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Watch Out Now! Taekwondo Is Serious Business And An effective Martial Art For Self Defense

        Taekwondo is a very serious fighting system and an effective martial art. The Korean Tigers are serious fighters who can beat ANYONE up.

I must remember to put eye liner on before I enter the Dojang. If it helps the Korean Tigers fight better, it could help me fight better. One time I was going to fight this guy who was bullying me, but I showed him my awesome dance moves. Then he tried to show off his own dance moves but they were not as good as mine so I basically beat him up and he never bothered me again. Also, Taekwondo is about impressing the chicks and showing off. It is one of the tenets of Taekwondo. To do effective street fighting with Taekwondo you must make sure to wear skinny jeans. Koreans take dojang dance offs very seriously…

Look at these very masculine males who look so tough and powerful and strong doing a serious Taekwondo fighting form (poomsae):

Anyone of these moves could kill the average man. This is why they are all hardcore black belts!

And They Wonder Why People Don’t Take TKD Seriously

        A major reason why Taekwondo does not get much respect by serious martial artists:

Yes, Taekwondo is a serious martial art we say….a very serious deadly killing system…it was used in Vietnam….

The more it seems people want to defend Taekwondo as a legitimate martial art system the more stupid videos like this are made which give fuel to the Taekwondo hate. We need less stupidity in Taekwondo, or else all we will hear about is how so and so’s child got a gold medal at the local Taekwon-dance competition. Seriously, I will not be suprised when Taekwondo black belts are in the same competitions as “dance and twirl.”

Attention all Koreans who love Taekwondo. Please post comments and explain the “Korean girl” video to me.

Yet Another Taekwondo Technique (Hopping Sidekick) Ending A Mixed Martial Arts Fight

        The validity of Taekwondo has been proven over and over again in the UFC lately within the past few years. All kinds of kicks like spinning back kicks, ax kicks, spinning heel kicks and more have been shown to work in a fight. Just last night at UFC Fight Night 55 in Australia (which was only shown on Fight Pass unfortunately) a hopping sidekick (or skip sidekick, or skipping sidekick) ended a fight with a knockout. Whether or not the fighter was trained in Taekwondo or not is irrelevant since this kick comes from Taekwondo and is a staple of our art. Taekwondoin learn this kick around yellow belt. The kick is constantly used in Olympic Sparring competitions as well. Yet, it is used in MMA to powerful effect.


The fighter receiving the devastating kick was completely kicked off his rocker before he hit the ground and was being punched. The kick itself would have ended the fight, but the ref did not call it immediately so punched were thrown for extra punishment.

Here is a YouTube video of it with dubbed in WWE Pro Wrestling commentators:

Yes, it sort of is like the “Super Kick Sweet Chin Music” move that Shawn Michaels always did. But even he copied it from Taekwondo. But of course you cannot expect MMA journalists to be the smartest, or most knowledgeable when it comes to actual martial arts.

Watch Taekwondo Master Woo from YouTube teach and demonstrating the skipping sidekick.

Here is an old sparring video from around 2003 of an old Chinese dude owning an ATA black belt guy with skipping sidekicks and back kicks:

This shows the step sidekick has often been used in competition for decades way before popular MMA. Of course they have pads on and the guy throwing the kicks is 57 so it was not a knockout but it still shows great power. Some people can break 6 or more boards with this techniques as well.

This just shows you that the validity of Taekwondo as a serious fighting art can apply to MMA fighting, and our dynamic kicking techniques deserve tons of respect. Muay Thai is not the only effective striking system, and throwing Muay Thai style kicks is not the only effective way to kick. Now days fighters must mix up their kicks. This must shatter the hearts of wannabe tough guy “MMA Onlyist” neanderthals who still claim Taekwondo sucks and does not work in a fight. They will simply be in denial. I am sure some MMA journalist will start calling this an MMA kick and give it some stupid name (like what happened with the downward round kick being called “the MMA Brazilian Kick” which is actually Korean).

And yes, Taekwondo is not the only martial art that has such sidekicks. Karate styles have it too but the Koreans developed it, made it popular, and refined it to perfection in Taekwondo. Taekwondo was the first style using it excessively in tournaments back in the old days.

Learn the hopping/skipping/skip side kick and use it on somebody!


White Dragon is a 3rd dan Taekwondo Black Belt with over 19 years experience in the Martial Arts and head instructor of the White Dragon Dojang Martial Arts Training Program. 

Using A Double Knife Hand Block In A Fight


        What is the double knife hand block for? Would you ever use it in a fight? Do you even know what it is for and how one would use it in a fight? Or do you simply want to use it to pose and look pretty in a demo? This video shows you possible combat techniques to use with the double knife hand block.

Start practicing it.

Lee Kyu Hyung or Lee Kyu Hyun?


Who is Lee Kyu Hyung, or Lee Kyu Hyung? Are they the same person or different? One has hair and one does not! I have seen both of these Taekwondo grandmasters have their name spelled both interchangeably with “Lee Kyu Hyun, Lee Kyu Hyung, Kyung Hyu Lee, Kyun Hyu Lee.” It can get very confusing, but they are actually different people. But both know each other, both are 9th dan black belts certified by the Kukkiwon and both are Taekwondo pioneers and total badasses! They have both done a lot of work to further Taekwondo, refine Taekwondo techniques and more. Know your masters!