On The Subject Of Joint Lock Availability In Street Fights And Groin Shots

Joint locks are readily available in certain situations

        In my experience people have often said no one will hold you long enough to where you could have the ability to perform a wrist lock or standing armbar. They say it is unrealistic to drill wrist locks, armbars, elbow and shoulder locks etc. They say no one will hold you like that, or take the time to hold you long enough for you to be able to joint lock someone and take them out. I disagree and believe in many circumstances one could easily joint lock and break the wrist, arm, elbow, and dislocate shoulders in a street fighting or self defense situation. It depends on how an attacker is holding you or if he is hitting you or not. The following video shows many opportunities the person being assaulted (who happens to look like Nicholas cage lol) could have used if he had trained in martial arts and was not drunk.

I have absolutely no clue what they were fighting over or why the guy thought he needed to apprehend the other guy and hold him, and then also knee him in the balls and wait for cops to arrive. That is beside the point of this short article.

Groin shots are not always a fight ender

The man in the blue jacket was obviously kneed in the balls, and yet he was not harmed enough to cause him to drop down or fall over in pain. He did not quit and was still standing. This shows that a typical groin shot is not always going to end a fight, especially if a guy is drunk. It may or may not cause someone to keel over in pain.

Just some thoughts today on self defense and street fighting situations! Practice wrist and arm locks and shoulder locks from standing! It can work!


  1. Grey Wolf says:

    A couple grapples would have done wonders here, easy. This is a freaking hay day for a hapkidoin.

  2. What is your take on grappling in a street fight? Like once you are taken to the ground, what are the chance of getting out of a mount, etc?

    • White Dragon says:

      I would recommend getting off the ground ASAP in a street fight unless you know for a fact no one else is around and you can choke him out or break his arm.

  3. Meyer says:

    2 of the street fights I’ve been in I’ve used a joint lock in. Krav Maga (real Krav, not the ATA crap) uses them, Systema uses them, MCMAP uses them. All of these are military or military background arts. People are just ignorant and regurgitate whatever the television and social media spoonfeeds them. And because wrist locks are illegal in MMA and therefore rarely seen, guess what? People think they’re stupid. BUT in reality there are very few better ways to control an aggressor than grabbing their thumb and twisting hard to the outside.

    • White Dragon says:

      Yes many people claim wrist grabs never happen in a real fight and no one attacks you by grabbing a wrist. but that is BS. Also in a fight people grab everything and joint manipulation knowledge is important. Hapkido actually works and so does Taekwondo hoshinsool techniques.

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