Taekwondo Stone Hands Conditioning

        If you are going to be a serious Taekwondoin you should condition your hands and make them hard so you can punch things without breaking your hand as easy. Karate guys do, and real Taekwondo masters always have done it. The mcdojangization of Taekwondo has nearly made this type of training obsolete. Let’s bring it back! It is a black belt requirement in my program! If you do not have a makiwara try these methods in these convenient videos below! Enjoy!

Train hard! Tae Kwon Do! Hopefully you will be able to punch people’s skulls without damaging your hands! Enjoy punching people in the face!

  1. Kwon Go/Dallyon Joo, trees, walls, etc is something I use all of the time these days. I have always done conditioning as part of my training but this year I have intensified my training in this area. “Knocking excersises” on forearms etc With or without a partner is also a great tool to have in Your training bag so to speak. I have been thinking of putting out some videos and blog posts on the matter but I have not gotten so far yet:-P Thanks for posting these as it shows that Taekwondo as an holistic martial art is not dead yet even if sport taekwondo get all the attention:-)

    • White Dragon says:

      Glad you like it! Forarm workouts are great too and believe me very tough and sometimes harder than the fists because of the nerves in parts of your wrist. I believe in doing back and fourth drills doing punches and the other partner blocks with inside or outside or whatever block at medium power. Then going back switch roles and the other partner blocks. Then horse stance and hitting wrists together inside block to down block, and back up to outside block and other arm do the same thing.

      Anyway it is really hard to do this kind of work if you do not have alot of people around you, or advanced people, or you do not own a makiwara. Owning a makiwara is practically impossible now days since hardly anyone lives in the country or rents a space or an apartment and cannot dig a large hole.

      Knife hands on trees is good too but people will think you are a crazy person.

  2. “Enjoy punching people in the face” 🤣🤣🤣. My kind of dojang.

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