Junsado Can Be An Enhancement To Your  Martial Art

        A martial artist must have strategy along with the theories he learns and be creative and full of ideas for combat. Bruce Lee started Jeet Kun Do with this kind of idea, and since his death Jeet Kun Do has become a concept and not a martial art style, except it is a style of no style. Some people have teaching certificates in it or whatever ranks. There is another concept, or idea, called Junsado which translates as “way of the combat expert” which is an idea based on strategy created by Sang H. Kim. I have known about Junsado for awhile but never really looked into it except for 2 DVD’s I bought from Turtle Press. They contained some pretty cool ideas on self defense. I recently found out about a book called Combat Strategy: Junsado: The Way of the Warrior, which was published by Turtle Press around 1992.

        This book is an interesting read and has 5 section within it which are called “books” in themselves. Each book teaches different concepts within the Junsado idea. There is the explanation of Junsado strategy part, the applications and basic skills part (which is the largest chapter), the strategy itself and maneuvers part, the beyond strategy part (which speaks of the mental game of combat and preparing oneself), and the philosophical or spiritual part (which is very short). This book is an excellent academic read on fighting strategy and uses scientific explanations for movements and maneuvers. I find it helpful to the martial artist who wants an intellectual approach to combat and self defense. It is also a must read for martial arts instructors.

        Hanho is the pen name of Sang H. Kim who is at least 8th dan in Kukkiwon and has master levels also in Hapkido and Kendo and was also a special operative for the Korean government and military. This book blends well with Korean martial arts because of Kim’s martial arts background. But it can definitely benefit all martial artists of any style. There is a lot of maneuvers talked about and attacking and defense techniques: various foot positions, reaction timing,. kicks, punches, throws, joint locks and more. The last book is the philosophical and spiritual teachings. It contains a lot of encouraging stuff but it also has the eastern religious aspect from Zen Buddhism and Taoist ideas. I ignore those since I do not hold to such beliefs and only absorb the psychological and encouraging parts.

        Junsado is not a martial art, a style, or program. It is simply a concept and ideas one can individually apply to his own martial arts training. It is not its own style, it is simply an enhancement to your own martial arts training. It will enhance your martial art itself and open your mind to strategy. There are no certifications, ranks, schools, teachers, or seminars on Junsado. It is simply something to study by reading and watching Kim’s various DVD’s. I own 4 DVD’s of Junsado. Two of them are self defense DVD’s which contain information on self defense preparation and standing and ground combat. The other 2 I bought were knife defense fundamentals and advanced techniques. I have never bought the various stick fighting and staff fighting DVD’s as I did not have an interest in them. But the 4 DVD’s I do own are pretty solid and if someone trains the movements they can have better knife and hand to hand combat self defense techniques.

        I will say that the only negative things in this book are the fact there are several typos or misspellings, and grammar errors. He is Korean so I think this has something to do with the errors. Also, a few of the photos did not line up with the captions. This book was also written in 1992 just before the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu boom. So it does not contain significant information on ground combat that would be effective today, but the little ideas in the book about grappling are still beneficial, but it is not extensive on it.

        There is another electronic book Kim put out called Junsado: Standing And Ground Combat that can be downloaded to a kindle device but there is no physical book.

I have not read this book yet, but it seems to be an update and more in depth than the book I have. The book I own and read was the only one physically published that I know of for Junsado. It is nice to have and can be bought on amazon used for less than a dollar (plus shipping though). Also, Kim has various Taekwondo and self defense books as well but are not labeled Junsado. If you want more information on Junsado go to http://www.junsado.com his official website.

Here is a short book review video:

        I found the book Combat Strategy to be motivating, encouraging, and intellectual and something a person living a martial arts lifestyle should check out. It will enhance your training and make you mentally better as a fighter.

  1. Jonathan says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the review. I will be reading this to enhance my WTF TKD training.

    • White Dragon says:

      Great! Remember we do Kukki-Taekwondo and WTF is simply the tournament sport organization.

      Even so Sang H. Kim has DVDs and books on WTF sparring and 100 effective scoring techniques too. But most of his videos and books are about self defense and martial arts as a whole.

  2. Jonathan says:

    You’re right, thanks for the friendly reminder! I just ordered the Junsado book on Amazon, can’t beat $1 + shipping!

    • White Dragon says:

      haha I know! Try to buy his Junsado knife defense DVDs and self defense standing and ground combat. But some people overprice them on amazon to ridiculous amounts. I bought mine for $5 and one was 12.99 etc.

      Another cool book is Taekwondo Self Defense if you can get that too.

      • Jonathan says:

        Cool, did you find those videos useful? I have no experience in knife defense or ground combat so I wouldn’t be able to really judge it.

      • White Dragon says:

        I found them very useful. It is pretty solid ideas. But they need a ton of practice. I would learn them as a Taekwondo person, but also learn filipino kali as well. The knife defense videos have a lot of hapkido in them. but using that idea with filipino martial arts would cover all the bases i think.

  3. kickfast says:

    I read this book years ago and think it’s really great. Master Sang H. Kim was always cutting edge. I had the pleasure of meeting him and participating in his seminar when he came to Glasgow.

    I have a book coming out about the health benefits of martial arts. I would be honoured if you would review it on your blog. Please get in touch by email and I will provide more details.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


    • White Dragon says:

      Thanks for checking out my blog.

      Yes Master Kim was definately cutting edge whenever he wrote a new book or filmed a DVD. That book was written in 1992! Who was talking that way in Taekwondo then? Not many people! Even in 1995 when I started training no one was. Of course now we have the BJJ ground fighting concepts to add onto Junsado, but I imagine if Master Kim had learned from the gracies he would have an entire chapter on it.

  4. kickfast says:

    I recall meeting Master Sang H. Kim and participating in his seminars when he came to Scotland. His book, Combat Strategy, was very cutting edge at the time when I read it (many years ago now!).

    I have a book coming out on the he benefits of martial arts. I would be honoured if you would review it on your blog.

    Please drop me an email if this is something you would consider and I can discuss it with you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


  5. kickfast says:

    Hi Jonathan, the book will be out in 2 weeks and will be available on Amazon.

  6. kickfast says:

    I was working as a journalist at the time and Master Kim gave me 40 minutes of his time for a personal interview. He confirmed the story about his preparation for America was to spend several months alone in a forest just training, meditating and surviving in fresh fish and berries. When he returned home, he was bearded and dishevelled that his dad didn’t recognise him and started beating him with a bamboo stick.

    • White Dragon says:

      Dude that is awesome. So the Korean government sent him here just to do that?

      Do yo know of any of his missions or stories?

  7. kickfast says:

    Hi White Dragon, Master Kim was selected as part of an elite group of Korean instructors to teach Taekwondo in the US. I have heard on the grapevine that he was captured by enemy soldiers (I do not know if they were North Korean or Vietnamese), and he was tied up with ropes. He managed to escape and disarm a guard who had a bayonet, then killed him. I cannot verify the authenticity of this story.

    Also, my book is now available on Amazon. Please check it out! I hope you enjoy it.


    • White Dragon says:

      Very interesting story. I would need verification to know if it is a fact or not before I would promote it.

      I will check the amazon link. thanks.

  8. kickfast says:

    White Dragon, the book will be on a free promotion next week, I will let you know the dates. You don’t need a Kindle device, you can read it free on the Kindle Cloud app which can be used on smartphones, laptops etc.

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