Taekwondo Dominated The UFC 182 Prelims Last Night

        I have been saying it before and I will say it again, Taekwondo is proving itself in MMA and should be taken seriously by MMA gyms. They need to start hiring Taekwondo striking coaches on top of their Muay Thai and Boxing coaches. There is no shame in hiring a traditional martial artist for striking in MMA. Last night on the UFC 182 Preliminary fights on Fox Sports 1 Taekwondo proved itself twice as a factor in the victories given to 2 fighters with legitimate Taekwondo backgrounds.

        The first Taekwondo win last night was Cody Garbrandt who has a Taekwondo training history and has shown it in previous fights by utilizing head kicks and more. He fights out of Team Alpha Male in San Diego, California (Uriah Faber’s team) and used Taekwondo stances and movement with kicks to work his opponent Marcus Brimage, an Alabama native, fighting out of American Top Team in Florida. What is interesting is that Marcus Brimage trained at Spartan Fitness in Birmingham, Alabama when he started MMA training. He has known the head coach there for over 10 years, so he had the coach corner him during his fight. Such gyms in Alabama and their coaches are not known to be friendly towards Taekwondo, in fact much of them are outright hostile towards it. Well thanks to Taekwondo tactics and aggression Cody Garbrandt knocked this fighter out. Yes, the finishing techniques were attributed to Garbrandt’s high level amateur boxing background as well, but you cannot deny the obvious Taekwondo strategy enveloped in his kickboxing game during the fight. Even Joe Rogan was talking about his Taekwondo movements last night. It is about time these MMA coaches stop talking trash about Taekwondo and give the martial art more respect because it’s kicking your fighter’s asses. It should also be said being a jack of all trades in a typical MMA gym and a master of none is not the best way to be a fighter. Fighters with focused training in one or more martial arts alone who gain rank and skills within a system are more likely to end up better fighters in the long run.

Notice the Kick and his stance toward the end. He is standing in a Taekwondo stance and moving forward. He was doing stuff like that every round of the fight. His boxing skills did end the fight but there is no denying his Taekwondo movement and kicks did help.

        The second Taekwondo win last night was Paul Felder’s dominant win and his devastating spinning backfist on Danny Castillo. Paul Felder dominated the entire cage the entire fight. He used plenty of Taekwondo kicks and stances and movement a long with his Muay Thai. He has a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and after winning the fight he claimed “Taekwondo, we spin to win!” It was great! It is necessary for fighters to study Taekwondo and Karate tactics and train in them and not simply rely on boxing or Muay Thai alone now days. Felder was bracing himself to receive a body kick as he stepped back and to the side some in order to counter by spinning around with a back fist that connected hard and knocked Castillo out on his feet before he fell to the ground. A back fist, as well as spin back fist is a Taekwondo staple, even if in most tournaments of Taekwondo such as the Olympics or ITF sparring it is illegal, it is still trained in self defense and in the forms of Taekwondo and traditional movements. It is only obvious that Taekwondo fighters can incorporate it into kickboxing and MMA.


Slow motion…beautiful!

        So it was a great time for Taekwondo last night on the Preliminary fights. Also Jon Jones of course beat Daniel Cormier with a decision. Jon Jones also mentioned his adaptability and seemed to be describing his ability to mimmick perfectly another fighter and learn all his techniques and do them and beat him at his own game. He said “Cormier claims he is king of the grind, but I proved he is not” and said that now he, Jones himself, is the king of the grind and that he adapted to Cormiers skills making it that “Cormier defeated Cormier.” It seems he is describing the Mortal Kombat video game mirror match in MK1. Also, it only leads me to think further that he believes he is the embodiment of the character played by Kareem Abdul Jabaar in Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death” movie. He believes he is following Bruce Lee’s way I guess. He is the mystical, profound fighter with the beard and sunglasses and all.

  1. Fun to see the last Clip you used. It shows excactly the way I learned it while studying in Korea at Chosun University. The teacher in Poomsae was a 9th Dan pretty old School GM and one day he talked about the differences between modern and traditional Taekwondo. He demonstrated how you dodged a kick and countered in one movement With a spinning kick and said that this is how many practise today, but in the old days when we used Our hands more we did like this and made a student hit him and he did pretty much the same as in the Clip (dodged the punch and countered With a spinning strike in one movement).

    In other Words what we see in the Clip is what GM Yoon practised as a Young man in Korea loooong before the MMA craze started.

    • White Dragon says:

      Very cool man! You are so lucky to be able to train in Korea. I would like to train there one day and experience it as well.

      Yeah the spin backfist is in 2 pal gwe forms and then 1 black belt form. In the tae geuks they did not put a spinning backfist in any forms.

      Even though we never were allowed to spar with it bc my first TKD gym was strictly olympic rules sparring we still had to learn it. And one time we did an open martial arts tournament and practiced the spin backfist some, not sure if it was legal or not. Most point karate or ITF does not allow a spin back fist, but only a backfist. What is funny as when i was a white belt I did a spinning knifehand strike and hit a guy because I did not know the rules. But I was quickly told I cannot do that which was a bummer.

      Oh and we had to learn it for rank advancement too.

      Master Yoon is a very cool guy and I hope his attitude or ideas will be taught further to more Taekwondo people and not simply as a demonstration. but allowes to spar with it and train it.

  2. Ron Jensen says:

    I loved seeing the spinning backfist as well! Back in the day when I first started TKD, we were allowed to use it in competition sparring. I loved seeing someone move in with the repeating front foot turning kick. Easy to time, move in and end it with the spinning backfist.

    • White Dragon says:

      Nice. Oldschool Taekwondo was mixed with the Karate people of the day and the tournaments were always like that right? then the WTF and olympics came about and most American TKD instructors went fourth with WTF rules only and left the karate rules.

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