Sick Head Kick In A Street Fight

        Here is a street fight in some country, possibly Argentina, where a guy does a really hard round kick to the head of some guy in a street fight.

I think it that it is very important to learn to kick high and fast. I remember when people ignorantly said you should never kick above the waist in a real life fight and that Taekwondo sucks for real fighting. But of course time and time again Taekwondo is proven to be effective for use in street fighting and self defense, even its high kicks. That was a beautiful kick! I have no clue who was the bad guy or what they were fighting over but dang, that was a great kick!

Difference between sport fights and street fights: one uses a mat so when you land on it it softens your fall and you do not get serious injured. The other has concrete more often than not and when you fall on it you can get a serious injury. The way the guy fell on the pavement head first shows you could possibly die if you fall wrong in a street fight, or at least get a concussion. You can get knocked out cold simply by falling forward. If you get knocked out on your feet and then as you fall your head crashes down on the pavement you will get seriously hurt. Hope the guy didn’t end up in a coma.

  1. Tuong Vuu (@v_sauce) says:

    Very motivating

    • White Dragon says:

      Right. But it is best to avoid fights. This entire fight could have been avoided. But then we wouldn’t have seen that kick…

      Notice how he tried to catch his fall before his head hit? He was too late.

  2. Tuong Vuu (@v_sauce) says:

    Ohh I thought the guy was just tripping over his fallen opponent haha. I agree though, at 0:11 they could have just simply get back into the car, I wouldn’t spend my energy walking up to him again.

    • White Dragon says:

      Ya both people were stupid even if the guy had a skilled kick. I would not approve of rash fights like that. Only if he was being attacked and could not avoid it. Once they were distanced from each other they could just walk off and not care.
      You could go to jail or get sued in the USA for such things even if you were in the right. So we have to be careful.

      • Tuong Vuu (@v_sauce) says:

        You should see what happened at my suburb in Australia, physical assaults happen almost daily around my area and usually because of some stupid reasons. Some of them even attack and gang up on police officers when they are in the wrong. That’s why martial arts is important here lol

      • White Dragon says:

        Oh my gosh! You live in a rough neighborhood with crazy aussies!!!! Did you ever get in any fights?

  3. Tuong Vuu (@v_sauce) says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to not get into any fights, I guess they only pick fights with other “tough guy wannabes” and those who opposes them. Regardless, I tend to avoid fights at all cost and would try to diffuse the situation, because I don’t want to go to jail or sued because I fracture his Adam’s apple or kneecaps. It kinda sucks when the law comes into the picture, they would always say something like “Well, you didn’t have to [insert any verb here] him! “

  4. Meyer says:

    You sure that’s a round kick? It kind of looks like a chambered inner crescent kick.

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