Super Cute Little Girl Mimicking Olympic Taekwondo

        Check this little cutie out she is soooooooo adorable! DAAAAAAA!!!


She is doing a very good impersonation of Olympic Taekwondo fighters. very funny. But she is already working bad habits for self defense by keeping her arms down. Hopefully she will learn to fight self defense and not only Olympic style. BUT SHE IS SO CUUUTE!

  1. Love her repeated kicks. Some of our 4 year olds are nearly this cute. We are starting a TKD class for 3 year olds soon. Thanks for sharing this video.

  2. Ha ha, I love it! We need more girls and women in taekwondo! I hope she sticks with it.

    • White Dragon says:


      We also need more women and girls doing Taekwondo for fighting and self defense, not only sport sparring and also poomsae.

  3. George says:

    Awesome & thanks for posting it! My only comment is that it was a great break from the deep dialogue exchanges in the other Blogs, LOL! The only question I would have is whether she takes to TKD when she is older? I hope she does.

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