Learn The Korean Art Of Taekwondo From Master In Chul Jeong Online

        There is a way you can train and learn concepts of Taekwondo online. master In Chul Jeong has created a channel on Vimeo that you can subscribe to by registering an ID. Go to Vimeo’s website. Create a user name and then go to Master Jeong’s page to see video lessons. He is in the process of creating a series of online video lessons to teach you the self defense aspects of poomsae, and other topics for Taekwondo proficiency. He is a highly qualified member of the Kukkiwon and represents true Korean Taekwondo.

Go to his website:


Subscribe to his YouTube channel:


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Here are some trailer’s for his videos:

His credentials:

6th dan Taekwondo Kukkiwon

4th dan Kyongho Musool (Korean body guard system)

5th dan Kendo

Author of books on Taekwondo such as “Hand Techniques for Taekwondo for Actual Fighting KTA”

KTA Instructor

Member of Kukkiwon Education Committee

I also will mention he has experience in other martial arts especially boxing and has trained under a top Korean boxer.

Go to Master In Chul Jeong’s website to get learn more about how you can train in Taekwondo online, on demand through video lessons. If you sign up he will interact with you as well through emails and chat to make sure you are learning the lessons correctly. This is great supplemental training for all Taekwondoin.


  1. dobokdude says:

    Hello. So i have some news. I have left my dojang because i finally decided that Taekwondo is not worth learning from someone who is so ignorant about it. Hopefully i can get back into Taekwondo in the future. But at this point I am not concerned about which organizatin it is.

    Yes i do understand Kukkiwon is the only TKD style with official lineage to the kwans, that i agree with. The only TKD organization i would join outside the kukkiwon is AIMAA. In one of your previous post you said Hee Iil Cho created it to further his ideas of true combative Taekwondo since his ideas weren’t fully embraced by other Taekwondoins. Even Master Kwon in his interview said Both ITF and WTF have the same route(not the same organization) and Taekwondo is Taekwondo.

    I am in no way saying you are Kukkiwon being the true lineage, And yes ITF is communistic and ATA and tiger rock don’t even teach Taekwondo for self defense instead they do Krav maga, mma, etc and even that sucks. But this experience has taught me in the future that the quality of the dojang is more important than the association.

    (No i have never trained in AIMAA before, but one of the colleges i was looking at is close to an AIMAA dojang.)

    So yes that’s that. and as you said yes the dojang i left definitely was a mdojang. Another thing i learned it that a school doesn’t have to just have birthday parties, kid black belts, and half assed techniques in poomsae there are other signs i have learned about from experience in that place and other mcdojo guides:

    -The instructor doesn’t teach Bunkai or if he does he says it’s nothing more than kicking and punching, when it contains joint locks throws etc.
    As I said before he said spear hand was just a move for poomsae.

    -Kids classes are more games and chaos than real martial arts
    So basically there wasn’t too much self defense in the children’s classes. I would usually arrive 15-20 mins before that class ended and i only saw them grapple 2-3 times my entire time there. and one time during the ”self defense week” they did a bit of grappling one day and then they did some kick boxing and by that i mean they just took paddles and lightly tapped the other person who did a boxing arm block and then did some roundkicks on the little kids bags.

    But other than that just kick paddles( no explanation on how to use those kicks as sweeps or on where to strike an opponent with them)play games like balls or run to the other side of the mat while the instructor tries to tap you with a foam noodle, and just olympic sparring.

    -You never practice low kicks
    We only did a kickboxing shin kick once.

    -Quanity over Quality when you learn alot of techniques but none are really great or effective you are basically paying good money for a cardio workout than actual self defense
    This is basically what i mean by just doing kicks, olympic sparring, poomsae and Now yes i am aware that some people do like martial arts just for exercise and that is fine but this is a problem for those looking for self defense. one of the students there was a girl who goes to a rough school and was interested in self defense. she still attends that dojang unfortunately.

    -They emphasize teaching “life skills” to the children, and other students rather than combat skills. This is typically done under the guise of promoting a family atmosphere, or building the respect and focus needed to become a black belt. The bottom line is you can buy your motivational tapes directly from Tony Robbins and you shouldn’t be paying your kid’s martial arts instructor to tell him to clean his room.

    Now i just want to clarify that adding disciplinary lessons is fine, but there should be a balance between instilling the 5 tenets of taekwondo as well as instilling true fighting skills. Basically at the dojang the instructor would have the kids sit in a circle sometimes and he had quotes like bruce lee’s one kick 10,000 times quote and would have a discussion with the kids about that, and even telling them to eat healthy and all that. Also when two kids signed up he told them he only trains kids who respect their parents and it doesn’t matter what they think they need to respect mom and dad since they pay for everything. like i said the problem is a lack of real martial arts training.

    Now, the McDojos know not only how to keep their school open (through what I just mentioned), they know how to make money. They know how to exploit the business to get as much money as possible, and where is the money at? The kids. McDojos know what parents want (AKA: fun, improvement & advancement, goal setting, improvement of character, grades, self-esteem, better behavior, etc) which they can offer, and they know what parents do not want (kids getting hurt, kids getting left out, singled out, or left behind, kids losing interest or giving up). Then they put together a program that combines the interests and avoids the fears of the parents, and what do you get? Franchises like “Karate For Kids”, “Tiny Tigers”, and programs like “Lil Dragons” or “Little Ninjas”. So what’s a parent with no martial arts experience supposed to think when they walk into an ATA school, see a bunch of happy children and happy parents, are sat down and walked through a pitch book where they see how their kid will have fun, learn, get better, how “every kid is a winner, every kid is special”?

    So yes here is the link to the dojang’s facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/edgemaacademy
    Also there is a kids mma class on fridays for 45 minutes the instructor said that they do alot of boxing and jiu-jutsu but he told me he can only teach very basic kickboxing since it wasn’t his style but more people have been wanting to do kickboxing classes( i haven’t noticed any people come in and ask about kickboxing nor heard any on the students enrolled mention it) as to why he doesn’t put more boxing or jiu jutsu self defense into the taekwondo classes rememeber to him taekwondo is just a sport.

    Another sign i would like to add is if the instructor says learning weapons disarms isn’t necessary for self defense unless you are really involved in criminal activity. While it is true if you are in a gang you are more likely to get stabbed or shot clearly there have been stabbings and shootings by non gang members by average citizens.

    See i felt i should share this is because my theory is that maybe this guy genuinely wanted to be a mcdojo but he switched tactics using less obvious signs for a mcdojang. the school still had the 15 year old black belt standard and kids couldn’t be black belts as well as cheap prices and a manageable schedule. but still low quality. I share this so that others can look for these signs as well as the other typical signs you and others have talked about. anyway see you later and have a good day.

  2. dobokdude says:

    however maybe my plan is to train there to earn kukkiwon certified rank but i will cross train so i may go back. the olympic sparring and workouts were good but self defense i understand was sub par.

  3. dobokdude says:

    but if i was a first degree in kukkiwon(i’m not but i’m being hypothetical) but trained in a non-kukkiwon gym just for training would i need to officially join a kukkiwon gym to test for second degree? just wanted to know.

  4. dobokdude says:

    Alright after much thought and consideration i have decided to go back to my old dojang to gain rank and will stay at the PAL, but i need you to dlete my comments from this article. I’m sorry i wasn’t thinking clearly thanks.

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