ITF Taekwondo Is Used To Soften People’s Views Of North Korea’s Evil Regime

        North Korean ITF Taekwondo masters and black belts often go on “diplomatic relations”tours around the world, even in the United States. It is not very hard to find videos showing North Korean, ITF Taekwondo practitioners acting friendly with Americans and doing a demo show here and there.

In the CNN article “Taekwondo tour a chance to show the real north korea” mentions a North Korean touring demo team that was invited to New York to do a show. It was set up by a Taekwondo Magazine to promote some sort of “peace,” or “understanding each other type relations” between the USA and North Korea. Most specifically it seems to have been set up to show ITF Taekwondo. I believe that the magazine they referred to in the article and the accompanied video was Taekwondo Times, which is an ecumenical Taekwondo magazine. It is apparent that the magazine has the intention to legitimatize ITF Taekwondo and make it to be the true Taekwondo at the expense of ignoring the atrocities in North Korea that support for North Korean Taekwondo gives. In my experience much of their articles are biased toward Choi Hong Hi making him out to be the “true founder” of Taekwondo, while also promoting a wide variety of mcdojang organizations, and also including stories about Kukki-Taekwondo and the WTF as well. Also, in the above mentioned CNN article’s video clip it shows a young man talking about how him and the North Korean black belts have a lot in common with Americans. This is a delusional statement. These types of people are more than eager to put the North Koreans in a superior position as if they have special secrets and knowledge to unlock for the average American Taekwondo practitioner. They overlook the fact they were set up, hand picked, and chosen to weaken American’s view towards the North Korea regime, and impress people by showing off that their Taekwondo is somehow more deadly or superior than typical South Korean Taekwondo. They also want to cause people to believe their regime really is not all bad and we just need to understand these North Korean people.

This kind of thing really ticks me off. There is absolutely no way any freedom loving American or Korean should ever support diplomatic relations with North Korea like this, and allow them to show off and try to manipulate through emotions, so people will be sympathetic to their cause. North Korea sends well fed, special athletes to go on tours while the main populace starves to death and is eating filth, rats, and garbage to ease the hunger pains and to stay alive. While many innocent people are in prison camps all over the country, where North Korean guards at the prison use Taekwondo on people for fun maiming them and killing people with their martial arts moves. They practice on live bodies. What Taekwondo style do they use to do this? They certainly are not using Kukki-Taekwondo to murder people in their prisons. They are using ITF Taekwondo. ITF Taekwondo was given to North Korea by General Choi. It is now being used to instill loyalty or brainwash and propagandize the North Korean people. It is just one tool of many the regime uses to harbor positive feelings for statism over people.

ITF Taekwondo constantly promotes a sympathetic outlook towards North Korea. It is understandable why the early KTA masters were upset at Choi Hong Hi for bringing his Taekwondo style to North Korea. There was absolutely no point to do that. General Choi even named a form “Juche” which is the North Korean communist philosophy of self reliance. It is also called Kimilsungism and Kimjungilism. This philosophy has caused the death of so many North Koreans who have absolutely no freedom, ruled with an iron fist by the dictatorship currently run by Kim Jung Eun. General Choi knew exactly what he was doing naming his tul “Juche” and there is no excuse for it. Now we have dorky foreigners who think they are total badasses posing as Kim Il Sung’s statue with their fists on their hips, performing a form given the name of an evil philosophy. Kim Il Sung and Il Jung did a great job brainwashing their own citizens to allow them to be the “Great Leader” and given status as gods. What is really pathetic is when ITF practitioner’s try to say Juch is simply just a philosophy that “man can do anything he puts his mind to” and pretending it has nothing to do with North Korean self reliance and “Great Leader” economics that has caused and is still causing the deaths of millions of Koreans in the North. Like it or not, when you perform Juche you are promoting North Korean communism.

Another pathetic thing is when a Kukki-Taekwondo Grandmaster or WTF affiliated people give in and show sympathy and affirmation to North Korean Taekwondo masters. ITF Taekwondo is used to spread North Korean Communist propaganda and soften people’s view of this brutal regime that murders its own people.

Now it would be different if it was just in general ITF black belts from various countries going on tour showing their style, like sort of doing an ITF and Kukkikwon exchange program, but it is literally North Korea support when the DPRK Taekwondo team is given support. I notice that most of the people who support them or think it is really cool or awe inspiring seem to be types that come off as brain washed or easily influenced people. Possibly what people might term as “nerds” or “larps” who live in a delusional fantasy world of false Taekwondo attitude. They have delusions of grandeur for Choi Hong Hi and his ITF Taekwondo, believing it to the the only true Taekwondo, and somehow North Korea is misunderstood and not as bad as people think it is.

These facts about the attitudes of many ITF people being sympathetic towards North Korea is just one reason I cannot support the ITF and I truly believe that being involved in that organization contradicts what it means to be someone who loves freedom, particularly a free Korea. We should never support North Korean Taekwondo demo teams. Bleeding hearts want to create the facade of some “positive diplomacy” among North Korea and whatever Taekwondo group or country they are in by booking the DPRK Taekwondo demo team. People should not book them. There is nothing positive that will result from the performing at any event except towards softening people’s views of the atrocities committed by North Korea every day. Trying to reason with North Koreans brainwashed in an elite Taekwondo demo team is not going to get any results. They are stuck in their false beliefs and out of fear cannot at all listen to anything you say. Who knows if they will get executed when they get back home. Until the atrocities stop and North Korea is free we should not support them as Taekwondoin. They use Taekwondo for evil and not for good and the tenets of Taekwondo are nowhere to be found in North Korea and are simply a lie.


  1. DB says:

    I do not believe you are right about a lot of things in this article. Where did you get some of these facts? Have you ever been to North Korea? How do you KNOW that the demonstration team members were handpicked to weaken America’s view of the regime? Were you there when North Korea’s leader handpicked them? How do you KNOW that “the main populace starves to death and is eating filth, rats, and garbage”? How do you KNOW that the Prison camp guards practice their Taekwondo on the prisoners for fun? How do you KNOW that they use live bodies? Are these things you have seen with your own eyes? If they do, does that make the ITF style of Taekwondo evil? Or does it make it’s founder, General Choi, evil? How do You KNOW that the General knew he was honoring communism when he created Juche? Did he tell you? As far as affirming the North Korean Masters, are they any less competent, or worthy because of where they were born?We should not support Taekwondoin in North Korea because of what their government stands for? How do you KNOW that the majority or even the minority of the populace supports the North Korean regime? Are they all evil Just because they are North Koreans instead of South Koreans? I happen to know the man who organized the North Korean demonstration team tour of the US, who is also the publisher of Taekwondo Times, and I know his goal was and is really to show that we are all just people, and that just because our countries have different political leanings, we don’t all have to hate each other. We can support the people of North Korea without supporting the government of North Korea. Those members of the demonstration team are not evil, in fact they risked their lives to come to a country that is an enemy of their country; they could have been killed here because they were North Korean, or they could have been killed when they got home because they had come here.

    All this being said I am not a supporter nor am I in any way sympathetic to North Korea. But to disparage a Taekwondo demonstration team and the people who promoted it just because of where they are from is ridiculous.

    P.S. As far the ready position in Juche being a tribute to communism, there is a nearly identical position found in Toi-Gye; is this also a tribute to communism?

  2. dobokdude says:

    Hey it’s me again. So yeah I see what you mean about the ITF. Because I looked up that when Choi taught taekwondo to the north, the south found out and he was exiled. Also get this, on this YouTube video I saw a while back Choi in a interview said karate and taekwondo are not related. Now I that is some BS right there. Obviously taekwondo is its own martial art but it was influenced by karate. Hell the traditional taekwondo patterns are koreanized versions of the shotokan katas. Great explanation. Also what do you think about taekwondo teachers who teach elements from other martial arts to teach self defense? My instructor says taekwondo isn’t the best martial art for the street so he incoporates some jujitsu boxing and mma to go with Olympic style sparring. I do like that I am learning self defense techniques and sparring is full contact. If I showed him that throws for strikers book, would that be disrespectful and out of line for a student. It’s just I see taekwondo as a martial that while it empasized a large variety of kicks it also had punches takedowns locks and all that self defense stuff. So as far as I am concerned I am not cross training I am practicing taekwondo as it was meant to:an effective martial art that covers all important hoshinsool aspects. But if you have any suggestions on how I may present my info to my instructor without breaking the 5 tenets that would be appreciated. Also here you can’t be a first degree black belt until you are 16 here you have to have a poom belt(junior black belt) and testing is every 3 months :). When I was told this it reminded me of your mcdojang analysis and how you mentioned the junior black belt. That’s what helped me choose the school.

    • White Dragon says:

      The belt testing is ok. I believe it is average for most gyms to test every 3 months. It should take about 3 or 3 and a half years to get a black belt. I had to be 16 to get a black belt but Korea now changed it to 15 years old for 1st dan. But yes issuing poom rank is important if a person is not at least 15 and growing up into adulthood.

      When a TKDinmstructor says TKD is not good for street self defense I just shale my head and understand he is ignorant and seriously isnt smart enough to explore Taekwondo and at least try to understand movements. but some people appeal to the crowds who belittle them and they become disullisioned with TKD bc of the emphasis on forms or whatever, and MMA culture is so popular now. So some TKD instructors, particularly in the USA will act as if TKD is not good for self defense. Yet they base theirt entire gym on Taekwondo and add in some extra style like krav maga or whatever. Its quite stupid. They act as if Taekwondo is only a sport and thats all they care about.

      I would say Taekwondo is a fully capable martial art for actual self defense in a typical fashion. It is a complete striking art for stand up fighting. I would say adding in jiu jitsu is good for a gym but I would mainly teach advanced students others tyles. I think a student should focus on Taekwondo first then learn other styles. Or just learn a few good moves here and there from Jiu Jitsu but really master the Taekwondo technique. Also many MMA fighters now use Taekwondo, so adding in MMA makes no sense. MMA is not a real style so much as it is a rules format. Yet some gyms do use it as a style.

      I teach both Olympic style sparring with tournament rules as well as kickboxing stand up full range striking like MMA stand up. I also teach various hoshinsool and one steps. I make people learn it all. I think learning the sport is important and you cannot be a black belt without that understanding. but of course the main focus if realistic fighting which includes MMA style fighting.

      Yes TKD has trips. throws. sweep,s joint locks. pressure points etc. Ive always learned it since white belt.

      I dont know what throws for strikers is but there are a lot of videos on youtube by some Korean masters showing throws and locks and brutal strikes. Read some of my interview articles.

      Yes Choi is nonsense. He was pretty much a trouble maker and annoying. Read “A Modern History of Taekwondo” paper. Look it up on google.

      Choi also was 2nd dan in Shotokan Karate. There is no proof he was ever a master rank or sensei in Karate. Also his 4th dan was revoked because it was honorary and he pissed off much of the KTA members.
      I am not sure if he was exiled simply because of North Korea, or he went ther after he was. Korean politics are something i dont know. But many were upset he would take their martial art to the communists in the North. NK TKD is ITF and they use it on prisoners for fun. Many have been beaten to death in prison camps by Taekwondo ITF techniques. Supporting ITF in my opinion is supporting North Korea sympathy as well as a false history.

      but individual ITF people are not all 100% bad guys. Some are legit fighters. Also Nam Tae Hi who was Choi’s right hand man was a legit martial arts master and has done alot for Taekwondo even if it was ITF he supported.
      Back in the day there was no ITF or WTF styles it was all TKD, and yes some of the poomsae (tul) used in the KTA at a time were some of Choi’s forms. TKD was blended until the split later. Read some of my other articles. Just browse. Read the vietnam war stuff.

    • White Dragon says:

      Teaching other martial arts is fine. I would do it. But I first would teach authentic TKD classes separate. Also I am sure showing your instructor a book is not offensive. Just discuss Taekwondo ideas with him and ask for further clarification why he thinks TKD is worthless. Ask him about why it was used in the vietnam war. if you do not like his philosophy just find a better Taekwondo gym.

      Or just train there for the sparring and develop your own Taekwondo skills on the side on top of what he is teaching.

      For more TKD fighting stuff look up In Choul Jeong, Donh Hee Lee, and Beosung Kwan on youtube. They have videos.

      Also look up Master Sang H. Kim who has developed many training DVDs and books on Taekwondo and Junsado (his training philosophy).

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