Kill Mode

          “…the determination of a hungry animal chasing its prey. When an animal senses a kill for food, it has no fear, only a single goal of getting the food.” The word’s of Hanho (Sang H. Kim) in his book Combat Strategy: Junsado Way of the Warrior (p. 117). In self defense, or true combat that has a life of death, or unknown intentional outcome probably one of the best defenses is to go into what I call “Kill Mode.” It is when you go all out, without fear or concern, yet with strategy and plan, everything around you narrows yet the target you see widens and becomes large and within a split second you go off with deadly intentions. The only thing you are thinking is “I must win” and you will do anything you can to win without hesitation, without stopping until the objective of winning is complete. The result could be total destruction (death) of your attacker, or at least an incapacitated aggressor on the floor while you remain standing, or an opening of escape after you have damaged the attacker causing him to recede and cower and stop his attack.

        In Taekwondo even we must have the killer instinct, the ability to snap into kill mode. You see targets, you see the signals of the attack being placed on you and counter with a simultaneous, direct attack to vital targets. You overwhelm them with a barrage of strikes. If he attacks you he has no right to get out of there without some punishment. You must show him he attacked the wrong person, what he perceived as being a victim, you are anything but. Cutting in with punches and kicks then grabbing and throwing. Smashing them up on the ground then walking away the victor, or running away to avoid his friends. Whatever you have to do to survive you must. There is no “gentlemanly” conduct in a street fight. There are no rules, no gloves, no illegal 12 to 6 elbows or illegal kicks to a downed opponent. This is not MMA, this is a real assault being places on you. If you do not know what will happen next, intentionally make the outcome at that moment and place to be that you remain standing. Use every fiber of your being including your will, and power of your mind to inflict fear and total dominance of your opponent.

      Because of your training, not simply technique and forms or sparring with rules, but psychological and mental conditioning you will be able to prevail in an attack and win. This is the goal of combat.

  1. My Sabeomnim taught me something similar to this a while ago. It took me some practice but I’m slowly getting there. Basically he told me to changed the mindset from being the defender, always trying to anticipate upcoming attacks and too busy getting caught up with all the kicks and punches that I forgot to strike back, to being the aggressor , thinking that he’s my victim and he’s gonna have to eat my kicks. Instead of thinking ” Oh no, he hit me, i’m so scared!!” , I thought ” How dare you hit me!”. It’s funny how you just become more unpredictable when you have that “I must win” mindset, rather than dealing with your attacker’s.
    By the way , can you make a video or a post teaching various grappling/ takedown techniques? I’ve only learned a few sweeps here and there, and I felt like it won’t help me much.

    • White Dragon says:

      Do you train in Taekwondo? What country?

      Yes, we should use controlled aggression in our fighting. Controlled as in self control over our emotions so we can think clearly, but still keep extreme kill-mode-style aggression. The US military teaches its soldiers to use extreme aggression and a will to win. Sun Tzu in his famous book “Art of War” also explains the will to win attitude a general must have to win a battle, same with his troops.

      For me when I was in boxing classes I was afraid because punches to the face are something I was not 100% used to, especially by trained boxers. I was too busy feeling nervous and dealing with their attackers, trying to block and anticipate them. I also had a fear of their counters. but I remember a few good sparring sessions I had where I did well and when I went in with aggression and mutliple punches I had the advantage. But I did have to make sure I avoid their counters. But if you have the will to win and aggession it will make them respect you and back off some.

      When they back off it is your time to think strategy and your next maneuver, but this time should be a split second thought.

    • White Dragon says:

      Oh and about grappling I do not have much videos on it, but I have a couple of videos showing a takedown or some from a kick. Look for the article I wrote below this it has a video on it with double knife hand block.

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