Uriah Hall Jump Back Kick To Flying Knee And Punches TKO Of Gegard Mousasi 

        Last night on UFC Fight Night on Fox Sports 1 there was an nice display of traditional martial arts fight finishing in the second round between Uriah Hall and Gregard Mousasi. The fight was in the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

He timed a jump back kick perfectly as Mousasi shot in for a takedown. He tried to recover and immediately do another takedown only to receive a flying knee to the head. It was pretty exciting to watch during the event because the first round Hall was on his back and almost got submitted by a rear naked choke. Although, Hall did turn the grappling around and go for an ankle lock or heel hook. Then he went for a kimura and transitioned to try for an armbar. All were unsuccessful. Then he made a bad decision and gave up his back to Mousasi. Hall was saved by the bell.

Hall needed to get shaken up because that brings out his killer instinct and he is no longer a nice guy. BAM! an BAM! and bam, bam, bam, bam, bam until the ref stopped it.

Uriah Hall has a Karate background from Tiger Schullman who runs a large chain of Karate/MMA gyms in New York.

What Hall’s beautiful martial arts technique display though is serious power. It reminds me of why we break boards and bricks in various ways.

Often times in Karate and Taekwondo the practitioner will break bricks and boards. A powerful back kick can break many boards and bricks and the power from that kick going into someone’s head is devastating. In the above video Master Hee Il Cho displays various breaks, but watch for the jump back kick, and watch for the straight punch downward on bricks which are set up on the ground. Uriah Hall did the jump back kick, a flying knee, then finished with some hammer fists then held his opponents head down on the mat and began to throw multiple straight punches. These last punches are one reason why Karate, and Taekwondo, people break breaks on the floor. It is the practice of a finishing move to destroy the attacker after you have knocked him down, or thrown him beneath you.

Some people criticize traditional martial arts for breaking bricks on the ground when attackers are facing you standing up. This is because they do not understand that after the enemy is on the ground a strong finishing blow or two can make the attacker stop. Uriah Hall’s excitement cause him to throw less powerful fast punches but they still got the job done.

  1. dobokdude says:

    very nice good to see karate and tkd at work.

    Also have you ever thought about interviewing Hee il cho’s son Jacob?his taekwondo school definitely isn’t a mcdojang. or do you only interview Kukkiwon masters?

    Hee il cho definitely is in great shape for a man his age but his organization has things like black belt certification for study at home through videos? is that legit?

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