Awesome Triple Kick Knockout 

        Here is an awesome triple kick knockout. Not only is it a triple kick, but it is a retreating triple kick falling backwards. He hit him perfectly on the spot! Convulsions!

Not sure what country this is in. If anyone knows say it in the comments.

  1. This , my friend, is in Vietnam ! haha , this is what I meant by a skilled fighter who is fast enough to knockout their opponent , we rarely see any like that these days. At 0:35 , a guy screamed “Wow, those were really fast!” and at 0:40 , another guy said something like “Spectacular kicks!”

    • White Dragon says:

      Haha! I love how Vietnamese talk its so different from any language! These guys were pretty intense. It seems they are really into Taekwondo in your country. These guys were both incredibly skilled and fast, but the one guy was just better and quicker.

      Did you ever spar like that in Vietnam?

  2. Vietnamese is probably one of the harder languages to learn since it requires precise pronunciation and tone , one mispronunciation and the conversation will get awkward real quick, hahaha.

    Now, I was nowhere as aggressive as these two, instead I preferred counter attacking with spinning hook/back kick. However , my sparring partner was quite aggressive, he was a bit older but damn this guy ‘s round kicks were lighting fast. He would kick me in the head really fast at times, but I also got him back with a spin hook/back kick counter. We were the only two that would agree to spar with each other lol.

    • White Dragon says:

      That is really cool. I remember my dojang sparring days with some few people. It was always fun.

      Yes Vietnamese sounds crazy to Americans. We think it sounds like a song or something. Haha! Like you don’t have to move your mouth much.

      So how is the Vietnamese government? They allow foreign martial arts. Before didnt they not allow it? I guess they were like China. Do they have strict regulations?

      A spin kick and back kick for counters are great techniques! TKD people can do them to average MMA guys easily bc these guys barely ever train such ideas.

  3. I was too young to even acknowledge how the government works lol. I’d like to believe that in the modernised Vietnam, they are more open to foreign martial arts. However, I think you are right ,there are some aspects that they just don’t want to change as we are very traditional, especially Vovinam, which is widely practiced across the country, thought, not very well known to the Western world.

    You should look up Vovinam, and see if there is anything interesting that you can pick out of. Personally, I think it’s also a complete striking system, but like any other martial arts out there, not every school can fully cover its curriculum.

    • White Dragon says:

      I heard of Vovinam a long time ago but dont know much about it. When was it created and is it just based on Karate and CHinese Kung Fu? Or is it authentic vietnamese stuff?
      I heard their highest belt rank is white.

      What is your opinion on the communist government of vietnam?

  4. From what I’ve read, Vovinam is an original style created in the 1930’s, with no derivation from Chinese, Japanese or Korean martial arts. It was used to free Vietnam, and was kept hidden until the 1990’s. About the belt system, this is the confusing part: Vovinam in Vietnam has BLUE uniform, with its highest belt rank being WHITE. Whereas in Australia, there is also Vovinam, but it’s a WHITE uniform with BLACK as highest belt rank, I’m not sure if this is equivalent to the difference in WTF and ITF organisation , or it’s simply variations of uniform , such as black dobok and white dobok in Taekwondo.

    About the government in Vietnam, speaking as an Australian, I’m very disappointed in its regulations . So many corruptions, and abuse of power in its people that makes me feel ashamed. Especially at airports, where foreigners complained that the Customs were demanding their “coffee money” in exchange for the passing of their luggage, where the money were either life insurance , their dying mother’s surgical fees, and a lot more. This is outrageous, I can’t believe that no one is doing anything about it. Aren’t the Customs paid enough? If the government was to be a little bit more strict on these things, passengers would never have to suffer such loss. But that is only a fraction of what we’re seeing here, I’m might have to write a blog about this lol.

    • White Dragon says:

      Wow so government officials are very corrupt there. The whole Vietnam war is a sad situation.
      Who used Vovinam in the Vietnam War? Anyone? I know Taekwondo was taught during it to the south vietnamese and US special forces. And Korean special forces used it on viet cong. So Taekwondo really spread well there.

      Maybe the Australian Vovinam guy changed the uniform in order to be popular like Karate or Taekwondo. So like all other martial artsthat use a belt system he changed it to a black belt so people would understand. If he wore white people would think he was a white belt and a beginner.

  5. From a source I’ve Read, Vovinam wasn’t widely used in the Vietnam War, due to the massive introduction of Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Hapkido that the S.Korean masters taught the young Southern Vietnamese for free. The youth felt that Taekwondo was very dynamic, powerful and easy to learn, therefore the S.Korean agreed to teach the Vietnamese soldiers their art in exchange for the Korean troops participation in the war. However in the 1960’s, many Vovinam practitioners protested , eventually leading the S.Korean government to integrate Vovinam, Taekwondo, and Judo into the military.

    An interesting point is that Vovinam also has two Federations, IVF ( International Vovinam Federation ) and WVVF (World Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Federation ), with the latter having Olympic competitions, and the former with very little information or involvement with the WVVF.


    • White Dragon says:

      Interesting stuff. How is Vovinam differnt from other styles? Did you ever study it?

      What are their “olympic” competitions like?

  6. I haven’t practice the art, so I can’t really compare the difference. I do know its olympic sparring, though.I gotta say they are far more diverse in sparring than olympic taekwondo.
    The overall aspects are identical to Olympic Taekwondo,especially the points and penalty systems.Interestingly, they allow everything in the arsenal( punches, kicks, takedowns ) to be applied in sparring, albeit with protective gears from head to toe. For the scoring , the only difference is that the maximum a person can score per hit is 5 points, only when the fighter applies certain techniques in the arsenal , similar to the “any spinning kick to the head to score 4 points ” in Taekwondo. Knockouts are allowed,either from a perfect scissors takedown that keep the opponent submitted, or any attack that cause a regular convulsion, lol. That;s all I know about their sparring.

    • White Dragon says:

      Wow that sounds pretty cool! I would like to see some of that.

      Did you see the Master Kwon article? Go check it out. He is in Australia.

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