Photo Shows Historic Boxing Similar To Taekwondo Hand Techniques

        Here is an old photo showing a boxing technique from the old-old-school days. It is from a book called Boxing and How to Train by Richard K. Fox from 1913.


This movement in Taekwondo is called keumgang jireugi (or keumgang yopjireugi). It means “mountain punch, or mountain side-punch.” The boxing photo above shows the same movement except for a slightly different angle and small and forward leaning stance, but it is essentially the same thing. I believe the Taekwondo stance is stronger and more powerful than the boxing photo, but it shows that western boxing and Taekwondo have more in common than people would believe. It it also interesting that Korea has had a deep history in western boxing all through the last century and had some of the world’s best boxers in the 1980’s. It would not at all seem surprising to find out that Taekwondo in its early stages borrowed a few moves from western boxing, but at the same time Karate already had these techniques and it is possible western boxing either copied some moves, or through experimentation came to the same logical conclusion as Karate techniques. I think the latter is more plausible. So martial arts styles often reach the same conclusions on some theories.

If more people train Taekwondo hand techniques and try to spar with them and do not conform your ideas of rigid poomsae to be binding, you will do well.  The great thing about Taekwondo is it does not have a strict shape you must follow, but it is expected you will adapt your stance and angles to what you need in a real fight.

I thought this photo was interesting and shows historic martial arts technique.


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