ITF Taekwon-Do The Original Taekwon-Dancers

        Choi created the ultimate dance system, even better than Jhoon Rhee’s Martial Ballet system. You may see all the wacky, Kpop, Korean kids in South Korea dancing up a storm with double knife hands and high sidekicks via the Korean Tigers, but the original TKD-dance system needs to be accredited to General Choi. Here are some amazing Taekwon-Dance athletes at a dance competition tearing up the dance floor in the couples division. The amazing thing about their dance style is it is “acapella” so to speak, as in they don’t even use music. The Rythm is in their sexy bodies! WOOO! Check out the gold medal winning performance of these New Zealanders World Championship achievement! The best in the world!

Look at their sexy communist marching at the end. Also notice the amazing portrait of Choi Hong Hi on the wall? ITF is not a cult guys…it is only the best dance club in the world! True Taekwon-Dance is spelled with a hyphen, not that fake, South Korean, WTF dance style of Taekwondance. International Taekwon-Dance Federation, Choi meant to spell it that way.

  1. dobokdude says:

    HaHa very funny post. in your previous article that form did look very ridiculous and the application of blocking 2 jumping kicks on 1 leg with your arms really doesn’t make sense.

    But i have a question: if a school only does olympic sparring is it a mcdojang, i ask because of this:

    Don’t get me wrong i can do taekwondo with just olympic sparring and cross train in the kajukenbo and kickboxing at the PAL but just to be sure. Also in your mcdojang analysis post Grey Wolf said that the ATA point sparring doesn’t develop real world skills but some may say the same about Olympic sparring.

    • White Dragon says:

      No it is not a mcdojang just because a gym does Olympic sparring. Maybe the gym specializes in sport competition and produces champions and people wanting that. If it is upfront then it probably is not a mcdojang. But if they do silly stuff like birthday parties, extreme prices, taekwon-ance teams, child black belts then yeah it is.
      Maybe a gym does teach self defense a lot but only spars olympic rules. Then it is not a mcdojang.

      But apparently according to what you said about your instructor it is.

  2. sam says:

    Have you ever heard of choreography in martial arts before, like say, in every single martial arts movie, ever? Yes, the marching etc. is excessive, but this type of thing is used to demonstrate skills like timing, distance, strength, flexibility…all foundations of Tae kwon Do. I think you’re failing to see that Tae Kwon Do is a martial art, and in my opinion something like this is a useful demonstration of the “art”

  3. dobokdude says:

    hey, so i hear what you are saying but some things in this mcdojo guide seem questionable. He says that most self defense techniques schools teach won’t help you one bit on the street. I personally don’t believe that.

    Really it seems that this guy who made the guide thinks that learning self defense is doing full contact sparring at every opportunity. But as you once said MMA is good for sparring practice but doesn’t train a self defense mindset and perfection of techniques.

    So yeah i was hoping you could look at this guide so that i know which stuff is true and which stuff isn’t just to be sure. I mean if a prearranged technique is simple and not overly complicated like the ones you have in your youtube vids they will probably be effective.

    So which stuff in this guide do you agree with and which aren’t exactly spot on?

  4. dobokdude says:

    One more thing, how do you feel about schools that only train multiple attackers using prearranged techniques, can they work? Sorry if i am asking too many questions but i an just trying to know right from wrong which ain’t easy when you have a Taekwondo instructor like mine.

  5. HEY! HAHAAAA….I do 100% TOTALLY RESPECT YOUR Opinions SIr…I honestly love ya for it….ehehheheee….And This Article is Fukin #TKDAWESOME….I get ya….I know what ya mean…hehehehehehheeh #ROFL Right On Sir…YOU And I Definitely Need to Have Coffee and lunch Together sometime in 2018 I’d love To help promote your blog….
    -Master Brian Parchamento

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