Ernie Reyes Jr. In Need Of Kidney Transplant

He needs $75,000 for a new kidney.

        According to Yahoo News Ernie Reyes Jr. needs a kidney transplant and his sister started a “gofundme” page to raise $75,000 in support. If anyone knows anything about 80’s martial arts movie and TV stars you will know that he was in the film “The Last Dragon,” was the child warrior kid in “Red Sonja” along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and was a stunt man for the first Ninja Turtles film. In 1990 he starred in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.” My best experience watching him in film was on the TV show called “Sidekicks.” One of the coolest shows ever!!! He played a cool Kung Fu Asian kid who kicked tons of butt with his cop dad who adopted him. One of the greatest martial arts action comedies he stared in alongside his dad Ernie Reyes Sr. was “Surf Ninjas.” The latest thing he was in was “The Rundown” where he did a fight scene with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

        Ernie Reyes Jr. was a Filipino immigrant to Southern California and was basically a mcdojang star who had superior athletic talent and acrobatic skills and grew up studying Taekwondo. I am not sure what mcdojang organization it was, but it could have been the ATA but that is not certain. I am pretty sure he branched off from whatever organization he was a part of and his father created his own chain. I know for a fact he spent most of his time doing sport karate point fighting, pre-XMA open forms and lots of demo shows. He was part of his fathers famous West Coast Demo Team and was featured in magazines like Black Belt and various martial arts publications. Even though he was a mcdojanger, he totally had talent and fighting ability. Later in his life he studied Muay Thai and also competed in MMA and won 3 professional fights in Strikeforce. He can also breakdance.

        He currently runs his own martial arts gym called Smasher Martial Arts, and other businesses. I am not sure why he needs help with money. But being a not sop popular actor who is past his prime since the 80’s (the height of his career in Hollywood) maybe he did not save much money. Either way hope he gets better! Maybe he can make a cool martial arts movie when he heals up! I would watch it!


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