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3 Year Old Girl Taekwondo Cuteness To The Max

        This has to be one of the cutest martial arts videos I have ever seen. This little 3 year old Asian British girl saying her Taekwondo creeds.

The instructor with the British accent reminds me of that one scene in the Sound Of Music where they are telling the kids what to do in a military style. The little girl looks sooo cute in her little dobok with her big white belt. Her voice is soooooo cute and you can hear her little British accent. I just want to pick her up and hug her soooooooooo much!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! CUTEE!!!!

Taekwondo or any martial art is great for kids and if your child is willing to do what they are told like this girl is they will go far! Tons of discipline and respect is taught. I know “Premiere Martial Arts” is a huge mcdojo chain but for little kids mcdojo’s are not a big deal and kids can have a ton of fun. This girl is just loving it up soooo much! And her little kiap and punch at the end is adorable!!! She is just a tiny Taekwondo baby!