A Korean Actually Showing Good Self Defense Applications Of Movements

        Just when I lost hope that South Koreans would promote Taekwondo as a fighting art and thought, possibly, that Koreans simply think Taekwondo is a form of hip hop dancing and ballet I find a couple of really cool videos. Apparently, this guy’s name is Lee Dong Hee and he is showing some great body mechanics on both himself and his attacker. It reminds me of how Kung Fu masters show the intricacies of joint movements and body postures that enable them to attack certain areas and take a man down. He is using movements from poomsae and I find this very encouraging. We need more and more guys like this to bring the roots of Taekwondo back. It is refreshing these are not simply “how to score points for Olympic Taekwondo sparring” videos.

This is the kind of sabum that I would want.

  1. I like how he demonstrated the poomsae movements, then uses them realistically at full speed. This is so beautiful, and the fact that it is a rarely seen video, makes it even more precious.Sometimes, I actually prefer TRUE Taekwondo to be this way, secretive and valuable, and only those who are willing to learn will be able to find these good materials.

    • White Dragon says:

      Yeah I don’t know how I find videos like this but somehow I come across them. When I find them I share them! More people need to see and be touched by the motions to be inspired to also try it out.
      But who knows, some of the guys who do realistic stuff also love the Korean Tigers dance TKD as well. Some people are in both worlds. Some are in only the dance demo stuff and then some are only into the fight stuff. For me, I am only into TKD as a fighting art for its reality and truth. Not fads or dancing.

      Yeah its cool how many moves are inside a poomsae. If you know self defense moves appear when you train in poomsae and you can practice them. Sometimes I have found good applications for poomsae watching old 1990’s TKD videos from some older masters.

      Sometimes a video is full of silly stuff, but one thing will be shown that is pretty enlightening. So I collect those techniques in my head.

      • Talk about poomsae, would you be able to write a blog on various applications of each taeguk/poomsae?

      • White Dragon says:

        Possibly on some of them. If I get inspired I might. I believe in one post I posted about double knife hand block. I might do stuff like that from time to time and make them short and not write a textbook on it. The KKW textbook has all the info.

  2. Jonathan says:

    This is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. ITF dude says:

    If only every instructor encouraged students to breakdown patterns. We got to bring back the days when application was more important than having a gold medal level form.

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