Women, Stop Avoiding Eye Contact

        Women, stop avoiding eye contact when you walk by a man on a walkway or sidewalk, or even in a hallway. I was out walking today after doing a light workout and I came across 2 women. One was older who looked like she was the other girl’s mother. The other girl was probably high school or early college aged. Both of them did not give me any eye contact and the younger girl especially looked totally away with her eyes as if to avoid eye contact on purpose. All this signaled to me is they were both afraid of me and felt uncomfortable walking right up to me as I passed. This shows you are weak and vulnerable.

        A potential predator will take advantage of you and would attack when you are not looking at him. Instead, make slight eye contact to show you see him, you are aware of him, and you are not afraid of him. Why should you be afraid? Chances are most men walking outside are not predators and will not harm you and will not do anything to bother you. Guys like me. On the other hand, there are bad guys who are out looking for a victim, or at the right time will take advantage of a situation randomly if he knows he can obtain a victim. Avoiding eye contact just alerts an attacker that you are easy to attack and weak. Most attackers will not bother you if you look at them and show confidence. Even nodding or a slight smile or even saying “Hey” as you walk will also display confidence and deflect most predators from attacking you. Bad guys want an easy victim who is unaware. Do not look at your cell phone either and pretend you are texting or reading something JUST to avoid looking at a guy. That is very obvious. Always be aware of your surroundings!

        If you feel uncomfortable or nervous because you are shy, you should work on it and practice slight eye contact. Normal eye contact should be 1 second long or less. Just a display that you know he is there. This says to anyone, “I see you, I notice you, and I know where I am going.” Walk as if you know where you are going. But if you are actually lost or not sure where you are headed do not communicate this. Just walk normal and act casual, do not speed up or act overly aggressive with over doing eye contact. Bad guys will catch on to your bluff.

        On the other hand do not at all over do your eye contact, do not be overly nice or polite, do not smile excessively at a strange man walking toward you. Do not come off as if you are allowing him to say hello to you and strike up a conversation, that is, unless you want him to. But make sure you are not rude, be polite just not overly polite. Do not disrespect them either because a weirdo rapist bad guy might get offended and want to attack you for it.

Oh no, this guy is walking toward you on the sidewalk. What are you going to do? First why are you afraid to begin with, second just give him eye contact and be confident and walk past him!

        Do not assume every male out there is a rapist serial killer. But do not assume every guy is a chivalrous, moral, and good man either. Use your head! These are some self defense tips for the ladies out there! Be confident!


White Dragon is a 3rd dan Taekwondo Black Belt with over 19 years experience in the Martial Arts and head instructor of the White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program. 

  1. maycres says:

    ..may God bless u always..

  2. Grey Wolf says:

    Solid self defense advice!

  3. maycres solis says:

    Thanks..I found it and I read them already..!..God bless!

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