And They Wonder Why People Don’t Take TKD Seriously

        A major reason why Taekwondo does not get much respect by serious martial artists:

Yes, Taekwondo is a serious martial art we say….a very serious deadly killing system…it was used in Vietnam….

The more it seems people want to defend Taekwondo as a legitimate martial art system the more stupid videos like this are made which give fuel to the Taekwondo hate. We need less stupidity in Taekwondo, or else all we will hear about is how so and so’s child got a gold medal at the local Taekwon-dance competition. Seriously, I will not be suprised when Taekwondo black belts are in the same competitions as “dance and twirl.”

Attention all Koreans who love Taekwondo. Please post comments and explain the “Korean girl” video to me.

  1. 종원 박 says:

    To be honest, it is all about the “money” things… the korean association thinks that “The real TKD” is just an obstacle for their business…. yeah, many TKD dojang in korea are just a “business” for them.

    I also disappointed to them. I really don’t want to call them “Sabumnim”.
    And I started to crosstrain boxing and Kyokushinkaikan for rehabilitating the real TKD.

    I said this to ya before – UFC and K-1 is popular in korea. But many korean people think TKD in MMA is not effective. Even many fighters use the skills of TKD(Turning side kick, Axe kick…etc).
    They just think its a kickboxing. not a TKD move…

    Also, Excessive demonstration is responsible for the fall of TKD. think about the K-Tigers. they are just a bunch of dancers, not a true martial artists. but people think that demonstrations are TKD.

    I summarize the factors of the false TKD.
    1. The association’s greed
    2. Korean people’s ignorance
    3. Stupid demonstrations

    Sorry for the bad english. I don’t have much time to edit this.

    • White Dragon says:

      Great comments!!! It is refreshing to hear a Korean who is just as sick of the nonsense as I am.

      In the USA we have alot of Americans who also think TKD is useless, and the TKD instructors here always think TKD dance or XMA and tricking is important. They do just as dumb demonstrations but of course many have way less acrobatic abilities in USA than the KTigers.

      If more Korean grandmasters started promoting hardcore Taekwondo, sending out fighters to prove TKD’s worth into Kickboxing and MMA and other kinds of challenges, and stopped ONLY caring about the olympics as a sparring event but sought out all kinds of fighting events, then TKD could re-establish itself.

      Also if they develoepd a stronger and more sturdy dobok you could do hoshinsool in, sort of like the heavyw eight cotton stitched Karate gi’s we could do more serious self defense practice without ripping out uniforms.

      I get so mad when I see stupid people dancing and calling it TKD, especially when girls dance all sexy and try to be cute while wearing black belts. It just has to stop!

      How many Korean sabum do you know who are into realistic self defense and love Taekwondo and use its moves for self defense?

  2. 종원 박 says:

    So Im impressed to you. You are not a korean but likes TKD more than them… I sometimes think its hopeless to change TKD, but I see a possibility to see foreign buddies who loves the real TKD.
    even that people you hate(Men that you said to me “avoiding this guys, dude!) think TKD is effective so they trained TKD.

    • White Dragon says:

      Which guys did I say to avoid? I dont remember.

      Thank you and I am also impressed by you because you are in Korea and you read my blog and understand it is not hating on Taekwondo but trying to get it back on track.

      I love Taekwondo and studied it for almost 20 years and I have spent a lot of my life practicing it. I want to teach it too but it is hard when so many people think it is stupid and go to MMA gyms or somewhere else. Some people will even train in Kung Fu over TKD. Even if the Kung Fu is all showy and fancy they think it is more deadly than TKD. Once people find out I do TKD they make fun of me, or they avoid me and dont thin I have anything to offer. It is hard to get business unless i want to babysit children, or teach a dance routine to people who would rather dance than fight. I dont want to teach dance cheerleading!!!!

  3. 3071 says:

    wow heaven forbid people have a little fun with martial arts.. you don’t have to be a serious fighter 24/7 you know?

    • White Dragon says:

      No, it is more than a little fun. People actually take Taekwondo in order to do dance performances. It perverts the martial art and takes away its focus and makes it stupid.
      NO one said you have to be a serious fighter, but you should be a serious martial artist. Or take up dance instead.

  4. Hey White Dragon, I am a 2nd Stripe Red Belt, or Geup 2 in the WTF system. I’ve been reading your posts and I couldn’t agree more on the fact that the true art of Taekwondo has been obscured with tricking and dancing. I’ve trained in TKD when i was a kid as a form of weight loss and self defense, and i recently got back to it because I miss the feeling of achievement, the feeling of joy and strength whenever I train, because I want to get stronger and able to defend myself.

    Now, all I see are videos on the Internet showing fancy kicks, electronic music when the students are performing their poomsae or sparring, and overly dramatic poses , claiming them “Tae Kwon Do”.
    When people who walk by and see me train, they would either subtly convince me to quit the class and join their style, or trying mock the kicks that i’m training by pretending to fall or slip .Like you, it upset me to see the martial art becoming a form of non-intimidating form of entertainment and a joke to the public.

    Heh, sorry for the rant, I’m just so happy to see that there are still people that are determining to revive Taekwondo as a true martial art. The school that I’m training at teaches joint locks, takedowns, and hand strikes during the break for those who wants to learn, and focuses on kicks during the training time as usual. Bottom line is,I wish I could convince people that true Taekwondo is not dead, just forgotten. But sometimes, I rather let them figure it out themselves,or else, they are already being brainwashed by Mcdojangs or are just brainless. Let them believe what they believe.


    • White Dragon says:

      Yes it is frustrating! TKD guys like us get mocked by other styles bc our own style poeple in the scene make TKD a joke by do ing stupid things. I am glad you enjoy this blog keep coming back and read various articles. Please click the follow link. Keep in touch.

      I train all the time doing tons of shadow boxing na hod wot adapt TKD for real fighting and MMA. Also the poomsae have many cool self defense techniques but you need to look at old videos and books from the 90’s and before to learn such concepts unless you can find a korena grandmaster who remembers what the moves are doing. Everyone else just poses the WTF poomsae and makes them dainty and pretty and have no clue how to use moves for self defense.

  5. Hi, it’s me again! I’ve stumbled across this video on Youtube , and all I can say is that I wish they would promote Taekwondo this way. It has the grace , the fluidity and flexibility, AND the overall powerful, intimidating strikes. I think you will like this video, and hopefully you can find the original version.

    • White Dragon says:

      I love this video! I have seen it years ago and it motivates me.

      Thank you for showing it again and thanks for the comment! I appreciate you reading this blog!

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