Street Beefs, Nothin’ Like A Redneck Fight Party

*This post has been updated as of August 11th 2015 to currently reflect the author’s view

        Here is a video of 4 guys fighting in a backyard in Virginia. This is a 2 on 2 fight. Apparently, they had beef with each other: 2 brothers against 2 cousins. I thought this fight was hilarious and pretty entertaining. This is some wild stuff. There is nothing like a redneck party!

This YouTube channel is called “Street Beefs,” and is dedicated to local people who have disputes they want to settle with a little good ol’ fashioned violence. I followed this channel for awhile including their facebook page. But one wonders if these “beefs” are real, and if they are real how “serious” they are. The owner of this channel, who goes by the nickname Scareface (or just Face) claims these fights are disputes that have gotten past the point of reconciliation and can only be settled through a down and out fight. According to the owner of this YouTube channel, a former youth-competitive-boxer who claims that as a teenager and young-in he fought in over 40 boxing matches. His backyard is used to allow people to fight out their differences and settle disputes to keep people from actual street fights. It is a way for angry people who are upset at one another to let off their steam. “Face” claims that his backyard saves people from actually killing each other on the streets and that much of these disputes could lead to actual gunfights. He says this all the time, but one will wonder if this is actually true or he is embellishing things. In the past he titled his videos with fake titles mentioning broken arms or legs on the youtube video which he admitted that he did just to get people to click on it. So such embellishments or lies about the fights themselves show that he is not that honest about what is going on in his backyard. Possibly some of the fights are tiny little argument, but it seems they serve more of a way for his channel to get popular, for him to get popular, to make adsense money, and give the fighters a little attention on the internet. There is no real evidence to prove these fights are 100% deadly serious to where each fighter may actually want to murder the other. And if they did it would seem that a backyard fight wouldn’t squash th dispute either and after the fight the loser would still get a gun and shoot the other person.

Another thing about the Street Beefs channel owner is that he is an ex-con, a cop hater (serious, serious, serious cop hater), a far left extremist who despises the Confederate flag and hates republicans. I guess being an ex-con makes him a little biased and someone who will ignore criminal, thug behavior and claim cops are all out to kill black people. Other than that the dude seems nice, but noooo don’t you EVER disagree with his ridiculous criminal ideology about cops and white people. You will get shunned or he will want to fight you in his backyard. There is no talking sense or intellectual discourse, this guy is from DA STREETZ YALL and doin’ it to save the kids from murdering each other. I guess…the concept is nice and interesting and I could agree with it, but I doubt it is as serious as he makes it.

The fights are controlled with a referee and certain rules in place. They seem to mostly use MMA rules, except in the case of the above video with multiple guys fighting. There are people there to make sure no one gets seriously hurt, yet I am sure it is still pretty darn dangerous. Let’s hope they have properly trained medical people on hand in case something serious happens. I doubt they do though, this is some redneck, ghetto stuff. At least they have gloves and mouth pieces, yet it seems in some videos some fighters throw out their mouth guard and keep fighting. So apparently it is an option.

I kind of like the idea of people fighting it out to settle a dispute. I think it is a lot more healthy than shooting each other or stabbing someone on the street, or fighting it out with no ref to break it up. It is a fact of life people get angry and pissed off sometimes and I find combat is a good way to relieve such rage and let it out. Hopefully the fighters respect one another after the fights and their so called “beef” is solved. It is also noticeable in various videos that these fights are bringing together many ethnic groups, cultural backgrounds and ideologies into one backyard. This is a positive thing. Yet, not so positive in the fact the guy will get butthurt if you tell them to get martial arts training to b safer, or learn MMA, and also if you actually respect cops and think they are mostly good. That is the cardinal sin right there. Also, criminal thugs are always okay unless of course one happens to be a nazi. That is the most intolerable evil, that someone is a skinhead who commits crimes VS someone who is not a skinhead or is black and commits crimes. So somehow the racists crimes are worse than the other guys crimes etc. There was a time he posted a video on his own Facebook page showing the beginning of a sexual assault in a prison where a black prisoner attacks a white prisoner with a shaved head who then orders him to take off his clothes so he can rape him. He was very positive about the thug who happened to be black who was attacking the white guy in the prison. This shows you his way of thinking. If you can tolerate that or hate cops sure join his group, but for me I cannot be associated with criminal culture and cop haters who seem to be very biased against white people who happened to be in authority, such as police, as well as gives terrible training advice such as not being able to use a speed bag properly (you would think after boxing as a youth he wuld have known his way of punching a speed bag makes absolutely no sense and is just plain wrong. It is calld a speed bag for a reason, not a slow bag…) and he hates people who tell them to train in MMA. I can understand the latter, as MMA onlyists are incredibly pretentious and people have the right to fight in their backyard and have some fun, but it is the anti-proper training and cop hating attitude that turns me off.

Watching the videos it is obvious hardly any of the people fighting are skilled in any martial art yet somehow these videos are still highly entertaining. The fights seem to last for 1 minute rounds, or possible 1 and a half minute rounds. There is always action most of the time as untrained people tend to spazz out. A few of the fighters may have a limited amount of martial arts or boxing training but not a lot. To see some people with limited martial arts skill watch the following 1 on 1 fight:

I thought I would discuss the idea of backyard fights and the idea of fighting to solve arguments for society. Do you believe that such “non-lethal” duels are healthy for society? Of course no one in these videos are going to kill one another like in the old days of sword or gun duels from the Victorian era and before that (at least I do not believe any of these “beefs” are as serious as “Face” makes them out to be as I believe he is embellishing this to get attention. Nonetheless, it seems like a positive thing to be able to challenge someone to a fist fight duel in a backyard. If it keeps poeple from shooting each other or jumping one another outside with absolutely no rules and chances of serious injury it seems like it is a positive thing. I would suggest a rule change of mandatory safety gear such as headgear (at least sometimes for people who fight a lot), groin cups, and mouth pieces. I would also suggest the fighters get training before they fight, and warm up before the fight to avoid more injuries. Either way the channel offers a lot of hilarious and entertaining fights.

What is your all opinions about such fights? Is it right or wrong? Does fighting keep society healthy? Discuss in the comments below!

  1. My father and uncle told me great stories about back in the 1980’s in China, when they were still in high school, fist fights were common after classes due to disagreements/bullying , and the two parties involved ( Kid A and Kid B) would meet each other at the back gate and it commenced. He said that it was one of the cleanest fights he had ever seen, no dirty tricks, no clawing ,no scratching, just pure martial arts . Guy gets knocked out, and the opponent would wait for him to get back up, or sometimes even help him get back up and continue. In the end, both parties settled their differences, and respect each other, regardless of who won.

    And then, same story happened to one of the kids mentioned above ( Kid A ), a fight broke out, this time in the street. After a consented fight, the kid won and the street fighter walked away. A few days later, he was heard being hospitalized , due to a skull fracture. You guessed it, from the very street fighter that he fought. Soon after, the guy was arrested, and jailed. My point is, consented fights are healthy , if only they check their ego. There will be people holding grudges and will get their revenge no matter what, just to save faces.

    I definitely think we should have a “Civilian Duel” like those Cowboys or Samurai : first to draw blood, wins. In this case,two parties agree to a fight, there should be judges, and a few policeman/security units there to determine who wins the fight, and make sure there will be no vengeful thoughts afterwards. But injuries will happen, so they might have to pay for their hospital fees :\

    • White Dragon says:

      Asian fighting! I love how they used martial arts in the story you said. In the USA most of our fights are so sloppy and not very good techniques. But with the UFC’s popularity kids do more things now.

      I think we have to have a culture change so people do not get a weapon and try to kill someone randomy. I dont think we need cops or a security guard to watch a fight. There is no time for that and it would cost too much money.

      Just have friends watch the fight and make sure its legit. Its too bad our U.S. laws forbid duels. I do not agree with death duels though. In the old days in USA history people fought with swords and killed each other or they used guns. They went back to back and took 10 paces then turned and shot. Sometimes both poeple died. Or one kills the other but is seriously injured. It was pretty stupid but they had guys watching who were hired to be judges. The judges too had guns to shoot anyone who was cheating and turned before the 10 paces. I think its a crazy way to settle differences.

      but I do agree with a empty handed fight. It can be done safely without serious injury or death.

      So kid A got a skull fracture from a street fight? That sucks. How old were these guys?

      I have seen some Chinese kids on a youtube video fighting and it was pretty good. I may have posted a blog article about it but I cant remember.

  2. The kids were in high school, so I guessed in their teens. The kid was fine, though.

    Also, what do you think about fights when it comes to female? Not to be sexist or stereotypical, but I have never seen a clean fight from females, in fact, sometimes even more brutal than guys ( scratching, clawing, hair pulling ). This might not be true for girls who DO know martial arts and can use them just as efficient as anyone else.

    Maybe there should be a counselling course for girls who aren’t capable of fighting: she can punch a padded person as many times as she wants, with a picture of her “wanted-to-hit” opponent. That way, she can vent her anger, and no serious injuries caused. The padded person can be a skilled martial artist who is okay with taking hits.
    I don’t know , lol, just something to think about. I do believe that fighting is a natural thing for humans, and there should be ways to express them.

    Talking about fighting, do you agree with going pre emptive in a confrontation, or should you always wait for the opponent’s advance?

    • White Dragon says:

      I think girls can follow rules if you make sure there is no eye poking or something.

      yes females are very aggressive in fights. They are very emotional whereas guys are more reserved.

      I dont know. It depends on the opponent. Attack first or wait.

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