inspirational” videos where rich kids who’s parents bought them iphones and HD digital cameras film clips of various movements and edit them together to music. The best way to get views on YouTube is use sexy girls in short shorts who kick super high. Here is an example:

Seriously, the only reason it has alot of views is the thumbnail of the tan Asian chick with her leg up in the air and the other chicks in the videos with way too short shorts. Who wears short short?! They wear short shorts! 😉

But ever notice that your average “tricker” totally sucks at real martial arts movements? Weak kicks, no serious impact ability, horrible punches, all they are good at is posing. They do gymnastics and mix it with breakdancing moves then call it “Capoeira” when it isn’t even that! It is just tumbling and cartwheels and flips with wannabe breakdancing. It is posing, it is performance and drama, it is not martial arts or anything real. And no nothing in this video makes any of these people good fighters or experts at self defense. It is just show and more nonsense. Do you train to show off and act sexy for the internet? Or do you train for real fighting and self defense? That is what matters. Tricking is poser martial arts for people who suck at fighting and are too afraid to take a hit in sparring. It comes from mcdojangism and the “Xtreme Martial Arts” crowd. People who train in this lack fundamentals of movement for real self defense and fighting. They are not good for proper form and technique for true martial arts. Yet they get all the accolades because ignorant people enjoy superficial things and trendy things. And such people would be given martial arts instructor positions at an average mcdojo, but it is upsetting that what they teach will be called self defense, and less than qualified self defense instructors will be teaching people who do not know much to understand the difference.

I am not sure how long this trend will last. Let’s hope not very long, but it seems it probably won’t go away soon. Even so, the real martial artists need to just keep busy at perfecting fighting skills and the fundamentals of martial arts techniques.

  1. Chris Napier says:

    Why do you say that ‘trickers have weak kicks’ and only link videos of trickers that are clearly beginners? By your measure, one could argue that martial artists have “weak” kicks. Why dont you link videos to any of the many trickers out there who practice their basic kicks day-in-day-out? The large majority of trickers that focus on kicks are well aware that the best looking kicks are the most powerful. Your entire article is a strawman; a misrepresentation of tricking that you “heroically” tear down in order to establish some sense of superiority over a group of people you do not remotely understand.
    No tricker thinks that an aerial kick can connect powerfully and still allow the user to finish the move. We trick because we love movement, and we love martial arts, but we are not a bunch of jerks who get off on bragging to their students/mothers of students about how they can physically overwhelm someone else.
    And quite frankly if you think that because tricking is for show and not fighting it is therefore somehow a lesser martial art, I can only assume you conclude the same of traditional kung-fu, katas of any kind, etc etc. I hope anyone reading your article takes it with a big pinch of salt because speaking from the perspective of someone with an education in martial arts (and a bit of common sense), its pretty clear you have a chip on your shoulder about the newer generation, and presumably any kind of revealing clothing?

    • White Dragon says:

      Because they do have weak kick. The kicks they do in tricking would have virtually no impact on someone. And the basic kicks they may or may not throw between the flips, spins, and twirls are usually very weak and with bad form. Let’s say a guy does a back flip then a cartwheel kick, then does 3 punches and a round kick to spin kick. The round kick would have very bad form and be very weak. This is becuase of a lack of training the basics to perfection and instead focusing on gynmastics twirl moves.

      I wouldnt know about the video but they seem very well versed in tricking. Are you claiming the people in the video suck and you are somehow better?

      You claim trickers know that the best looking kicks are the most powerful. That is not true at all. A backwards jumping somersault kick may look really good, but it is no way as powerful as a basic front kick on impact.

      My article is not a straw man, but based on what actual trickers have said in videos on youtube or in comments sections and personal experience in the martial arts scene.

      You seem to be claiming that trickers are somehow very unqiue and special people and it is hard to understand them. I dont think that is true at all, if that is what you are trying to say. If not then explain what you mean. I personally think trickers are easy to undestand. My opinion is they are hot shot attitude, love showing off moves to impress people (especially girls), do not like fighting or getting hit and fear sparring and since they cannot fight well do tricking instead.
      trickers are also not the same as say a Taekwondo black belt doing 720 spin kicks. A taekwondo guy doing such kicks is not a tricker, he is just trying to show accuracy and control of his body, whereas trickers main goal is to only practice flashy flipping acrobatics.

      I do not feel I am heroically tearing anyone down, but simply standing up for traditional martial arts against a world that hates us. Trickers claims that tricking is “mixed martial arts with gynmastics” (which is a literal explanation by a tricker on a youtube video i saw), and the psuedo hip hop attitude by mainly suburban well to do kids that promotes an extreme ego makes traditional martial arts look silly and immature. While so many people are leaving Taekwondo, Karate and Kung Fu in droves to do MMA we got the trickers claiming they are martial arts masters or whatever black belt dans. You say I think traditional styles are silly, on the contrary, I train TMA and I love Taekwondo, and I respect Karate and Kung Fu and think all the traditional styles have alot to offer comatively for self defense and fighting. Tricking on the other hand does not offer anything worthwhile for self defense or fighting.

      Many trickers claim tricking is not martial arts, but then go on to say they know martial arts or that tricking is because they love martial arts. Which is it? is tricking a martial art? Or is it not a martial art at all? if it is not a martial art why do you claim you are doing kicks? Have you ever thought of just joining a gymnastics class and joining a gymnastics team? or is it because gymnastics is way too hard for you so you do tricking instead? And also martial arts are too hard for you as well so you then do tricking instead…

      If something is for show and not fighting, as you have claimed, then IT IS NOT A MARTIAL ART.

      If you want people to take my article with a pinch of salt why did you post such a long comment and why did all of your tricking friends come here tonight to flood my articles comment section? What did you post my link on a tricking forum and all your internet buddies came to defend the honor of tricking? Thanks for the blog hits it only helps.

      I am highly educated in martial arts. I know what I am talking about. And yes the newer generation of kids wanting to pretend they are power rangers or DBZ are annoying. The focus on silly pointless moves and less on effective combat and promoting the martial arts styles for true effctiveness in self defense is annoying and stains the name of traditional martial arts. And yes I think using revealing clothing to show off is stupid.

  2. Cruise Lee says:

    dont compare tricking to real martial arts. tricking is not designed for combat I’m a practitioner of yaw yan and kali and at the same time I’m a tricker there is a big difference between the two. it’s like you are comparing a ballet to boxing shm

    • White Dragon says:

      So then you admit that tricking is basically like ballet?

      • Cruise Lee says:

        it is an art derived from martial art but it is not martial art if you call it ballet so be it. and I figured out that you love our culture you love filipinos that’s cool but talking shit about other arts is lame a well disciplined martial artist knows how to respect other arts and other forms or styles of martial arts

      • White Dragon says:

        But you just said that tricking is not a martial art. So that would mean I am not at all bashing other styles of martial arts since tricking is not a martial art and ineffective for fighting. Your own claims. So why are you mad?

      • Enoc Lopez says:

        Omg, just shut up with this game of technicalities, it may not be a martial art, but it IS AN ART, do you call music a martial art, or painting a martial art?

      • White Dragon says:

        You are confusing the definition of the term “martial art” in it’s proper meaning and assuming it means art as in aesthetics or what is pleasing to look at or thoughtful or expressive. Art does not always mean painting or dancing. It can also mean the expression of skill and techniques. So don’t tell me to shut up, and instead you shut up and listen to the truth and stop trying to act as if tricking is a special and important part of martial arts.

        I am just glad you admit it is not a fighting style and has no benefit to real fighting. Thank you for that.

      • White Dragon says:

        How about YOU shut up?

  3. Truitt says:

    Tricking is not used for fighting true. But you dont have to talk down about it. ZYOu are basically complainting that you want more attention than trickers because you do martial arts. thats like saying you want more attention than basketball players because you do martial arts, its ridiculous. Tricking is fun and people are passionate about it some trickers do martial arts some don’t, it doesnt matter. They are seperate so i see no reason for hate on tricking. I also see no reason for hate on ballet. Dafuq did ballet do to you man?

    • White Dragon says:

      Sorry but the only people begging for attention are trickers. They are extremely thin skinne (which you and others have already proven) and narcissistic and live for attention. That is why they do “tricks” and not a real sport like gymnastics or a real martial art.
      Tricking is always synonamus with “martial arts” and is never listed as separate until all you nerds decided it is a fact that you CANNOT fight and instead of getting beat up by challengers you were forced to admit that what you do is not martial arts. Yet you still keep calling it “martial arts tricking” and want to pretend you are in a kung fu movie.
      Also, I have absolutely NO hate for ballet but ONLY respect for it. I simply used ballet as an analogy for what you are trying to do.

      • Enoc Lopez says:

        I understand, but why do you think that all trickers are extremely skinny, not athletic, and begging for attention? You seen the athletes they’ve had on Red Bull Art Of Motion, or Red Bull Throwdown? It’s an AESTHETIC blend of kicks, flips, twists, and dives, it’s an art of MOVEMENT, not how hart you kick, but the fluidity and grace, don’t hate on it just because you don’t understand it :T

      • White Dragon says:

        Yes it is gymnastics for kids who like power rangers or something like that. I don’t believe I said trickers are not athletic. They are. But their activity is not going to get someone ins hape for fighting or help them in fighting. You agree with this, so that is great. So then my statement that trickers suck at real martial arts is true then. One of my biggest pet peeves is the martial arts dojo that claims they teach martial arts but instead are teaching kids to do gymnastics tumbling and tripple cartwheel kicks.

        If tricking is not martial arts why do they call moves kicks and punches? Why not just call them twirls?

  4. Just let them do what they want, Martial Arts is not just all about defending and kicking other’s butt but self expression as well. Lets not forget the “art” in Martial Arts. Lets just respect what they want to do. Sure, you may beat them to the ground but your no different from those assholes who make fun to Martial Arts practitioner. Stop the hating bro, we’re one in this. Peace.

    • White Dragon says:

      Art does not mean painting or dancing when it is used with martial before it. Then it becomes the “skills and expression of” warrior activity or fighting. Tricking is not that. It is simply performance art and not martial art. Yes, they can do what they want. I never stated they should not be allowed to do it. Just stop acting like they are super powerful black belt masters bc they can do a cartwheel flip kick thing.

  5. Ed says:

    If you don’t like anything about martial arts tricking then it’s your problem only. Because we like it.

  6. Martial Arts Tricker says:

    With all due respect, white dragon dojang is just mad because they can’t do what we trickers do.

    I trained Taekwondo when I was young and Kombatan Arnis, Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Balintawak Arnis just recently. I fell in love with tricking because of dumbass people like you who pretend to be above everyone else, who only think about violence, and hurting other people.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can defend myself pretty well but I’d rather make friends in the tricking community than be around people like you.

    Have a fun day with your boring training!

  7. Gary says:

    Oh geez kid who the hell said tricking is fighting?

  8. Iantricks says:

    I’m going to let you in on a secret.

    Tricking comes from martial arts. . .

    It litreraly comes from the “Art” in martial arts.

    Martial means a few things:

    -Related to war
    -discipline or study

    We know what “art” means, typically things that have to with expression.

    Martial arts means the study of expression related to war. . .

    Tricking is a martial art for two reasons. . .

    1.) It originates from Martial Arts
    2.) it is an expression RELATED to war.

    Tricking is not:
    -intended for combat
    -intending to be superior to other arts
    -intending to be capoeira

    Tricking is:
    -a way to express yourself
    -a skill based martial art

    Tricking is not intended for combat; however,
    If a fighter focuses on strategies suited for a set of techniques it is possible that said artist will have success and there are video evidences of these things instances happening. YouTube (monk vs tkd Master) and tkd 720 KO are proof.

    The translation for kungfu what is commonly known as the origin of martial arts is “acquired skill” in such a way it is also seen as practice makes skill. So if practice well you can land what ever you want it just takes dedication.

    I’m a martial artist of 9years and a tricker of 1 year. . .
    Don’t be so upset. Trickers who can’t fight know they can’t fight lol. . . Nbd bro. Trickings existence is non threatening to other arts. We’re family. Trickers are the children of martial arts it’s a beautiful thing

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