Watch Out Now! Taekwondo Is Serious Business And An effective Martial Art For Self Defense

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Taekwondo
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Watch Out Now! Taekwondo Is Serious Business And An effective Martial Art For Self Defense

        Taekwondo is a very serious fighting system and an effective martial art. The Korean Tigers are serious fighters who can beat ANYONE up.

I must remember to put eye liner on before I enter the Dojang. If it helps the Korean Tigers fight better, it could help me fight better. One time I was going to fight this guy who was bullying me, but I showed him my awesome dance moves. Then he tried to show off his own dance moves but they were not as good as mine so I basically beat him up and he never bothered me again. Also, Taekwondo is about impressing the chicks and showing off. It is one of the tenets of Taekwondo. To do effective street fighting with Taekwondo you must make sure to wear skinny jeans. Koreans take dojang dance offs very seriously…

Look at these very masculine males who look so tough and powerful and strong doing a serious Taekwondo fighting form (poomsae):

Anyone of these moves could kill the average man. This is why they are all hardcore black belts!

  1. 종원 박 says:

    Sometimes I’m confusing when you post article with sarcastic title….

    They will never change. Trust me. Being metrosexual and girly is the main trend in eastern asia.

    The WHOLE system in korean must be changed. but greedy old men don’t concede their greenback.

    • White Dragon says:

      hahaha! Yeah I was being sarcastic and making a joke out of this article.

      During college I helped teach Adult ESL for many Koreans. All of the men were very tough and masculine and behaved very manly. But the younger Korean guys act very gay or effeminate but they are not actually gay. They have very weird haircuts and jeans and do not like to work out much.

      The girls though are usually very beautiful and feminine, but most females do not like to work out either or be strong.

      I kind of think Koreans do not even like or respect Taekwondo and do not care if anyone does it. They think business owners or scientists are cool though. But they think Taekwondo is for “dumb people.” And then also just for fun to goof off and dance and show off moves and they clap. Like if you can do a performance they clap and think its great but not a serious thing.

      How many Koreans want Taekwondo to be strong and tough like how Japanese Karate is? Well most Karate like Kyokushin is very strong. If you know any we should talk. Can you send me a private message on youtube and talk to me? Thanks!

  2. 종원 박 says:

    Unfortunately I am now korean army officer, I don’t have a much time to contact with the dojang people. But I can contact to my college taekwondo major friend for ya. I will talk about them.

    • White Dragon says:

      Oh cool. Maybe if you can talk to enough Taekwondo people who take it seriously and think it is a good fighting system we could start a group and talk about it and have connections.
      Can you give me your email?
      What is the martial arts you learn in the Korean military like?

  3. Meyer says:

    I know this post is a bit old, but my jaw straight dropped when I saw this. My home dojang teaches… well, I don’t know what we teach, exactly. My insrtuctor’s inbstructor was under Mr. Lee, hated what he was doing the art, and then split off to do our own little thing. We did hard contact sparring, you know, actually good taekwondo. We also had a Jujitsu and Hapkido program with real black belts in that art, not the inbred ATA shite. Anyway, like several students from this dojang before me, I went off and joined the Marine Corps. Lo and behold, I’m forced to get involved with MCMAP, and when it comes time to do standup sparring, I mention to the other Marines I’m doing it with that my original style is taekwondo. Instant laughter(because of crap like this video here). It’s the Marine Corps, and so leading up to the actual sparring, loads of macho posturing was going on. But I noticed something. People were hitting not nearly as hard as black belts back home could. My turn came to step in the ring. Hopping side kick to the chin right off the line. My opponent was out cold. By the end of the course, people were asking me “What the **** kind of taekwondo I did”.

    Anyway, TL;DR- did good taekwondo from a young age, joined Marine Corps, got laughed at because of TKD, then kicked arse. Good blog, I’m definitely following.

    • White Dragon says:

      Dude awesome story! Marines are tough and arrogant and super macho. but you did well. And its great you were or are a marine and thank you for fighting for our country.

      MCMAP even used TKD kicks in its program and also karate stuff.

      How do they spar in MCMAP? What do you guys wear and do?

    • White Dragon says:

      Make sure to click the follow button on the left side of the page. Its the blue bar. Thank you! Share this blog with all your martial arts buddies!

    • White Dragon says:

      Oh and who was Mr. Lee?

      • Meyer says:

        MCMAP does, but the influence is, from my experience, more from karate (I have my brown belt in MCMAP, going for black eventually) than TKD. Not a whole lot of the emphasis on chamber/re-chamber, pivots, and footwork that make tkd kicking so effective.

        The sparring is full contact. It goes tan belt, gray, green, brown, black. Gray typically starts the sparring with groundfighting, green does standi NV and ground, brown does standing to ground, and black belt anything goes. Typically. Depends on how insane/retardedly motivate your instructor is. Gear I’ve worn is a flak jacket without plates, six ounce gloves, and shin guards. Cup optional. Head gear sometimes, face mask if using weapons (bayonet trainers, knives, batons).

        I definitely followed and sent this blog to my buddies back home, I knew they’d love it.

        Mr. Lee as in “Eternal Grand Master”, “His Highness”, or whatever the ATA is revering him as these days. My dojang has been happy to do its own little thing for a while, but when I go back to my hometown the plan is to try and push to get us into the WTF or something so the students (who seem to be consistently good) can have a broader range of competition options.

      • White Dragon says:

        Ohhhh!!! EH Lee or whatever his initials are. haha yes the ATA’s eternal grandmaster. What a cult!!!

        The true Taekwondo is what south koreans practice which is the Kukkiwon certified system. The WTF is supports the Kukkiwon and vice versa. WTF is sport only. but Kukkiwon is serious self defense.
        Any othjer TKD groups are mcdojangs or off shoots. not all off shoots are bad but I would rather be connected with true Korean TKD.

        So in MCMAP sprring can you kick the groin and other bad stuff? are there rules?

      • Meyer says:

        yeah, it’s definitely an off shoot, but I really want to get us connected when I get back.

        It depends entirely on your instructor. I’ve had ones where they didn’t even allow ankle locks, and then ones that allowed basically everything besides biting and gouging.

      • White Dragon says:

        Just get certified by the Kukkiwon. Then do their poomsae.

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