The New White Dragon Dojang Online Discussion Forum

        Today the new White Dragon Dojang Taekwondo & Martial Arts Blog has a discussion forum!!! Now you can talk about what you read in this blog with other readers online on the WDD message board! You can make your own topics, talk about fighting, talk about Taekwondo training, MMA, self defense, and how stupid McDojangs are all in the same place!!!

        Register now! Get a user name and start posting! Invite many friends. Let’s make this forum the best place for Taekwondo martial arts discussion! Click the link for the online forum now!!!

The New White Dragon Dojang Online Discussion Forum



  1. dobokdude says:

    Hey wdd. Remember that guy I told you about. Him and his friends started saying that Taekwondo and even karate weren’t martial arts. They showed me a krav maga video and a marine corps one and compared It to an Olympic taekwondo video And a taekwondo demonstration by the southern Korean army where they broke boards and stuff. I told him that a public demonstration isn’t the same as training for war but he said that they were doing this to demonstrate their power. Then I told him Olympic sparring isn’t the same as sparring for the street but he said it is for taekwondo and it’s controlled. He said real martial arts are like boxing and judo. I asked him if taekwondo is more of a performance art why was it used in Vietnam , he said because it was what they knew. But don’t worry I don’t believe a thing they say. Get this he even said that taekwondo kicks are slow. But he said even if there are good teachers the style still sucks since most people learn the bad style. If you want you could make a post about this because the assumptions about taekwondo is worse than I thought. But I am still have faith in our style and the joke’s on him this week we’re doing kickboxing.

    • White Dragon says:

      Dont talk to guys about martial arts who are dumb like that. My blog pretty much already covered this issue through all of the articles I wrote.
      Also you need to register a name in the online discussion forum and start posting messages. Feel free to talk about your experiences there and see if people will respon and talk to you about it.

      I would have said, is boxing a controlled sport? What about Judo? How are those sports more martial than taekwondo sport?

  2. dobokdude says:

    Hey white Dragon. It’s me again. Look I just want to be a member of the forum and blog again. I don’t know what I did to get banned but I’m sorry now can you please respond back? Where else can I meet fellow hardcore taekwondo guys? So anyway I’m sorry so can I please be unbanned?

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