Hand Shapes Of Taekwondo

        There are various hand shapes one can make for Taekwondo hand striking and other upper body techniques. Here is a video showing some hand shapes you can learn and experiment with. These techniques are in most traditional striking martial arts as Karate, Kung Fu, and Taekwondo all use them for self defense. These techniques are not in any Taekwondo forms, but that does not mean they do not exist, or that somehow these hand shapes are not Taekwondo techniques, they are. The Kukkiwon also teaches multiple hand positions to use for striking. There are more hand shapes one can make that are not in this video as well, these are just most of them.

The more you move your hand into such positions with your fingers the more dexterity you will have because of joint flexibility and muscle strength in the wrist and fingers developing.

  1. Tkd1stdan says:

    I have always known that taekwondo had many hand techniques. I really like the extended knuckle punches or spear fist and the koryo throat strike. I think it’s stupied that people think these techniques are not taekwondo or saying “oh these techniques will never work”. I remember you saying that certain strikes to the throat or any illegal techniques that can’t be used in the UFC can not be practiced in sparring at full power safely because you could severely injure your training partner.

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