Taekwondo Provides Techniques For A Deadly MMA Arsenal

        I always have to list when a Taekwondo technique worked in an MMA fight just to prove to the TKD-haters and naysayers that want to believe that Taekwondo sucks are wrong. Shawn Jordan hook kicked Derrick Lewis in the face and knocked him down and dazed him and finished him with punches to knock him out for the win.

        Taekwondo kicks can be used by fat heavy weight guys who do not have 6 pack abs to full effect and I love it! You do not have to have the stereotypical “Oympic Taekwondo body” to use Taekwondo in brutal fashion and kick butt.

        The way he threw the kick was the best way for causing more damage. Look closely at his heel hitting right on the jaw. An even better place he could have kicked is the temple on the side of the head. The hook kick can whip hard and cause the heel to dig into the face and head of an opponent or attacker. This is how you knock someone out. The hook kick also can appear to be a low kick towards the leg but instantly pops up around to the face. It is tricky and with all of the leg kicking MMA guys do it is a confusing kick and when done spontaneously as a counter is hard to see coming!

        Taekwondo provide brutal and dynamic kicks that many other martial arts under utilize or simply do not use at all. Taekwondo kicks are supposed to be thrown non-telegraphically unlike many Muay Thai kicks which are slower with the leg pump or switch of the feet before throwing just telling your opponent, “Hey I am NOW going to use this kick toward you right now.” So using Taekwondo can sometimes overrule other striking styles.

  1. dobokdude says:

    cool. that was amazing. i wish those idiots from my science class saw this. Also over the months i have looked at boxing/kickboxing sources to see how they use karate/taekwondo blocks. in a kickboxing book i read, one of the defenses against a grabbing knee strike is a x block across the face/chest area. your arms are pulled in close and cross each other like an x. then there was the low block. now the book said that this was for the front and side kick only. those are linear kicks. my instructor said that using the forearms to block circular kicks like the roundhouse will get your arm broken. with linear kicks like the front and side, a low block from the side is much safer. to perform it the book showed that you do the block with your arm while using a hip feint and keeping your other hand close to your face. then they showed parring with open box gloves. in taekwondo these would be the palm blocks. you simply pushed the punch just out of its range and you could use it to block an uppercut by opening your glove and pushing it down. in some boxing vids they showed that to block a straight punch you could pivot on your foot and block with the forearm of your lead hand, this would be the taekwondo inside block. then there was the head forearm parry or taekwondo high block from the photo. then to block body punches the boxers showed palm parrys were you open your glove and push the punch downward from the side. this would be the taekwondo low palm block. anyway good post. i am trying to get my hook kick right myself. by the way if my legs are hurting when i snap my kicks what am i doing wrong?

    • White Dragon says:

      What book were you reading about kickboxing?

      Well Taekwondo blocks can be modified as needed to be bigger movements or smaller depending on the situation. I would not say the typical traditional blocks are the same as boxing blocks but are a bit different. this is not to say that Taekwondo oes not utilize these techniques as well. But you are right they are similar an can be used these ways.
      Although poomsae practice wuld be in a more self defense situation an not “squared off fighting.”

      If your knee or joint is hurting you are hyper extending your knee. Stop doing that. Kick but allow your joints to relax when kicking in the air. Allow your muscles to stop you but not your joints extension. You need to correct this so you avoid injuries down the road. Its the same with punching. Do not hyper extend the elbow but allow the muscles to softly stop your arm as it punches the air and keep a slight bend at the elbow.

      For kicks just allow the muscle to stop and stick the kick by flexing your muscle to hold it out longer for half a second. This gives you more strength and speed and flexibility. Ifyou do poomsae you kick your leg out and hold it before retracting it to show proper form. In a fight or kicking pads you do not do that you simply kick fast.

      Anyway please post this topic on the message board/forum I created. Talk about anything man. I would love to have more peple posting and tell your friends to come. Post right now!!!! I see you registered your name dobokdude but did not post. Go and post!


  2. Dennis S. says:

    Hey White Dragon, I’ve been reading your posts here, and while I may not agree with everything you’ve written here, I respect your ideas and agree with a lot of what you post here.

    Anyways, I’d like to ask if you can join a Q/A discussion site, specifically the martial arts and Taekwondo topics, to help represent Taekwondo on the site, especially since you’re a higher rank and more experienced. It’d be refreshing to see another opinion on the site that’s not been vocalized already.

    The site is called Quora, try it out. I’ll suggest you follow and pin the MMA, Taekwondo, and Martial arts topics. It’s an amazing site, with a lot of intelligent people and reasoned arguments over personal attacks and incoherent screaming.


    • White Dragon says:

      Thank you for your compliments. I hope you stick around. I am not interested in doing that kind of stuff. I am not very diplomatic in the Taekwondo world and don’t want t deal with Choi worshipers and other weirdos. I run a discussion board based on this blog that I started a few days ago and now there are several members and counting. Check it out. I basically do noy want to download an app or sign up on big websites like that.

      But thanks for the suggestion that means a lot. Have a great day! Come back soon!

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