Want To Be An XMA Black Belt?

Posted: June 10, 2015 in General Martial Arts
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Want To Be An XMA Black Belt?

        Now days you can get your black belt in dance-gymnastics and playing with toy swords! It’s called earning your XMA black belt. It is so super badass and emotional!!

You get to bow even though XMA has nothing to do with Asian culture besides the crazy Asian dude who runs the headquarters! I thought I was cool when I earned by black belt, but now days this is the standard for black belt excellence.



  1. Tuong Vuu (@v_sauce) says:

    I hate it when my dojang doesn’t teach me crazy flips and flashy trickings, they only teach me real application of combat, this makes me feel uncompetent as a martial art student . But thanks to XMA, I can now feel badass and emotional in front of my attackers and muggers , as their jaws drop seeing me performing three 720 kicks in a row. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also put on eyeliners and make up to enhance the badassery . What else do you think I should do to intimidate them even more? Perhaps playing dubstep music in the background ?

    • White Dragon says:


      Dont forget to scream at the top of your lungs and act furious every 5 moves and do a slow hand motion while bowing and looking at the floor!!! Also wear a cool shiny outfit!!!

    • White Dragon says:

      Hey go to the new WDD forums!!


      Register a nam,e and start posting messages with us! Several of my readers post there and I post on it. Its the blog’s forum to talk about taekwondo and fighting.

  2. lemonlime7421 says:

    I’m a big fan of XMA! I currently practice WuShu and Shaolin Gong Fu, and we incorporate a lot of the same things in XMA like the flips and fast movements! This is really cool!

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